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Pakistan, Russia top list of ‘non-smiling’ nations

  Associated Press of Pakistan

Pakistan, Croatia and Russia have topped a list of countries where people sitting behind shop and office counters have a surly attitude and find it difficult to smile. Quoting a poll conducted by Nextep agency, Moscow News reported that only 34 percent of shop owners and officials in Croatia and Pakistan smile at people, while Russia came second with 65 percent. According to the poll, Russia has many stereotypes of the surly people behind the counter, who scowl at potential customers. The agency asked shoppers to look for hints of happiness as they bought their daily bread in shops across 14 countries, the report said. The people found a third of Russian and Pakistani staff were “stony-faced”, with 65 percent people scoring on the ‘smile-o-meter’. Tourism offices and guesthouses’ staff were among the least welcoming. The apparent misery behind such attitude of the people is a reflection of working conditions, particularly in the hard-pressed tourism sector and general stores, the report said. app

2 thoughts on “Pakistan, Russia top list of ‘non-smiling’ nations”

  1. I would not agree with conclusions based on my 18 years of experience in Russian states. Yes Russians do not smile with the strangers but the Hotels staff in Russia is generally very polite and beautiful Russian girls when smile many hearts start bleeding with love. About Tashkent Uzbekistan I can say with allot of assurance that the guests will find the most hospitable and smiling faces in every Hotel of Tashkent and other cities of Uzbekistan. Just Visit Tashkent and you will understand the difference. Or Read the book recently written by Mr Jaffery the Ex Principal of Govt College Baghbanpura Lahore and you will understand what is the difference between Russia, Pakistan and Tashkent.

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