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All went wrong after BB’s murder: Musharraf

Dubai: Former President Pervez Musharraf has said that he had meetings with Asif Zardari even after Benazir Bhutto’s murder and he indicated about retaining his presidency.

This he said in an interview with a private TV channel, adding that he could not do many things due to 9/11, as it was not possible then.

Former president said that he had several meetings with Asif Zardari which lasted for hours, in which they smoked cigars and had coffee.He said Pakistan Muslim League-Q would have won the elections if BB and Nawaz Sharif would not return to the country. All things went wrong after BB’s assassination.

He said he wanted to rule a civilian government for five years as he was a popular politician till March 2007, and that popularity was destroyed after he sacked the chief justice.

He said that the Benazir Bhutto murder investigations should be closed, adding that the present government is using them for political purposes.

He said that the investigations from the UN Commission would not have been conducted, adding that the president of the country was not responsible for provision of security to any person as there was elected prime minister and executive were present in the country.

He said that the role of security officer of Benazir Bhutto , Khalid Shehanshah was dubious during the public gathering of Liaqat Bagh, adding that he was murder later on.

He said that there were nearly 10 vehicles in front of BB squad and 10 behind the squad, adding that the security personnel of PPP had sidelined the police.

Pervez Musharraf said that there were only two options in front of him one was to strike deal with PML-N and second with PPP, adding that he had struck seal with PPP, as PML-N was not ready to sit with me.—SANA

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