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During a hearing in the missing persons case the Ministry of Foreign Affairs while listing the number of Pakistanis in  jails abroad told the court that the financial constrain was the major hurdle in their repatriation besides some other difficulties. If this senior citizen is apologized keeping his old age in view can he raise a question that is today anyone from powers that be afraid of from any courts? My point is people appear in the court with duly sworn in Affidavits in hands, on oath states so and so missing person is not in their knowledge and after sometime re-appear this time saying so and so had come home. They come and go with “neck stiff with power” as no one asks them last time you were saying you did not know that person and today you are telling the other story.

The same thing can be seen in the above case. While the Foreign Affairs was saying non availability of funds, the Finance Secretary asserted that  money was not an issue  The court does not appear to realize that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has not put before it the full facts.  As far as finance was concerned it is not as big a constraint.  It is only the intent which lacks.  Leave alone how much is being spent on Mercedes and bullet proof cars,  retrospective back years salaries to dismissed employees e.g. Rehman Malik,  misappropriation of funds e.g. Abid Sher Ali re:  payments to non visible developments etc.  There is a colossal amount the figure of which is never revealed for some mysterious reason with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs collected from every Pakistani working abroad in the so called name of Overseas Pakistanis Welfare Fund whereas no welfare activity is at least known to the Overseas Pakistanis themselves who contribute this amount.  The only one activity ever known to Overseas Pakistanis  is the one when many years back during the previous PPP rule a $600 watch as per then press reports was given as gift to the US visiting Qaim Ali Shah.

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