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Lahore Student ‘tops the world’ in two O-Levels

LAHORE: Amn Nasir, a brilliant Lahori student, earned two top positions in the world in Chemistry and Commerce, and topped in the best seven and eight As category in the O-Level International Examinations of Cambridge University.

Amn is now enrolled in the A-Level programme at Lahore Grammar School 1-A-1, and takes part in several extra-curricular activities including parliamentary debates.

The world distinction holder said she was happy she had brought a good name to Pakistan by setting a world record. She said she studied hard both at home and at school and never opted for tuition throughout her academic career.

She mentioned that she would pursue higher education and specialise in genetic engineering either at home or abroad, adding that her family had promised to meet all expenses of study and admission to any educational institution in the world.

When asked about her future, Amn said she wanted to become a prime minister, and felt that Pakistan badly needed a system based upon factors such as good governance, rule of law, and supremacy of the constitution. She said all politicians, irrespective of their political alignment and affiliation, must be patriotic and attach supreme importance to national interests in order to make Pakistan strong and stable. app

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  1. Wow Amn! I want to be a student like you and I’m sure can at a school like LGS 1-A-1 that has the world’s best teachers…*like Teacher Naaima*! keep it up:)

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