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The flames of indignation and anger joined hands together with the feelings of insult and humility which the people of Pakistan have been bearing for a long time and ultimately transformed into sky-kissing flames engulfing the NATO supply tankers in Pakistan. These flames are the slogans redirecting to the world a very strong reaction against the western and particularly the US atrocities going on since long in the name of the war on terror against the peaceful people of Pakistan. The situation is going to be worse if the US policy makers do not review their policies in the region particularly the strategy of Drone attacks in the tribal areas of Pakistan and continuously framing Pakistan in the acts of terrorism. This burning of NATO Tankers is though a reaction too late but it would add to the severity of situation if ignored. For the last many decades Pakistan has been facing a lot of problems as a result of the so-called imposed US war against terror. A shattered economy; frightening law and order situation, increasing burden over the security agencies of Pakistan and above all an unending series of trials and tribulations for the people of Pakistan; this war has very ‘kindly showered ‘upon the people of Pakistan  what they never deserved. Who is losing and who is gaining popularity in Pakistan; this is the most frequently asked question by different western surveying agencies. But none of them has ever tried to dig out the fact why hatred against USA in Pakistan is increasing day by day in an endless manner. If such agencies had ever tried to investigate the situation honestly, the things could have been altogether different.

In fact the role of the USA has always been of a very mysterious nature; it neither lets Pakistan live nor die. However it has succeeded in developing in people of Pakistan a habit of looking towards America for help and guidance at every critical juncture and at every moment of disaster. But on the other hand the people of Pakistan have developed another habit by themselves; the habit of tracing America behind everything terrible which happens to them. It is no doubt the worst example of disbelief and incredibility. Other than the drone attacks and the brutal slaughtering of the Muslims, particularly in Afghanistan and generally throughout the world in the name of fundamentalism and extremism, the US support to India is also playing a vital role in extending the distances between Pakistan and USA. Keeping in view the decades old Pak-US relationship the American inclination towards India seems absolutely out of place. Pakistan has always remained the most sincere supporter and promoter of the US policies in the South Asian region. Without the moral and military support of Pakistan, the USA would never have been able to fight against the menace of terrorism. It is only Pakistan which remained the most important ally of the USA in the war against terror since the very first day. As a result of this support Pakistan had to face very grievous consequences. It had to sacrifice hundreds of its soldiers in the northern tribal areas, its economy had to bear serious setbacks and its innocent people had to face the reaction of the extremists in form of horrible suicidal attacks. But in spite of all these trials and tribulations, Pakistan never backed out of its support to the US mission against terrorism. As a result of all these sincere services Pakistan got nothing but a medal of disbelief and suspicion from the USA.

The US government and various US politicians have always been blaming Pakistan of playing a double-game. To support this misguiding opinion the western media in collaboration with the Indian media is also doing its utmost to prove Pakistan’s inclination towards Taliban by establishing concocted links and relationship. Recently there appeared an article of Tim Edwards in the First Post UK with the title, Who are the Haqqani and why are they so feared? The writer says, “The Haqqani network, which may number anything between 4,000 and 12,000 foot soldiers, has forged links with al-Qaeda, and is allegedly backed by the ISI, although Pakistan denies this.” The Economic Times of India also supported this false propaganda of The First Post by saying, “Washington’s key officials have acknowledged growing unease within the establishment over Islamabad’s rogue spy agency ISI’s continued support for the Haqqani network.” A few months back the British Prime Minister David Cameron sparked a diplomatic row while talking in New Delhi, “We cannot tolerate in any sense the idea that Pakistan is allowed to look both ways and is able in any way to promote the export of terror, whether to India or whether to Afghanistan, or anywhere else in the world.”

All these statements are enough to highlight the actual root cause of the growing hatred for the countries like USA and England among the people of Pakistan. It is a very strange discrepancy that Pakistan is being blamed for the promotion and export of terrorism but none of these peace lovers has ever shown its concern regarding the role played by India in promotion and export of terrorism in the region. No one is willing to cast a look at what is happening there in the Indian occupied Kashmir; how painful are the days and how agonizing are the nights in that blood-dripping valley of Indian Occupied Kashmir. Thousands of innocent people are being persecuted for the ‘crime’ of desiring independence from the cruel clutches of their self-imposed ‘Masters’. Young girls are being shamelessly molested and young boys are being labeled as terrorists, houses ransacked and mosques demolished. But the so-called peace-makers are criminally blind to all these atrocities.

Why all their guns are targeting nothing but Pakistan and the ISI. This type of injustice and partiality can never generate love and affection; it results in hatred. It is neither the ISI nor the Haqqani Group or the actual Taliban; it is no one but India which is not only sowing the seed of terrorism in its own lands but also supporting and importing it across the borders. The world peace-makers must try to review their point of view; this is the only and the ultimate solution.

The writer is a Pakistan based bilingual analyst on strategic and defence affairs

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