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The long lost Basant

Association asks Supreme Court to allow kite flying in rural areas

LAHORE: As authorities are planning to continue the ban on the festival of kites this year, the All Pakistan Kite Flying Association has urged the Supreme Court chief justice to allow holding the festival outside the urban areas so that the centuries-old tradition could be preserved.

All Pakistan Kite Flying Association Chairman Khawaja Nadeem Wayn said that around 150,000 people in Lahore and 180,000 people in Gujranwala and Kasur districts, affiliated with the kite industry, had lost their jobs and were facing hardship, as they had no other means to earn livelihood.
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LAHORE: Basant on 14th, 15th under consideration

Basant on Feb 20, 21, 2010: kite flying association

LAHORE: The District Flying Association has announced Basant would be celebrated on February 20 and 21, a private TV channel reported on Sunday. Secretary Sheikh Salim, said Basant would be celebrated in pursuance of the safety measures planned by the government. Salim said kites would be available in the city from February 5 onwards. However, Law Minister Rana Sanaullah said the Punjab Assembly had not given permission for Basant celebrations. daily times

By Ali Raza
THE City District Government Lahore (CDGL) is still waiting for the green signal of the Punjab government to allow celebration of Basant in the provincial capital as the event has already been celebrated in various cities of the province with traditional zeal and zest.

Sources in the City District Government Lahore (CDGL) claimed that all preparations have been done to announce the festival and the city government was just waiting for the final nod of the government. The sources said strict monitoring of the event was also planned by the CDGL to avoid injuries and loss of life and property at hands of kite lovers.Read More »LAHORE: Basant on 14th, 15th under consideration

Ban on kite flying: Lahori Basant enthusiasts flay restriction

basant1* Citizens say hide-and-seek between them and police will continue until Basant gets green light
* KFA official says use of polyester will be banned, kite flyers will only get cotton twine

By Afnan Khan

LAHORE: With the advent of February, the month associated with the colourful festival of Basant, Lahoris on Tuesday started defying the ban on kite flying. Read More »Ban on kite flying: Lahori Basant enthusiasts flay restriction