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Mehmood-Ul-Hassan Khan

Most recently, the UAE’s cabinet announced a charter “Vision 2021” which indicated its political leadership’s commitment to excel in each and every filed and achieve desired socio-economic goals. It seems that Vision 2021 is inspired by the principles of UAE founding fathers, it is also guided by the National Work Program launched by His Highness Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the President of the UAE, and adopted by Their Highnesses the Rulers of the Emirates and Members of the Federal Supreme Council.

The charter draws the broad contours of the roadmap that the country intends to take in realising those goals. It showed the positive attitude of its visionary leaders. It reflected the humanistic spirits of its rulers towards the people at large. The charter seeks to make the UAE one of the best places in the world to do business. The cornerstone of vision 2021 is the welfare of the people.

The announcement of the UAE National Historic Charter for 2021 by His Highness Shaikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, came at the end of the Cabinet’s extraordinary sessions at the Qasr Al Sarab Desert Resort in the Western Region.

The vision speaks about different policy options to gain momentum in many sectors not confined to health, education, housing, climate change and the last not the least alternative energy. It narrates many strategies to be vital for socio-economic growth, political stability, societal articulation and above all social justice in the country. It is indeed a way towards glory, progress and prosperity. It is a tool to further strengthening of stability, sustainability, interfaith harmony and the protection of minorities in the country.

It also gives tributes to its founding fathers who work very hard and succeeded to take care of available resources and its optimal utilization afterwards. Now the UAE stands among the most advanced nations in the world. Common people are reaping the rapid socio-economic growth in the country. Despite the miraculous socio-economic achievements the fabric of UAE society, the essence of its way of life and the strength of its remained enacted which is great achievement in itself.

The salient features of vision 2021 are given below as:

(a) People are important, confident and ambitious

Shaikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum stressed that the UAE must be the best and not among the top ten. “As a country we have achieved a lot and our advancement has made people envious. People are important, confident and ambitious (work harder, be more innovative, more organised, and more vigilant). They should follow and stick to their national identity (protection of legacy worthy of the pioneers who founded our great nation, a legacy defined by prosperity, security, stability, and a life filled with dignity and respect and national heritage (strong family ties, enduring cohesive society).

(b) Fixation of social, moral, cultural and political responsibilities

The vision 2021 stresses that the Emiratis will successfully carve out their future, actively engaging in an evolving socio-economic environment, and drawing on their strong families and communities, moderate Islamic values, and deep rooted heritage to build a vibrant and well-knit society.

(c) Strong and active community’s participation

It is predicted that strong and active communities will continue to make up the fabric of a vibrant and well-knit Emirati society, reinforcing a bond of solidarity among citizens in a spirit of openness towards residents.

(d) Vibrant culture

It is projected that the UAE’s distinct culture and national character will remain founded on progressive and moderate Islamic values and endowed with a rich Arabic language, to proudly celebrate Emirati traditions and heritage while reinforcing national identity.

(e) Strong federation

It is indispensable for collective success and joint political survival which also portrays our common destiny too. It is planned that the UAE will continue to grow as a strong and influential nation under the visionary leadership. Furthermore, resilient and integrated federation would ensure balanced development throughout its territory. The Federation will continue to rise in the national consciousness to represent the defining point of allegiance for all Emiratis. Culture of equity and our spirit of solidarity will spur to close the gap between citizens’ standards of living. Protection of people will be must and an advanced welfare system to be provided to all Emiratis to overcome adversity and contribute positively to society.

(f) Competitiveness of national economy

Competitiveness of national economy is the secret of survival which should be characterised by innovation and knowledge. Moreover, integrated planning and execution will ensure that social and economic development across the entire nation is balanced, sustainable, rationalised and efficient.

(g) Diversification of economy

Further diversification of economy is stressed in the valuable grand policy document like vision 2021. It means expanding new strategic sectors to channel our energies into industries and services where we can build a long-term competitive advantage.

Balanced growth must be fuelled by a sustainable range of energy sources, within which the UAE will ensure an important role for alternative and renewable options such as nuclear power.

(h) Knowledge-based and highly productive economy

Today is the age of knowledge based economy in which innovation; research, science and technology play very important role. It will be pursued to achieve a knowledge-based, highly productive and competitive economy, driven by entrepreneurs in a business-friendly environment where public and private sectors form effective partnerships. Availability of effective infrastructures will provide a ideal platform to achieve our macro-economic goals. Legal frameworks and government services will also be designed to provide businesses with the efficient environment that they need in order to grow, thrive and commercialise innovative ideas. Introduction of regulatory mechanism and reforms would be essential for achieving economic targets.

(i) High quality life endowed with sustainable environment

There will be fair and free competition in the country. Every possible basic necessities of life will be provided to all the people in the country.

(j) Enhanced international standing

According to the national charter for development i.e. vision 2021 the UAE’s international standing will continue to grow as its successes highlight its prestige as a regional and international role model, developing sectors of excellence and national champions. Peaceful coexistence and having firm belief in dialogue, diplomacy and development will be mantra of our foreign policy in the days to come.

(k) Optimal utilization of HRM

It speaks that the UAE will harness the full potential of its National human capital by maximising the participation of Emiratis, encouraging entrepreneurship, and nurturing home grown public and private sector leaders while attracting and retaining the best talent. More focus on higher and quality education will be given in the country.

(l) Protection of ecological balance

The vision 2021 speaks highly about the diversified but integrated efforts of the UAE government and its leaders towards better, cleaner and safer environment. The UAE is conscious of its responsibility to safeguard nature and mitigate the effects of climate change on its habitat and ecosystems in order to ensure that future generations inherit an environmentally sustainable world

It further says that the UAE will try its levels best to lessen the effects of climate change and successfully safeguard its environment for current and future generations. Moreover, the UAE’s rich natural environment will be shielded every possible threat of climate change.

Concluding Remarks

Vision 2021 is a masterpiece national document which deals with each and every possible sector and factor of going forwards. It is progressive in its nature. It is friendly is in its execution. It is conducive to competition. It also guarantees the basic rights of its people and foreign workers alike. It outlines the importance of national character, heritage, social fabric and family tradition and spells out different policies and strategies to intact. Simply Vision 2021 is way to glory and giant step towards further progress, peace, harmony, and national character building.

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