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Role of overseas Pakistanis in the development of Pakistan

Dear friends

Asslam O Alaikum

Current prevailing situation in our beloved country is a matter of concern for all of us, political unrest, energy crises, declining foreign exchange reserves, out flow of investments and above all, alarming increase in violence are posing a real threat to economic and social stability in Pakistan.

Our problems are deep rooted and require a lot of struggle and hardship to overcome. Here I want to start some discussions about the problems our country is facing and how we can help to overcome these problems. I have noticed that many knowledgeable Pakistani friends do visit this site frequently. I would like to take this opportunity to invite them to take part in these discussions and oblige us. I myself am not highly educated and expert Pakistani but I am sure that a lot of visiting friends do have the ability and expertise to participate and share their views with other friends. I can reserve a separate domain for this purpose but let us start from here first.

First of all let us discuss about the role of overseas Pakistanis in the development of Pakistan, how we can help to bring progress and prosperity in Pakistan.

God bless you all.

Best Regards



148 thoughts on “Role of overseas Pakistanis in the development of Pakistan”

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