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The benefits of singing — give it a try!

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Almost everyone loves music and whether you have a good singing voice or not, you surely love to sing or hum a song that takes your fancy. You can even sing out loud — it’s called ‘bathroom singing’ because you do it in privacy and what place could be more private? If by chance you are blessed with a good voice you can reach for the stars and become one yourself or remain down to earth and just entertain your friends and family whenever you feel like it.

After watching a very popular music show on TV last night it was noticed that the performers — musicians and vocalists — all appeared to be having a good time besides providing listeners with quality entertainment. It brought home the fact that music in all its forms is one of the best therapies for most ills, as it puts you in a mood to love rather than hate one another!

Singing together with a group provides you with an opportunity to meet others, who like to relax and have a good time just by exercising their vocal chords in this manner, though you will soon be relegated to helping out with other chores like making tea and coffee for everyone if all you can do is croak! We Pakistanis, I think, do not have such groups — at least not that I know of – but the expatriate community living in Islamabad does and they have regular meetings to sing together and/or sometimes put on a show for charity.

As children we were taught how to sing with regular lessons and managed to carry a note after some time even though the quality of most voices was not exactly what the teacher would have preferred to work with — though it gave her tremendous satisfaction when her pupils put up a good show at the annual stage presentation. We also used to sing around the campfire when we were lucky enough to have one — a real treat in boarding school. I do not know how many, or which schools, if any, teach singing these days but it’s a nice way to improve your physical; emotional and social lifestyle. Listed below are some of the benefits of singing as listed by experts — on the physical side it exercises our lungs; improves our sleep; our facial muscles get toned; our posture improves; we can become more mentally alert; there is a release of pain relieving endorphins; it can help reduce anger and depression and anxiety.

On the emotional side it increases self-esteem and confide; increases feelings of well being; enhances mood; is useful as a stress reducer; is spiritually uplifting; it can increase positive feelings; encourages creativity and can be energising. Socially it enables you to meet more people; is a forum for sharing; brings people together and encourages a sense of community; offers the opportunity for giving and receiving positive feedback; is a forum for fun and laughter; provides a safe environment to try new skills and brings people together So go on — give it a try. Who knows, you may well turn out to be the next singing sensation, especially if you try your luck with the reality shows that are now blossoming on various TV channels.

By Ishrat Hyatt

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