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Charge sheet against Musharraf

PML-N wants ex-president’s trial under Article 6

The Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz has issued a 16-point charge sheet against former president Gen (r) Pervez Musharraf, demanding that the former president be brought back through Interpol and tried under Article 6 of the constitution, a private TV channel reported on Monday.

According to the channel, the 10-page document also made seven demands from the government asking it to take action against Musharraf. The party had alleged that Musharraf had toppled the elected government on October 12, 1999 and held him responsible for killing 800 soldiers in the Kargil operation.

The charge sheet also included allegations of targeting people politically by using NAB, murder of Akbar Bugti, making false cases against the Baloch leadership, kidnapping of thousands of Baloch political workers, abduction of Pakistanis for other countries, corruption, the Lal Masjid operation, the May 12 incident, bombing at Karsaaz in October 2007, NRO and participating in elections donning the army uniform. The sheet also demands the government to sentence him for his actions against the media.

The sheet further stated that the former ruler attacked the judiciary during his tenure by imposing emergency and violating the constitution. It also stated that Musharraf was also involved in a stock exchange scam, imposition of martial law against the constitution, waging war against his own people, and illegal recruitments in the PIA, NHA and OGDCL, the channel

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