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 My moon is every body’s moon; this poetic phrase seems  no more limited to the expression of love between a lover and the beloved; with the passage of time it has become more appropriate and more suitable for the sincere and truthful lands like that of Balochistan. Located on the northern tip of straits of Hormuz, Balochistan has no doubt become ever body’s moon. This is the area through which much of the world’s oil supply passes. Moreover it is God giftedly rich in natural resources with an estimated 19 trillion cubic feet of natural gas reserves and 6 trillion barrels of oil reserves. Therefore, many countries including USA, Russia and India see Balochistan as a strategically important zone of influence. The international realization of this strategic importance of Balochistan has deprived its people of their calm and peace by pushing them into an artificially created series of trials and tribulations. Mercilessly exploding bombs and cruelly piercing bullets have targeted nothing but the atmospheric serenity and tranquility of this land.

 A few days back, all newspapers and electronic media channels were replete with the news of two boxers from Balochistan, Naimatullah Khan and Mohammad Waseem who won gold and silver medals, respectively, at the South Asian Games. Talking on the occasion, the medalists said that they are very happy that they secured medals for their country Pakistan and promised that they would work more hard in the same spirit to win more honour and respect for their motherland in future. Silver medalist Waseem said that justice was not done with him in the final because he is a Pakistani and he was winning the contest against an Indian boxer.

 But on the other hand one finds a lot of propaganda statements of few self-generated Baloch leaders who are enjoying all possible luxuries of life, staying abroad in Western countries, in palace-like houses. They claim that the people of Balochistan want separation from Pakistan. Ironically, most of such leaders have never ever tasted even a grain of the hardships which have become a routine matter for a poor Balochi. These leaders introduce them as the leaders of the so-called Independence movement ongoing in Balochistan. They also claim that the federal government of Pakistan is depriving the people of Balochistan of their basic human rights. The above mentioned two boxers also represent the common man of Balochistan but whatever they said talking to the media, negates the views of ‘the leaders of the Balochistan Independence Movement’.

 The worsening law and order situation in Balochistan does not belong to the people of Balochistan. It is nothing but an international attempt of weakening Pakistan. A handful of paid terrorists who have no sympathy with Balochistan are safeguarding the foreign interests in the same way as they are doing in other parts of the country including FATA, NWFP and Karachi. The most important role played, in this context, is that of the Indian consulates along the Pak-Afghan border. These unnecessary Indian consulates are providing hub for the Indian intelligence activities and are solely responsible for dispatching trained militants in Balochistan. The Indian consulates in Jalalabad and Kandhar are pumping money into Balochistan. The US under Secretary of State for political affairs Mr. William Burn’s statement could be a very strong proof in this reference. In one of his recent statements he asked the Indian government to ‘trim its consulates in Jalalabad.’  

 Another proof of the foreign hand in Balochistan is the statement of The   Khan   of Kalat. While   forming   the   ‘Council   for   Independent Balochistan’ in London, he said that he is enjoying the support of ‘Like-minded and friendly’ countries who have promised him all help and cooperation. The situation could become more easily understandable if his statement is put together with the statement of former RAW agent B Raman’s who once said that struggle for an independent Balochistan is part of the unfinished agenda of the partition.

 The deep seated Indian hostility against Pakistan is the root cause of most of the problems Pakistan is facing. Although most of the Pakistanis are always in favour and support of good friendly relationship with India, yet their desires are never welcomed by the Indian hi-ups. Recently it came to the surface that the increasing international pressure has compelled India to resume peace talks with Pakistan. This news was surely good news for the people of Pakistan but all their joy and happiness vanished when they at once found different Indian leaders singing their old favourite song that Pakistan must hand over to India the culprits involved in the Mumbai blasts tragedy. Shockingly at the same time the human rights violations of the Indian armed forces in the Occupied Kashmir became more flagrant. The situation in Balochistan can never be normalized unless Indian influence in the area is curtailed and checked upon. The first and the most urgent step in this regard is to close the unnecessary Indian Consulates along Pak-afghan borders. It is the responsibility of all those forces which claim that they desire for a permanent peace in the South-Asian region to keep an eye on nefarious Indian designs in the region. If India kept on interfering in Balochistan the situation is surely going to be more dangerous not only for Pakistan but also for Iran and at a later stage for China.

 Iran has a large Baloch population on its side of border with Pakistan and the Indian desire of weakening Pakistan by creating independent Balochistan will cost heavy to Iran itself as the map of Greater Balochistan includes Sistan province as well. Although Pakistan and Iran both are fully aware of the Indian conspiracies and the armed forces of both the countries have a very strong capability to counter Indian desires yet the situation demands more concentration on the part of the government of Pakistan. It must do all the best possible for the betterment of the people of Balochistan. Unless they are politically, economically and educationally contented and satisfied, they won’t be in a position to counter the conspiracies of the so-called ‘freedom fighters’. It is the most urgent need of time to remove the atmosphere of mistrust between the Baloch and the Federation. The Balochis are no doubt very sincere and patriotic Pakistanis like the people of other provinces but a continuous Indian propaganda joined together with their social and political problems may pollute their feelings. The political demands of the actual and original Baloch leaders must be given weight and accepted through negotiation. They must be taken into confidence regarding Indian designs of creating unrest in Balochistan.

Gawadar   Port development program will   bring a lot   of prosperity to   people   of Balochistan, so it must be completed on priority basis. It is the moral right of the local Baloch population to get the maximum benefits of the Gawadar Port Project. New jobs and vacancies must be created for these local people so that they may strengthen them economically. The government of Pakistan must not ignore the fact that most of the Balochis are fed up with the Sardari system which never allows them to grow prolifically according to their own desires. They are of the opinion that without getting freedom from the clutches of the Sardari system, they can not make their lives prosperous and peaceful.

Different Baloch political leaders blame the previous governments of Pakistan for ignoring the political leaders of Balochistan and for giving undue importance to the sardars. Such type of grievances must be redressed as soon as possible. The people of Balochistan are demanding the complete return of the Army troops which were posted in Balochistan for the maintenance of law and order situation in the past. This demand must also be accepted as soon as possible and these troops should be replaced with the F.C troops.

The people of Balochistan have a culture of their own. They have their particular traditions and values. History tells us, if they are trusted upon, taken into confidence, they are the best friends and the most reliable companions. They are always extremely honest and devoted to their soil. In the name of trust and confidence they can sacrifice each and everything they have. Pakistan is their motherland. These sons-of- the soil expect a very deep and caring love from their motherland.

The writer is a Pakistan based bilingual analyst on national and international strategic and defense affairs.

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