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Pakistan, UAE top recipient of humanitarian assistance 2010

Mehmood-UI-Hassan Khan

According to Global Humanitarian Assistance report (2010), the Pakistan remained among the first five recipients of UAE humanitarian assistance and received 67 per cent of the US$138.9m total. It is hoped that Pakistan will probably top the list again in 2010 after the devastating floods in late July that affected more than 20 million people. United Arab Emirates responded and helped the government and people of Pakistan during the recent series of floods in the country. Its Chinook helicopters was labeled as angels of mercy and which distributed more than 100 tonnes of supplies to the most affected areas of flood in the country. Many other prominent UAE charities and the Government organizations extended their pledges for the wellbeing of suffering masses of the flood victims.

The report further mentioned that after Pakistan, the Palestinian Territories received 20 per cent, followed by Yemen at four per cent. Other countries that received significant portions of humanitarian aid include Sudan, Afghanistan, Indonesia, Philippines, Morocco, Somalia and Mauritania

The report endorsed the UAE universal humanitarian assistance drive and said that it has become the first non-western nation in the global Top 10 humanitarian aid donors per head of population. The UAE Donations of US$138.9 million in 2009, an average of US$30.30 (Dh111.28) per person, placed it country in seventh place. According to the report the UAE’s bilateral humanitarian aid made it the 15th-largest government donor reporting to the Development Assistance Committee, which is part of the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), an international economic group in 2009.

The report further mentioned that the overall foreign aid from the UAE increased in 2009, at US$859 million which included humanitarian aid, debt relief and funds to support reconstruction efforts. It represents an almost ten-fold increase from 2008, when foreign aid was at US$88m.

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