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‘The King is Back!!!’ — Mango festival attracts many

By Amar Guriro

KARACHI: A two-day mango festival titled ‘The King is Back!!!’ was held at a local hotel and attended by a large number of men, women and children of Karachi to relish the aroma of fresh Sindhi mangoes and different mango products.

It was the first-ever mango festival in the city in which different types of fresh mangoes from the orchards of Tando Allahyar were displayed.

Though the Sindhi mangoes are internationally admired, the mangoes of Mirpurkhas are supposedly famous across Sindh.

After the mangoes of the Kachhelo farm in Mirpurkhas, the mango farms of Tando Allahyar are emerging with a fresh lot of mango types in the province.

Mango, known as the ‘king of fruits’, is produced in Pakistan, India, China, Mexico, Indonesia and Thailand.

However, mangoes of Sindh, especially the Sindhri and Chaunsa, have their own identity in the international market.

Other varities of Sindhi mangoes include Bengal Pali, Almas, Langra, Anwar Ratol, Sunehra, Desi, Laal Badshah, Neelam and Pagaro.

Mirpurkhas, Sanghar, Tando Allahyar, Umerkot, Naushero Feroze, Matiari and Hyderabad districts are believed to be the hub of mango orchards.

After the recent economical recession, mango export to Europe, Middle East and Singapore has drastically reduced.

According to mango growers, if the Pakistani government supports them, they could export Sindhi mangoes to India, which could be a big market.

Despite the acute water shortage, severe pest attacks and strong, dusty winds, mango production is still stable.

Adnan Halepota, the owner of the Halepota Farms who arranged the mango festival, said he had recently started sale of mangoes from his own farms.

“The best quality with lower prices is the key, and we are thinking to export it, so, the national income could be increased by mango export,” he added.

He also said around 150 acres of mango orchards had recently started selling mangoes in the city.

“Soon, we are going to export mangoes to the international market,” he added.\06\13\story_13-6-2010_pg12_8

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