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The huge explosion outside the office of a sensitive agency in Faisalabad on 8th of March took lives of more than 30 people leaving more than 100 injured. This explosion was not only another desperate attempt to destabilize Pakistan but also a futile effort to keep the law-enforcing agencies away from their devoted objective of fighting against terrorism. The people behind such type of heinous activities are living in a fool’s paradise; they think that they would succeed in frightening the nation and in convincing the people to follow and support terrorist designs. But the facts are absolutely otherwise. According to the authentic media reports since July 2007, some 4,000 people have been killed in bomb blasts, suicide and gun attacks which mostly targeted the security officials and the people from the law-enforcing agencies but after every blast and suicidal attack we find our security agencies working more forcefully than ever before. Terrorist attacks in Pakistan are out rightly condemned and openly rejected by all segments of society. The law-enforcing agencies are not only sincerely committed to fight the menace of terrorism with all possible zeal and zest but also ever alert to provide all kinds of support to the victims of terrorist attacks. Their only aim is to maintain a superb situation of law and order against terrorist activities. In spite of hundreds of terrorist activities against the Pakistan army, the police and the intelligence agencies, all these three institutions are conducting successful operations to eliminate the roots of militancy in Pakistan. They are determined to carry on such operations against terrorism till their last breath. The people of Pakistan are very well aware of the real motives behind these terrorist activities. They know very well from where the terrorists get financial support, technical assistance and terrorist training. Sacrifices offered by Pakistan in Global War on Terror are very significant and deserve matching recognition by USA, EU and other world leading countries. Unfortunately the international media seems unwilling to admit these sacrifices. It is always involved in an onslaught insinuating against Pakistan’s Armed Forces and the law-enforcing agencies of Pakistan, blaming them of playing a double game. The Faisalabad blast is another proof of the sacrifices offered by the security agencies of Pakistan.

According to the media details Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan has owned the responsibility of the Faisalabad explosion. Ahsanullah Ahsan, the spokesman of Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan said in a statement just after the explosion, “We carried out the car bombing and the target of the blast was an office of the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI). It was revenge for the killing of a militant by security forces in Faisalabad last year.”  The of Dublin says,   “Al-Qa’ida and Taliban militants have carried out scores of suicide and other bombings in Pakistani cities, usually aiming at security forces. But Faisalabad, a key hub for Pakistan’s textile industry, has rarely been targeted.” On the other hand, senior official of the Punjab Police altogether rejected any possibility of the involvement of Taliban in this explosion. He claimed that the culprits behind this explosion are in police custody and it would be too earlier to decide which terrorist group they belong to.

Whosoever is behind the Faisalabad explosion, the most important point to be pondered over is the selection of Faisalabad for this type of a terrorist activity. It seems that the motive and objective behind the Faisalabad explosion was to shatter the peaceful life of the city which is considered the axis of all economic activities in the field of textile engineering. Moreover Faisalabad could be ranked as the second largest city after Karachi with reference to the revenue generation. Any disturbance in Karachi and Faisalabad directly hits the economic fiber of the country.

The fact of the matter is that the foreign supported terrorist groups are working on a plan chalked out by the forces which are frightened of a stable and peaceful Pakistan. They want to strike at the economic foundations of the country by creating an artificial state of havoc and disorder regarding the law and order situation. The actual objective is to close all possibilities of foreign investment in the country. More strange is the fact that the terrorists who claim to be the torch-bearers of Islam are targeting every nook and corner of a country which was established in the name of Islam. They want to change Pakistan into the same devastated scenario as that of Iraq and Afghanistan. It is something unbelievable that the soldiers of Islam are trying to undermine a country which is known as the strongest castle of Islam. If the terrorist were the Muslims they would have targeted the countries like Israel, India and America, which are since long busy in doing conspiracies against the Muslims through out the world.

It is a very bitter reality that no terrorist activity could be accomplished without the support, help and hosting of local people. Successful terrorist activities mean that our own people are playing in the hands of the conspirators without knowing that they are setting their own house ablaze. Without full participation of civil society, the government and the law-enforcing agencies can never be able to restore peace and prosperity in the society. To avoid such type of terrorist activities in future, the political leaders, the religious scholars, the teachers and the preachers must try to give a wake up call to all peace loving and patriotic people of Pakistan to set aside their social, political, economic and religious differences and do whatever they could do to extinguish the flames of violence. We need a prompt and timely action to save our country from further tragic episodes of suicide bombing and target killings. We will have to search for the invisible hostile forces which are silently and successfully damaging the very foundations of our country.

The writer is a Pakistan based bilingual analyst on defence and strategic affairs.


  1. ALQAIDA and TT are CIA,MOSSAD and RAW operatives. Informed people knew about thius a long time ago but After the arrest of Raymond Davies we know who handles the logistics for these terrorists. Many other fact point to the fact that these are not muslims who have created such instability in the country.

    The fact that alqaida and TT have not been destroyed in the last ten years.
    The fact that these terrorists work to vincidicate Islam as a religion
    Real Talibaan would NEVER destroy mosques, damage our holy books or kill muslims -while US drones, hindu extremists and zionists have always targeted mosques and muslims in their attacks so we know who decides the targets for these brutal monsters.
    Muslims are also surprised that these fake Talibaan attack mosques and other real religious students but never seem to mind the growing popularity of Cinemas, Alcohol shops and brothels-even Indian movies in karachi cinemas have NEVER been targetted.
    The fact that these terrorists have easy access to high security areas such as army chawnees and other high security targets like the Marriot in Islamabad show that they have the magical CIA passes to see them through.

    Because muslims have a great respect for religious students they have no idea who are really behind these terrorists. It is the job of the goverment to warn us and make the population aware of these traitors but sadly the Pakistani goverment is in teh pockets of these terrorist powers along with the local media the people of Pakistan will have to take the long way out in order to find out that their religion has been hijacked by these murderous rouges who are enemies of Pakistan and Islam.

    If the masses were made aware and these terrorists were unmasked beleive me they wouldn’t last very long.

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