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In the streets of Pakistan it is very easy to find a lot of youngsters saying, “If war is the last option, we must go for it”. The hatred and disliking for the USA in Pakistan is growing like a wild fire. Most of the people are of the opinion that it is none but the USA behind all the problems the people of Pakistan have been facing for the last many years. Increasing terrorist activities multiplied by all time growing number of drone attacks are undermining the whole social, economic and political set up of Pakistan. People of Pakistan are in such an agony that now they are ready to Do or Die instead of listening to the song Do More, Do More.

Recently a new wave of allegations and blames against Pakistan has appeared on the scene. The story beginning from the Time Square is trying to reach its climax after passing through so many dark and narrow tunnels of distrust and doubts. It seems that the Time Square episode was nothing but a stage, very carefully prepared and designed for giving Pakistan a tough time. USA is no doubt the ‘care taker’ of the whole world around and it has earned this position on the basis of its marvelous abilities in the field of international politics, planning and economic progress. USA has precious brains who always keep on pondering over the tools and implements which can be useful in sustaining its supremacy and domination on the world map. The American media is certainly the most appropriate weapon in this respect. It is something exemplary for the Pakistani media that all newspapers and TV channels in America work as the mouth piece of   their government; they say, they write what is in the benefit of their country and their government, keeping in the view the larger interest of their country.

The Washington post of 29th May has reported with reference to senior defense officials ‘Ties between the alleged Times Square bomber, Faisal Shehzad, and elements of the Pakistani Taliban have sharpened the Obama administration’s need for retaliatory options, The US is studying options of striking Pakistan if a successful terror attack is traced back to that country. Planning has been reinvigorated in the wake of Times Square.’ According to another defense official US reprisal would be contemplated only under extreme circumstances, such as a catastrophic attack that leaves President Barack Obama convinced that the ongoing campaign of Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) drone strikes is insufficient,” says the Washington Post.

So in the light of the situation revealed by the Washington Post ,  the people of Pakistan must be prepared for another series of  brutal massacre which would not be limited only to the tribal boundaries. This time the American troops would try to step forward to all those areas where they feel the presence of those who are extremist fundamentalist and terrorist, according to the US dictionary of terms. As it has been reported by some other American newspapers, The US options for potential retaliatory action rely mainly on air and missile strikes, but could also employ small teams of US Special Operations troops already positioned along the border with Afghanistan. All these reports are portraying a picture which shows that the US army is going to have no opposition no hurdle and no hindrance while embarking on their voyage to Pakistan. It seems that the American forces

are intending to conquer some wasteland where there is nothing but grains of sand , dried bushes and barren mountains ; the American planners are ignoring  some glittering factors which would no doubt prove the worst example of hindrance; the Pakistan Army and the people of Pakistan.

History is the most honest evidence that at every juncture of test and trial, the whole Pakistani nation abruptly joins hand together with the Pakistan Army. Each and every Pakistani becomes a soldier. Just cast a look at the 1965 war between Pakistan and India. The whole nation had turned into an army. The old men, the women, the children, the singers and the poets, all had become the part of the Pakistan army. The US authorities must not ignore the fact that Pakistan is not Iraq; Pakistan is not Afghanistan; this ignorance would prove a fatal crime as well as an irreparable folly if committed.

Pakistan has always been the most sincere supporter and promoter of the US policies in the South Asian region. Without the moral and military support of Pakistan, the USA would never have been able to fight against the menace of terrorism. It is only Pakistan who remained the most important ally of the USA in the war against terror since the very first day. As a result of this support Pakistan had to face very grievous consequences. It had to sacrifice hundreds of it soldiers in the northern tribal areas, its economy had to bear serious setbacks and its innocent people had to face the reaction of the extremists in form of horrible suicidal attacks. But in spite of all these trials and tribulations, Pakistan is now being threatened and frightened. The US authorities must keep in mind what Pakistan has been doing for America for the last many years must not be paid back in form of threatening statements.

USA must keep in mind that Pakistan itself is the worst victim of terrorism. From Karachi to Peshawar the endless series of suicidal attacks in almost all cities of Pakistan, the horrible law and order situation in the tribal areas and so many other heart rending incidents are nothing but blood-drenched examples of terrorism. Pakistan can never have any connection or link to the terrorists. Be it the 9/11 tragedy or the Time Square bomb attempt, Pakistan has nothing to do with any of such activities.

America must not be afraid of the growing terrorism in its own lands because this is nothing unexpected .The Pakistani officials have always been warning the world around that this wave of terrorism can any time travel into other countries if not stopped. But unfortunately no one ever paid any heed to the situation and now this Tsunami of terrorism has started creeping into the American soils. Commenting on the worsening Indo-Pak relationship, the Times of India’s columnist Swami Nathan once very sagely called the US interference in Afghanistan ‘a disastrous mistake’. He said, “India should certainly not make a similar mistake as led the US into disastrous wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.”  Now the US planners are planning to make this disastrous mistake more grievous by dreaming of dragging Pakistan into the war-zone.

War never plays an affirmative role in the life of a nation. A lot of disaster, an endless loss to the human lives and a mass scale destruction of the whole social fabric; war fruits nothing else. Why seems the US government so keen to wag a war against Pakistan? Is it a sudden reaction to the Time Square episode ; an attempt to cover up the inefficiency of the American law enforcing authorities including the CIA who have failed in keeping an eye on the terrorists grooming and growing  in the streets of America or an attempt to deprive Pakistan of its nuclear strength. As far as the people of Pakistan are concerned, they are taking the present hurricane of blames and allegations simply as an attempt of neutralizing Pakistan’s nuclear assets. USA must reconsider its conduct and mind-set if it wants peace in this region. Without a cordial and sympathetic relationship with Pakistan, based on confidence and equality, no type of peace can be guaranteed in the south Asian region.

The writer is a Pakistan based bilingual analyst on defense and strategic affairs.

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