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By Muhammad Javed

Majority of our Pakistanis keep praising the so called Islamic rule in Saudi Arabia.  My view is this is only the by birth respect we have inherited due to Holy places.   A court in Jizan Saudi Arabia has awarded 120 lashes to a Saudi having six wives at a time.  He is an employee of the Commission for the Promotion of Virture and Prevention of Voice.  The Saudi Arabia has two types of Police; one traditional as in every country of the world and the second one the Religious Police officially named as Commission for Promotion of……..   All its employees from top to bottom are in true terms “Mullahs”.  The job of this police is to ensure rigid enforcement of Islamic rule (their own Wahabi school of thought).  The examples of their duties are like 3-4 years back this police did not allow the Fire Brigade to enter into a burning Girls school as the fire fighters were male.  A few girls died and a lot injured.  This police did not feel any sorry for this loss as our beloved Sheikh Rashid did not on burning of hundreds of girls in Lal Masjid Another example is when the international community cried when a Saudi girl was sentenced to 90 lashes. Her crime was coming out of office while talking with an office male colleague that she sat on passenger seat of his car the doors of which remained opened.  Her lawyer’s professional licence was withdrawn by the Court on the ground he pleaded for an errant female who abused Islamic traditions.  As in Zia era, a blind girl was sentenced to lashes who had gone to work as a “Masee” in place of her sick mother and was raped by the household’s son, but the boy who raped was free. Likewise in this Saudi case the male colleague was set free.
The husband of six wives is a “Mullah” in the Religious Police.  In addition to 120 lashes he has been forbidden to give sermons in any Mosque for next 5 years reading of which can show that he is a Mullah from whom we learn the Islamic teaching.  The Mullah pleaded during the court proceedings that he was not aware of if keeping six wives at a time was not allowed in Islam.  What you say?

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