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By Muhammad Javed

Irfan Sidduqi in his column entitled “new peaks of Pak Saudi relations”  18/03/2010  tried to leave no stone unturned to prove that the recent selection by the Saudi visiting team of about 1500 highly skilled experienced Pakistani Surgeons, doctors, nurses and other trained paramedical staff from Pakistan was a barometer how the Saudi Government “specially” loves and cares Pakistan a Muslim brother.  A week back the Pakistani foreign minister held in Saudi Arabia wide ranging talks with his Saudi counterpart and expressed his concerns about Indian’s growing engagement in “Afghanistan”.  This was a diplomatic journalism using the word “Afghanistan” otherwise it is well known a fact that Pakistan today is much concerned on the rapidly growing Indian relations with the Saudi Arabia and this visit was in that regard.  I have lived amongst the Arabs more than a quarter century.  It is my firm belief that the Arabs particularly the Saudi Arabia in fact have no care for the Pakistan on the paper whatsoever may contrary be the position.  The Arab countries are only interested and associated with Pakistan as far as for obvious reasons activities or issues relating to Defence are concerned.   A few years back a UAE based international survey revealed that after the US the Saudi Arabia was the second and UAE the third highest investor in India and not in the so much shown to us by our rulers the Brother Pakistan.  It was however no surprise to the ordinary true Pakistani like me knowing well if Moeen Qureshi whom we still are paying pension as ex-PM when once questioned replied that he had no investment in Pakistan but has in India, hence why complain about Saudis etc.  The Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait were our “Muslim Brothers” who banned for long issuance of work visas to Pakistanis whom they love too much but never did the same for India.   However the point here is, is the too much praising by a columnist whom till today I was taking a serious and true Pakistani a true honest journalism?
It is beyond any reasonable doubt that we are too short of doctors at home.  Approximately 60-7-% population does not have access to proper doctors.  By depriving our own people and running our already in shambles health service we are exporting doctors for a small money only to be spent on free Umrah flights, free loading in cockpits or import of costly electricity leaving cheaper Iranian one.  Once a UN survey stated that Arab states though are generally thought that by providing jobs are helping the manpower exporting countries yet according to the Survey the fact was that these Arabs were getting “almost free” this trained manpower as the exporting countries were spending a colossal from their national exchequer in providing subsidized education and expertise to this exported commodity.  Living in the middle east I saw how nice uniform size high quality mangoes, fruits, vegetables were exported out of our beloved country just to earn a few thousand dollars but in return depriving our own nationals from enjoying good quality fruits grown indigenously. In Pakistan meet is at Rs. 350 to Rs. 400 per kilo whereas same Pakistani high quality meet is in retain shops of middle east at Rs. 200 per kg.   Why Saudia does not import our labour and working class more than India or Bangladesh if it is really such a real brother as the columnist and his alike try to convince us?  Do not forget that the naked fact is the Pakistani labour skilled or unskilled is much brilliant, much quality productive than the so called Indian trained educated labour.  No one can convince me the Indian labour is more productive. Yes with my open heart I admit  the Indian workers can work more long hours from 10 to 18 hours without any complaint, at lower salaries, in inhumane behaviour – reason being they have slave like mentality whereas the Pakistani labour is a bit “undisciplined” if one can use this word – thanks to Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto who early 70s taught the Pakistani labour their “rights” but “deliberately” forgot to educate them their “obligations”. Arabs being cost conscious and not the quality conscious like Indians.  Take another example – Saudis as is claimed by the PPP informed Benazir Bhutoo that she could be attacked on her return to Pakistan.  Had the Saudis been really brothers and honest to Pakistan they must had passed on the said information officially to the Government of Pakistan rather than passing that alone to the murdered leader so that the Pakistani government acting on that tip could had taken more necessary steps to circumvent the national damage.   Last but not the least last week   Saudi Prince Salman on the occasion of Indian President visit termed India as the Kingdom’s “strategic” partner.  Saudi’s have never used word “strategic partner” for Pakistan.  The world exports what it has surplus after feeding fully its own masses whereas the writers like Mr. Irfan Siddiqui innocently forget that in our case first we export onions to the Middle East depriving the nation and then import the same on high cost from India. 
How strange is that this rigid so called Islamic State which does not allow a women to come to Saudia without a “Mahram” in as much as a Saudi women cannot travel within Saudi Arabia alone, is taking half of the above 1500 lady doctors from Pakistan. This is what the double faced this country is.  In growing criticism a year back it arranged an “inter-faith” international conference in Singapore perhaps. The truth is Saudis only believe on their own Islam and every other a little deviation from them is a “Bidat”.


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