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The western forces have succeeded in depriving Taliban of public support in Pakistan; surely a difficult question to be answered. For the last many years the reality of the Taliban has been a matter of confusions and misunderstandings. Since its beginning, the Taliban movement was simply and purely an ideology-based exercise strongly tinged with the flavour of militancy, but with the passage of time, the ideology vanished and there remained nothing but militancy. More strange is the fact that this militancy proved more fatal and injurious to the Muslims than to the forces eager to crush the Taliban. If we cast a look at the damages caused by the Taliban, we would find a less number of the effected Americans but the list of the targeted Muslim would be unending. The situation gives birth to so many suspicions. Are they really the Taliban who are taking the lives of innocent Muslims including school going children and women shopping in markets and the old men offering their prayers in mosques? Are they really the Taliban who are slaughtering the soldiers and officers of the Pakistan army just to create panic and harassment? No they are not the Taliban because it is against the tradition of the Afghans and the Pathans to deceive and dodge their benefactors; and most of the original Taliban are of the same traditional origin. They could never betray those who had always been favoring and supporting them at the time of need, particularly when the Russian forces were the most determined in wiping them off the scenario.

It is nothing but a conspiracy based on the philosophy of divide and rule. The US conspirators had realized it in the very beginning that it would be next to impossible for them to defeat the Taliban in the battlefield. They also knew that the Taliban enjoy a very strong moral support from the people of Pakistan and Afghanistan and from rest of the world; so they could not be defeated unless they are deprived of such admiring support. There was only one solution to this problem; insurgency in the rows of the Taliban. For this purpose, there could be no other effective tool but India because India itself was very much worried about the increasing role of the Taliban in the Afghan region. India was very well aware of the fact that it would have to get out of the Afghan lands in case the Taliban get stronger. Further there were very vivid possibilities of Taliban joining hands with the separatist activists who are already a pain in the neck for the government of India. So the Indian hi-ups accepted the assignment of dividing Taliban as a very sacred mission. The first step taken in this regard was to establish Indian Consulates in Lashkargah, Koshila Jadeed and so many other cities of Afghanistan. One thing was very common in all these consulates that most of them were established along the Pak-Afghan border. Their assignment was to search for the people who were against the Taliban and who could fight against the Pakistan Army. The consulates not only made arrangements for their proper training but also provided them with unchecked and limitless financial support. With the passage of time these trained groups of terrorists grew stronger and stronger and ultimately started introducing themselves as so-called independent groups or off-shoots of Taliban. Such groups had nothing to do with the actual Taliban cause; they had their own intentions. These groups started targeting the innocent Muslims both in Pakistan and Afghanistan. Their suicidal attacks in Pakistan and Afghanistan took lives of so many innocent citizens who had nothing to do with the USA or the NATTO forces. Then there came a time when the world known terrorist organization Black Water joined hands with these terrorist groups and added more cruelty and brutality to the activities already going on in the false-name of the so-called Taliban. With the joining of the Black Water there came into existence so many new groups of Taliban which became a grave challenge to the peace and security of the Pak-afghan region. With the passage of time the nefarious activities of these groups started expanding towards Baluchistan and soon the fact was revealed that this advancement towards Baluchistan was simply an attempt to keep China away from Gawadar port and create misunderstandings between Pakistan and china. The name of Islam and the original Taliban was misused for the attainment of specific aims and objectives.

It is certainly the achievement of the US planners that they succeeded in dividing the Taliban but it is going to be the last nail in the coffin of the worlds  ‘biggest democracy’ India. Soon there will be a time when these misguided and de-tracked groups of US made Taliban would realize their folly and return to their origin with all the training and expertise which the Black Water had blessed upon them and their only target would be none but India. According to the latest reports the terrorist activities in Pakistan have no connection with the original Taliban movement, they are the handiwork of the Black Water working in collaboration with the CIA , Mossad  and RAW.

Wayne Madsen, the well known analyst says in an article referring to the suicidal attack in Quetta, “Xe Services, the company formerly known as Black Water, has been conducting false flag terrorist attacks in Pakistan that are later blamed on the entity called Pakistani Taliban.” Some other sources confirm the involvement of the Xe Services in carrying out ‘false flag’ terrorist attacks not only in Pakistan but also in Afghanistan, Somalia, Iran, and Iraq and the Sinkiang region of China, in collaboration with the Mossad and RAW under the guidance of CIA. The ultimate goal of all such activities is to destabilize the Muslim world in general and Pakistan in particular. Pakistan is the most favourite target because it is a nuclear power. By generating disturbance and anarchy the western countries desire to take Pakistan to a point of no return. They intend to make Pakistan so helpless that it is left with no other option but to ask the Western powers to secure its nuclear weapons.

This situation must be eye-opening for all those who claim to be the Protectors of the message of Islam. Pakistan is the only patch of land in whole of the universe which has a soil very much fertile for the rebirth and regeneration of all that is good .So join hands together against the atrocities carried out in the name of religion. Make Pakistan stronger because its strength would add to the strength of all positive human values.

The writer is Pakistan based bilingual analyst on defence and strategic affairs.

1 thought on “BLACK WATER IN ACTION”

  1. Yesterday I was sitting with some Tajik officials and one of them asked me weather I know where the Wazirabad is? I told him it is about 30 KM from my village. I asked him does he has some friend living in Wazirabad? He started smiling and said that the suicide Bomber who attacked the Khujand Police Station last month was trained in a Madrissa in Wazirabad.
    I have noted that every where the investigation of any terrorist activity ends up in Pakistan.
    My nation is blaming the whole world for their problems. They can not even have the common sense to understand the problems faced by the world. Millions of law abiding Citizens of Pakistan travelling to different countries suffer because of the activities of Those Jehadists. I can not understand what type of service those Mullas are doing to Islam, Pakistan, or to their children?
    In my opinion those Mullas are the real enemies of Pakistan, Islam, and my children. They are working against my nation and against my children and because of their activities economic Problems are increasing day by day.
    Nation should stand firm against those people and should stop making heroes of Afia Sidiqque, Lal Masjid Bunch and thousands like them. Killing innocents will definitely bring AZAB to those Mullas and Supporting those Criminals will destroy Pakistan.
    Because of very successful diplomacy by the Government of Pakistan a new era of opportunities is opening in Central Asian Economic relations with Pakistan. Pakistani nation is aloof to the developments in the region. Iran is making in roads in to Central Asia by constructing railway link Via Herat, Ainak, Tajikistan and Onward to China. When the railway line will be completed in next three years need of Pakistan for exit to Chinese Products in the Arabian sea will be reduced to Zero and thus importance of Pakistan will get reduced for China as a strategic partner.
    I am 100% confident that Uzbekistan having all along anti Pakistan attitude must be involved in increased Terrorist activity by IMU in Tajikistan and Kunduz to stop the successful diplomatic effort of Pakistan’s Foreign Office. Our nation must understand that Security agencies are generally playing very dirty politics to gain edge in negotiations. With successful Diplomacy Pakistan and Tajikistani leaders have decisively answered to the anti Pakistan attitude of Uzbek Government. Tajikistan has always been a victim of highhanded attitude of Uzbekistan Government and thus the Government of tajikistan has also sent a clear message to Uzbek Government by closely cooperation with Afghanistan and Pakistan with the support of Russia. I plead to my nation to not to get involved in any activity which will damage the long term interest of our nation and our children.

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