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UNO is doing nothing but simply taking care of the US’ interests in the world; it is the most common comment on the working of the UNO. All time supporting US strategies and policies, the UNO is continuously losing its credibility and repute. Particularly most of the countries in the South-Asian region are of the opinion that they must stop looking towards this world organization for the solution of their internal and external problems. The prejudice attitude of the UNO has compelled various countries to search for their new friends and sympathizers which could be helpful and supportive to them at every crucial juncture.  As a result of this chauvinistic behaviour of the UNO, we can find new formations and new groups of countries emerging out of this dismal situation. It is nothing but the consequences of the narrow-minded approach of the UNO that today Pakistan, Iran and China are painting a new picture with the colours of closeness and friendship based on needs and requirements. Iran is providing natural gas to Pakistan and China is enhancing its nuclear ability; simply a relationship based on caring and kindness. As a result of these favours showered on Pakistan, it would become very easy for Pakistan to release itself from the cruel clutches of the US dependence.

If the UNO loses its importance, the world is likely to be divided and sub-divided into smaller groups and fragments. The situation would lead to the 3rd world-war in case there increases a clash of interests at a larger scale. The UNO is supposed to play an unprejudiced role acceptable to all. It must speak for all, for Israel and Iran, for India and Pakistan and surely for the people of Kashmir and those of Palestine. UNO has shown its eagerness in imposing sanctions on Iran but it never thought of the people of Gaza who are passing through the worst phase of their life.

As far as the new tri-angle of relationship between Pakistan, Iran and China is concerned, it would be very unjust if we don’t give the credit of this growing cordiality to the USA because it is none but the USA which has made these three countries realize the need of getting closer. The main leading factor which pushed these countries closer to one another is the issue of the nuclear energy. Different attempts to crush the Iranian nuclear program, a lot of allegations and suggestions to put a check on the nuclear research work of Pakistan and different objections laid  upon the Chinese nuclear behaviour compelled these countries to think of tomorrow. The US-India civil nuclear deal added salt to injury and ultimately these countries came to the conclusion that they are sailing in the same boat in a very stormy and unfriendly ocean.

In the last week of the previous month the Washington Post reported with reference to the Obama administration that USA has decided to object to the Sino-Pak civilian nuclear deal at different forums. According to the details of this deal, china has planned to establish two atomic reactors in Pakistan. The US experts say that the deal appears to be violating international guidelines forbidding nuclear exports to countries that have not signed the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty or do not have international safeguards on reactors.

The Obama administration was very much hopeful to raise successfully its objections regarding this deal in the 46-nation Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG) meeting which was held in the last week of June in New Zealand. Unfortunately the US expectations could not come up to the mark because China categorically rejected any kind of objection in this regard considering it interference in its internal affairs. Moreover China expressed its resentment over the US objections by saying that a country like US has no right to criticize the Sino-Pak nuclear deal because it has itself finalized the same kind of deal with India a few years back. According to the media reports such stern attitude of China has widened more the already widening distances between China and USA. By raising objections on the Sino-Pak civil nuclear deal, USA has tried to kill two birds with one stone. On one hand it has tried to please India and on the other hand attempted to exert a pressure on China showing it that the USA is keeping an eye of check on every move made by it.

Same is the case with Iran. The USA has ever been trying to pressurize Iran with reference to its nuclear program. According to the New York Times, President Obama signed into law new unilateral American sanctions on Iran that go beyond the penalties imposed by the United Nations last month as he tries to escalate the pressure on Tehran to halt its nuclear enrichment program. The new law, passed by Congress on overwhelmingly bipartisan votes tries to further restrict investment in Iran’s energy sector and cut off financing for the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps that oversees nuclear and missile programs. It also cracks down on federal contractors that do business with Iran. The New York Time reports the statement of Mr. Obama at the bill-signing ceremony in the East Room, “With these sanctions, along with others, we are striking at the heart of the Iranian government’s ability to fund and develop its nuclear program. We’re showing the Iranian government that its actions have consequences. And if it persists, the pressure will continue to mount, and its isolation will continue to deepen.” The US sanctions on Iranian nuclear program are being taken as a continuation to the sanctions imposed on Iran by the UNO on 8th of June, 2010. As a result of these sanctions, Iran is likely to face serious consequences. These sanctions would directly affect the economic fiber of Iran including its energy infrastructure which is already badly in need of investment. According to the western media , The US sanctions against Iran include  blacklisting companies like  the Post Bank of Iran, the engineering firm Javedan Mehr Toos and five entities claimed to be fronts for Iran’s largest shipping company. American companies are prohibited from doing business with designated Iranian companies and individuals and they are warned that their assets in USA would be frozen if they do otherwise.

Why sanctions and bans only on Iran, China and Pakistan; why not on India and Israel; that is the most frequently asked but never replied question. The criminal silence of the UNO over such painful injustice is giving birth not only to much confusion but to so many fears and apprehensions also. It is the proper time to decide the status of the UNO; whether it is an organization supposed to take care of the suffering people from Palestine to the Indian occupied Kashmir or it is simply a weapon in the hands of the US soldiers.

The writer is a Pakistan based analyst on defence and strategic affairs.

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