Pak Economy

Reko Diq project — exploiting own treasures 1

Khalid A Khokhar Amongst dozens of ongoing mega development projects in Balochistan, Reko-Diq gold and copper mining project is considered to be a big national strategic asset that would transform Balochistan as the richest province in the country. According to experts involved in mining and exploration, some 12.3 million tons […]

Pak. Economy: Cautious monetary policy in an uncertain environment

Almost 550 basis points have been already added to the discount rate in a  period of 18 months. The rationale on the basis of which these points were added were there, although, with lower intensity, but the tolerance level of the  economy was not such which can afford another addition […]

Pakistan-IMF deal has many hidden conditions

By Ikram Hoti ISLAMABAD: The IMF deal will bring the consumers, subscribers and provincial governments on a collision course after its hidden conditions will be revealed. The major controversy is about the interest rate to be paid by Pakistan. The standby facility being offered is said to be the highest […]

Now a session on Pakistan economy 1

By Dr Pervez Tahir  PAKISTAN is going through its familiar politico-economic cycle. A military authoritarian regime ends up in disaster. A democratic transition takes place. The economy loses the confidence of its donors.Before the democratic regime can even plan a change in favour of the people, the IMF comes in. […]