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javed f2By Muhammad Javed

23rd July 2009

It is by nature that the history is read but nothing is learnt from it.  We all take it as guaranteed that what we read today in the newspaper is a “news” but never think we ourselves sometime can become a news. We read sufferings of others, meet the victims but even then do not learn lesson.  For example since more than two decades on international airports announcements are made, on press TV we hear stories of victims, the governments issues precautionary notices to the public, almost every one of us know those found with drugs in Saudi Arabia are beheaded,  even then last month families were caught in Jeddah on drug charges.  These families took as gift the drugs hidden shoes allegedly from the travel agents.  This incident has widely been published in press and on TV but take it lesson from it will not be taken and someone some where sometime again would be kind in taking a gift pack from a friend for delivery to someone in Saudi Arabia.

Same is the case of different scams, financial scams, free allotment of plots on lottery, billions worth inheritance money offers in email, mobile phone congratulations on Awards.  We know people lost in the past but in the hope in our case the email bestowing world’s best looking personality in our case might be correct we accept it.

The Overseas Pakistanis (OPs) major problem is cheating them on property issues.  This piece is being written on that prospect.  First of all it may be remembered it is just a basic pre-cautionary guideline and not any authenticated research work or any sort of advisory high caliber note.  The second most important thing not to be forgotten is that the writer of this script is just an ordinary man and not any professional writer.   He had been an OP himself for long.

About 10 years back I wrote a piece on this subject in Urdu which in 5-6 weekly installments was published by the Daily Urdu News Jeddah.  Unfortunately I do not have a copy of that hence this re-writing is fully based on memories.  The most important to be remembered is that writer of this piece has lost his one eye in an operation and in other has hardly 25% reading only visibility.  This piece is being scribbled just playing with the key board without any pre-drafting or checking of the  scribbled writing.  Hence errors and inconsistency in it is expected.  Due to above factors there may be many things skipped form the mind hence it is not a complete or exhaustive Paper on the subject.


1.         First of all completely and fully avoid booking any property representatives of which company come and visit your country of residence/work abroad.  Any booking of property with such developers is definitely to start your headache and loosing of your money.

2.         Never every book any property with those developers whose advertisement every 15 minute you see on TV channels.  Such 20-25 second advertisement repeated every 30 minute is too costly beyond your imagination.  Costs of such advertisements including the visit expenses of their representatives, their luxury hotel stays all at the end of the day you will have to bear in the shape of  “price escalation clause”  or “development charges”.   If your earning is “Rizq-e-Hilal” prefer to remain property-less than booking on lucrative advertisement.

3.         Avoid looking at the photographs of decorated drawings rooms, American kitchen etc shown on TV advertisement on colourful brochures.  These are merely photographs and when after lot of headache you get physically your flat/house you will definitely doubt on your eye sight if not on the condition of your mind that these are the same things shown on photographs.  Do not take even for a single minute the wordings like that the complex have latest dish antenna, internal cable etc.  These are worthless things.  The most important is you to calculate after how much paying the flat/house will be in your hand.  Never imagine it will be in the same cost as announced on TV or printed in a brochure.  You must keep your mind ready for triple of that announced or printed amount.

4.         Do not be allured on advertised features or photographs that the project has swimming pool, health centre, jogging track etc.  Always remember you will have to pay month huge amount on running of swimming pool etc as nothing in the word today is free.  Never imagine that since the developer will be paying monthly salary to swimming pool inchrage or its water bill, or repair the jogging track from his own pocket.  It will all be for life from your pocket, not small but huge.

5.         Do not go on the most-colourful brochures of the project published on high quality glossy paper.  This brochure is just an alluring dream and has no legal value in the deal.  Please remember these Brochures are one of the biggest income of the Developer.  He is more interested in selling you these brochures @ Rs. 350 or Rs. 500/- than selling of plot/flat to you.


6.         If you wish not to be fooled then the first thing when you wish to own a flat/house is buy a Brochure, tear off the Application Form from it and throw away rest of the coloured-photographs.  This will save you from future mental torture.

7.         First read the Price.  As a counter check show this price to some one in your home or to some colleague to re-read.  Mostly you will find price written like “price of the flat Rs. 10,000 excluding development charges”.  In this shape development charges have not been mentioned or disclosed by the company which could be Rs. 20,000 or Rs. 30,000.  Hence this word excluding development charges should be the first naked electric wire shock to you.  Some time at the end of word “excluding development charges” or just near the Price in very thin font there would be an asterisk mark @ or # which is usually given in text books showing that an important Note or Reference about the test was on the bottom of the page.   If you go to the bottom it would be written like “estimated May 2007”.  This means the price of the flat/house mentioned or written they calculated was in May 2007 on which they are selling it to you in July 2009.  These two things (a) Estimated  (b) May 2007 are most dangerous.  As soon as you have booked the plot, flat or a house, paid the advance payment just after two three months you will receive a letter that since by now material prices or labour costs in the market have increased,  new taxes imposed, currency re-adjusted etc hence the price of Rs. 10,000 has been revised and it now stands at Rs. 25,000 and you immediately pay Rs. 15,000 as first installment to this revision.  After you have paid this amount on the jugglery of May 2007 to July 2009 technique, do not think your headache has gone.  That price increase for the past.  This price will keep increasing as the law allows and you have agreed to the price escalation.

8.         The other sword will remain hanging on you and no body can tell you definitely how much would be at the end of the day the total development charges.


9.         It must be remembered that a Developer/Building has more interest in getting your booking cancelled rather than completing the project.  At least I am not aware of if any such private project during the last 25 years has ever been completed timely.  The more the delay the more free income for the Developer hence on one ground or the other excuse the completion will keep lingering on.  During 70s to 90s there had been two three very good developers how though as usual delayed the projects but acted on the true terms and condition.  One is believed in Lahore.  The best performance shown in this regard was when the House Building Finance Corporation built flats/houses for Overseas Pakistanis and the other in old days KDA completed similar houses in Gulistan-e-Jauhar and flats in Gulshan-e-Iqbal.  DHA is a exception to all above but a lot is now a days being read through letters of editor but generally its performance is good but middle class like me can not afford it.

Cancellation more important:

10.       It may be remembered the Builder will get more benefit in canceling your booking rather than completing the project.  The reason is on one excuse or the other mostly “not timely payment” he will cancel your booking by deducting from your money paid and sell the same flat/house/plot to another new buyer soon to cancel his and sell to some other new one.  This circle will keep going on for some long time.  How it is beneficial to the developer/builder is explained in later paragraphs.

Have Read Terms & Conditions:

11.       The first and the most important to be remembered is that buying a property is a very sensitive issue under which both the buyer and the selling are supposed to  fully in clear terms know exactly where they stand.  It applies not only in the case of  property but even eg. on purchase of Defence Savings Certificates etc.  One must fully understand before signing the Form,  the whole pros and cons.  Even often the highly educated do not understand the critical, stylish, sugar coated language of such Forms hence every one of us must at least from some other get an advice before signing any Form.

12.       In case of purchase of a flat/house from the developer building in 95% case the applicant gets a colorful brochure showing coloured photographs of different portions of the flat/house when it will be completed.  This is in fact a photograph of temporarily decorated house some where else.  Either in the Brochure as a detachable or as a separate  there will be a page titled “Application Form”.   This application form is the biggest tool in the hands of developer/building to keep you under pressure and keep extracting from your pockets.  This Form in 95% cases will contain entries like name of the applicant, address, ID Card No.  occupation,  salary etc half of which information is just to fool.  At the end of the Form there is a very small sentence but the most lethal doze and the mother cause of all your future sufferings   –  a sentence reading “I have READ and UNDERSTOOD terms & conditions”, I will pay timely,  will abide by these terms and conditions prescribed including those proposed by the developer/builder  from time to me and conditions, the finger will go to the entries on the Application Form reading, name, occupation, salary etc.

13.       In some cases there would be two three explicit undertakings on the Form reading like “the buyer undertakes to pay timely all the installments”, the buyer undertakes to do this and that etc. But no where it will even a single line would be what in return the Seller is to do.  The sale and purchase of a property whether from a Developer/Builder or from a person is invariably under a written agreement signed by both. In this agreement both sides explain their individual side of obligations and responsibilities.  Even in case of a person selling his personal house in the agreement undertakes to deliver the vacant and safe peaceful possession of the sold house to the seller.  But in the case of Developers/Builders the reading of those lines shown as terms and conditions will indicate nothing whatsoever if he Builder too is to do anything or not.  All the terms written will show only what the purchaser is to do.  As such it is very important to be careful.

14.       As stated above the Builder/Developer’s main interest is to get you book a flat/house and then get it cancelled through hook and crock, sell it to third one and do the same to him and then sell it to fourth and continue so.  This way his income keeps increasing.   When he has repeated this technique 10-20 dozens time and had got enough money, then he announces another new project with same fanfare and advertisements.  When new people book their flats/house in this new project, the money obtained from them is then diverted to the previous project in which you have booked and thus work on your project starts.

15.       Under the asterisk (*) or the fine print you have verified and signed on the dotted line that you “have read and understood all terms and conditions and undertake to abide by those rules or those which the company may from time to time prescribe”.  By singing this in fact one cuts his own hands.  How it effects one can be understood from one single example.   A huge advertisement appeared in newspapers selling plots in Hub Chowki area Karachi.  This area in fact is near Balouchistan bordering Karachi.  Technically speaking it is suburban area to Karachi.  The heading of the advertisement as usual was very attractive “Gold in the price of sand”.  The total cost of a 120 sq. yds. plot was Rs. 10,000/-  as area was deserted expected soon to witness huge industrial development.  Thousands and thousands rushed and booked signing on the dotted lines certifying that they had read the rules and regulations.  No body cared to think for a minute can a plot just in Rs. 10,000 really be had.  No body cared to check is this the net price and is it inclusive of development charges or not.  This Rs. 10,000 were to be paid in easy monthly installments of Rs. 700 or so  which was very easy and convenient for every one.  Having paid the advance and having relayed the news to the relatives about purchase of the plot, all the allottees in next two months received a Notice from the company demanding within two weeks in one go Rs. 17,500 towards their contribution for the Islamic Centre otherwise plot was to be cancelled.  What was this?   It transpired that the company had a plan to create an international level Islamic centre in the colony for which every member was to contribute Rs. 35,000 in two installments.  When people objected that it was not disclosed to them earlier, they were shown their signature having declared that they had read, understood and agree to abide by all terms & conditions. Where were these terms &conditions?  In the company’s office file of course.   Every one started getting the plot cancelled which the Developer actually wanted and which in fact the buyer should not had at this stage opted for cancellation.

16.       As explained above that the main interest of the Developer/Buyer is to book and then get you cancel your flat/house/plot which is the builder’s main big  income.  As soon as one books a house/flat with a down payment which is always very easy eg Rs. 10,000/- assuming that he is only to pay monthly Rs. 4000/- installment, within two months the allottee gets a demand note from the company asking to pay like Rs. 25,000 towards first installment of Development Charges.  Now the allottee cries that this was not told to him but he has actually signed on the dotted line.  This is in fact a technique to harass viz seeing the huge to pay one gets the plot/flat/house cancelled.

17.       Sending the allottee the above demand notice another technique invariably is used.  This is that while the Demand Not is dated say 01 July 2009 with last date for payment by 20 July 2009, this demand note is mailed/posted around 15 or 16 July to ensure it reaches the allottee after the due date so declaring him defaulter his allotment is cancelled.  The unfortunate is as generally our society lacks awareness no one cares to keep the envelopes on which such mail comes more safe than the cash payment receipts.  Always keep the envelopes in tact attached with the relevant demand note, mark the date on which it was received.  This envelope is a tool for protection of your rights.


18.       The second biggest thing is one single word which is the second biggest cause of one’s sufferings.  In the terms & conditions on the Application Form there will be a very innocent looking sentence that in case the Buyer wishes to cancel his booking he can request the company in which case the company after deduction of 5% or 10% of the “price” will refund him.  This word 5% or 10% of “price” looks like a very soft pill but in fact it is a lethal injection.  When having your got harassed through designed-late arrival of payment notice, demanding immediate payment of Rs. 17,500 for the Islamic centre, you will wish to get the allotment cancelled then a bomb will be dropped on your heard.  Before going to the company for cancellation you will calculate that you so far have paid Rs. 2500 advance and 500 as two installments hence @ 10% Rs. 300 will be deducted from you which is not that bad and will come home with balance Rs. 2,700/-. But when you will reach the company which is already very eagerly patiently awaiting you to cancel will smilingly agree with you for cancellation. On this visit the company would offer you a cup of tea and receive from you application for cancellation.  When you will wait for your Rs. 2,700/- you will be asked “OK, good bye”.  But where is the money you will be told out of your Rs. 3000 paid Rs. 2000 will be deducted and balance Rs. 1000 will be paid to you when the company finds any new buyer for your surrendered plot/house/flat which practically takes a year or two in most cases.  On your correcting that 10% comes to Rs. 300, you will realize how uneducated you were because the word price to the company means the “total price” of the plot/flat which comes to Rs. 10,000 price plus so far Rs. 15,000 development charges and not merely the “price of the plot” or what “you so far paid” namely 10% of paid.

Completion of the Project:

19.       The advertisement or the Brochure will very prominently say that the project will be completed with speed in 3 years.  3 years starting from which date?   As you will not ask this question likewise the company will too not tell you unless you have actually booked and paid some installments.  If a developer says 3 years take it the project after keep revising upward prices will be completed in 06 years if you are lucky.  Reason being the same that it is main interest of the company to book you, cancel you, book another  cancel him and so on.

20.      Every company by law is bound to seek public objections before obtaining Completion Certificate from the concerned development agency like CDA, LDA, KDA.  While the company had ample money for releasing daily huge front page colour advertisements in the press/TV at the time of announcement of the project, this time money would get exhausted and a 2 inch by 2 inch classified advertisement in small fonts only to fulfill a legal requirement will be released ensuring you did not read it and file an objection that the company had in the brochure shown US made kitchen sink  whereas now it had installed from cheapest local or Chinese brand.

21.       Some advertisers/builders/developers to fool would mention in advertisements that if project not completed in time the developer gives Guarantee and would pay to the buyers.  Till today not a single example is known if anyone has got any compensation for late completion of the project reason being the that to keep themselves safe these developers keep taking extensions in completion dates from the concerned development authorities who are always ready to oblige the developers.  Secondly merely mentioning the Guarantee has no legal standai.  A guarantee is something material.  Merely mentioning a word I guarantee but what guarantee does not mean anything.


22.       No developer/builder can sell any house/plot etc without the written permission of the concerning authority like Capital Development Authority, Lahore Development Authority, Karachi Development Authority etc. For obtaining permission the developer/builder submits proper drawings, specifications, building plan etc of the proposed houses/flats together with the terms and conditions including the Price on which it proposes to sell.  The concerned development authority approves those terms & conditions after making any amendments if any to confirm with the law, though for paper sake only.  One such approved copy of terms & condition is given back to the developer.  The developers in 99% cases while advertising and booking of flats/houses never show you this original and that original terms & conditions are the one without even having a glimpse of that one signs “I under read and understood”.  The developers/builders disclose you only a few terms & conditions but misleading in the advertisement brochure which brochure is not any legal part of your sale purchase agreement.


23.       For about 20 years I struggled on this issue wasting not merely time but in fact quite a lot my own hard earned money in the larger public interest despite being from a lower middle class by arranging such brochures and application forms from Karachi, Lahore etc.  I would ask some one from these cities to spare some time, go on taxi on my expense, buy a brochure and send it abroad to me on huge postal expense which I needed only for study.  From 1985 to 2000 I must have written not less than 300 letters to each new Prime Minister, each new President, each new Minister for Overseas Pakistanis, MNAs, MPAs, Ombudsmen, or whosoever ever whosoever ever raised any empty voice on the subject. I never got any response.   The best hope I had was when the Sindh Minister for Housing and Town Planning was appointed fortunately from educated MQM but my that effort and attempt too went in the drain. My argument and appeal was that no developer/builder be allowed to sell its flats/houses on any application form.  Since it is a deal of property hence it be done as is norm through an Agreement signed by both parties.  I proposed that there must be a pre-printed Standard Agreement available on stationery shops, or with judicial stationery sellers outside courts or with the concerned development authority which on payment of Rs. 100 or Rs. 200 a potential buyer takes blank, takes it in duplicate to the concerned developer/builder, blank spaces like Price, names of parties, flat number, location of project, completion date etc are filled in, both parties sign, one copy is retained by the buyer and one by the seller.  This Standard Agreement would in legal language show what were the responsibilities and obligations each of the seller and the buyer.  When this matter went to the Sindh Ombudsman a copy of a “Model Agreement” came to me from KDA with the remarks that a “Model Agreement” was already in existence @ Rs. 50 which could be used by any buyer.  Either that Model Agreement was deliberately drafted in a very poor language to benefit the builders or it was the work of some legal adviser appointed on “today’s prevailing merit”.   I explained to the Sindh Ombudsman that there was a vast difference between a Model Agreement and a Standard Agreement as is the difference between a Railway Timetable Booklet and practically sitting in the train and traveling.  Despite being a lower middle class person with lot of family responsibilities I offered the Sindh Ombudsman a sum of Rs. 25,000 that he may depute two of his staffers  to approach with disclosing their identity two separate builders with copies of KDA submitted Model Agreements and get the two flats in two separate projects booked in their own name (ombudsman office staffers).  And see how the builder will look towards these persons as if having come from some other world.  The Sindh Ombudsman did not take any interest in my more than twice extended this offer – I am sure he was aware what the naked facts on earth were.  Sometime in between the most glorious 9 March 2007 when My Lordship Mr. Justice Iftikhar Mohammad Choudhary created history refusing to bow on threats and 03 November 2007 when he with his colleagues was sent home, My Lordship Mr. Justice Iftikhar Mohammad on some public interest case observed that the court can not remain silent on public cheating (or some words like that which I do not remember exactly now).  This case was that on some plot in Lahore as usual with collaboration of LDA some builder had announced a tall multistory building whereas probably the plot was a small one not suitable for such a tall building hence there was hue and cry  from civic minded that those who booked will get loss.   At that time too despite my now ill health I addressed the issue to My Lordship (perhaps with same offer that Sindh Ombudsman be advised to book two flats on my money through his staff to test the Model Agreement).  I still hold this offer.


24.       For a project of say 50 flats or 100 flats these builders book and keeping booking for moths over months.  Sometime to allure public all of a sudden they announce “we apologise to the disappointed who could not get flat/house as the project got fully booked same day”.  This psychologically increase the public interest.  After few months from the same builder on his structure large banners can be seen “a few cancelled plots available”.


25.       When you purchase a plot, a flat or a house from any developer,  do not be impatient in getting its possession unless you really are in a very bad need to shift and reside or construct a house.  It is dangerous.  Hardly any month goes by when I do not get two three calls colleagues shy that OPF Islamabad Valley nothing has happened.  I always tell them that they should pray ALLAH the great that OPF further delays it for next 5-10 years.  I explain them they are still outside working.  The land is not developed.  Even if it is developed they are not going to construct a house immediately and start living there so why that unnecessary anxiety.  I tell them we the Muslims have a belief that whatever comes is from ALLAH and always there is something better in that for us.  Yesterday I was reading how even the disease is for good.  If OPF Islamabad scheme has been much delayed all of them should be happy and thankful to ALLAH because there is a good from ALLAH in this long delay.  I tell them suppose OPF completes all this development this July 2009 and asks you to take possession of your plots what will all you do?  Would you people serving abroad come to Islamabad and start constructing houses, certainly not because 80% of those allottees are not residents of Islamabad nor they would on coming back from abroad would settle in Islamabad.  What is happening today in the country should not be forgotten.  No open plot or unoccupied locked house is safe.  The plot or flat is only safe till you have not taken physical possession from the Developer/Builder.  As such try your best to take physical possession only when you actually are going to occupy the plot/flat.  Prefer paying non utilization charges treating as insurance rather than taking possession till you can hold no more.

26. PS:  The above part belongs for buying a house/plot/flat from the Developers/Buildings.  The above is not fully exhaustive.  As stated above due to ill health this is merely a struggle in the public interest.  The above are the scattered points not in consistency and there would be many mistakes or wording/spelling errors as I have just typed playing with key board without looking on the Screen which hurts my eyes.  As soon as I could recollect other points I will add.


27.  There is an other angle of OPs sufferings.  An OP comes to know about sale of a house or he finds such an opportunity during his visit to Pakistan.  In both case due to being handicapped having no much time he just looks at the house being sold, the locality, the price more particularly friends telling him it is a good opportunity as the seller needs money hence he is selling at a discount price.  The trouble starts when after having done everything one fine morning he gets a news from the family that someone has filed a case in the court or has threatened that the house belonged to him.

28.       In this the thing is that one house is sold to many.  Sometime the blank file of a house is sold to many.  This is deliberately done and the mafia/activists mostly try to find an OP the best to select as their next victim in this trade.

29.       Due to my ill health, as I can not write fully I would just give a basic guideline which will protect you 50% your rights if not full.  Whenever you are going to buy a flat/house/property from an owner, the first and the most important two things never forget to perform.  The first is personally visit the concerned development authority eg LDA and check the File of the concerned property.  Even after having see the File do not trust your eyes. Remember one thing such professional cheaters have deep in-rods in such offices hence the File shown might in most likely case be a fake.  After having seen it immediately under registered mail/fax (not courier) address a letter to the concerned Sectional Incharge giving reference of today’s visit and requesting them to confirm you in writing that the seller is a genuine owner and that the property has not attachments.

30. The other important thing to be done is that immediately release in two prominent newspapers of your city two advertisements, one in English and one in Urdu,  as Public Notice stating that you have decided to purchase so and so property from so and so and if anybody has any objection, claim, lien, attachment, interest, he/they must inform you or the concerned Department Authority within 07 days of publication of the Notice. This will save you from many headaches from any future claimants with whom the dishonest owner/seller might have already made sale agreements without your knowledge.  This is the best legal protect.  Forget to eat your dinner but do not forget to perform this.


31. OPs residents of villages have their own sort of problem.  When the news reaches the village that Abdul Latif the elder son of Chacha Rahim is coming from Saudi Arabia, the scheme how to get his money starts.  The two houses away residing Chacha Bukoo starts telling in the street that he is shifting to other village or his other big house in the village hence he wants to sell his this old small house or plot.  When “Tiffa putter’ comes home Abbai Jee tells “Tiffay, Chacha Bukoo is in need of money, plot is of very good nature near to our home, it is a chance why not you take it may be one day Masee Barkatay our next neighbour one day sells her and thus we will have three side by side plot and make one big house”.  Tiffa putter gets big glittering dreams and empty his pocket.  The family is happy that now they have two plots and start counting the days when Masee Barkatay may also sell her so three plots are combined.  It is 3 or 4 months Tiffa Putter having come back on duty in Saudi Arabia that he gets a letter (now mobile) that Massee Barkatay or the left side of the purchased plot resident Chacha Fathoo has filed a case under “Haq Shufa” claiming he had the pre-emptive right of purchase of the said house plot.  This is all done by design.  I am aware of my own knowledge how every third village resident abroad has the same or similar story to tell.  How to over come this, INSHALLAH to be continued if ALLAH gave health.

32. Even if you buy a house/plot from a near dear relative,  always get yourselves save by inviting public objections as explained above.  Never treat that since you are purchasing from a relative or even the brother hence the exercise is waste.  No, you must remember that any third party may have and at a later stage file objection.


33.     One very important item is Power of Attorney.  During the last 20 years I came across dozens and dozens of cases people blindly signing on Power of Attorney and one day finding themselves in hot water.  Only last month one approached me that he signed a power of attorney in faour of his trusted friend in Faisalabad for his house.  Today he finds his house has been sold in addition that a court notice has come for him to appear as a Bank has filed case for non payment of loan installment.  The text of a power of attorney comes from Pakistan which in 90% cases is taken from typists/Munshis sitting outside courts.  This text is copied over copied and is uniform. It contains three dozens types powers being given in one power of attorney.  For example ABC gets a text from Lahore which he gets typed in Saudi Arabia, gets it attested from Pakistan Embassy and sends it back to his relative in Pakistan.  ABC gives power for sale of his plot but this power of attorney text contains eg “Mortgage” which in other words means ABC has given power to his relative that he can also pledge his plot to a bank or any other institution and get loan.  In brief, do not sign the Power of Attorney coming from Pakistan already typed or text sent from there.  Get is read by some educated, really educated not merely degree holder, and give power only to that extent which is your dire need.


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  • Ali

    Slaam o a

    dear / Brother and sisters

    Ali From Saudi Arabia i booked 2 plots on installment the project of Eden Land 01 ( Ferozepur Road) Lahore what happens they not deliver until now pls if some one any information about this project send me message in my whats app or by mail
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    im from KSA-
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    im from lahore. i want to aplly new pakistan housing scheme government so can i apply as a oversees Pakistani in any city no issue ?


    Hi there I am AFTAB AHMAD I am leaving in Saudi Arabia since 1992 and I have also Opf membership I want to ask about housing schem in islamabad I want to bay house in installment how can please thanks

  • Ashraf motiwala

    really i appreciate your efforts, i have an offer of file Karachi 8 marla Home, can you update me what is the current status of project and what is approx. value if you have some info.

  • Ijazuddin Jafri

    Hi Ahmed,

    I read your question and i will try to answer your first question.

    Please note that investment in DHA is more secured and worthwhile ratherthan other properties which may have scam. Further the investment in Gwadar is also secured as GDA (Gwadar Development Authority) configured on international exposure and fraud prevention is their first goal. They designed the policies to prevent fraud for international investment. Also the planning is under or observation of Pakistan Armed Forces Division of real estate (best knowledge), Also GDA hired international consultants to redesign the Gwadar with the policies which invite international investors. Latest updates will be posted later.

    • Javed

      Don’t act on this advice. If you want, for example as advised above in DHA, for your living buy it but if your purpose is to invest money for profits, forget you may loose even your principal

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    good evening .. no doubt sir shared a lot of his experience but its not important that the same happen again and again .. if you are really interested in property i will guide you im here to serve you and here to help my pakistani brothers .. will arrange hi-fi projects more safe investment is to invest in business hubs ..residential market is bit lower but if u want to play with mind than i will suggest you to join a strong company having real profile and adopting new modern techniques which makes their project more attractive from others .. i would love to serve you .. if u want to communicate plz dial 0092 333 9289133 .. Ali imran … premier associates ..arooj arcade f-10 markaz islamabad ..

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    I don’t have a possession of a plot, plot is in Karachi, Hawksbay scheme 42. I have lease transfer document and copy of cheque which was used for plot payment. I tried to track the person who transfered power using his address on NIC but he have changed his residence.

  • Muhammad

    My father had bought property on power, lease transfer was stopped from government during that time, after some time he passed away. May i know how we can claim this property or transfer to our name as per my knowledge in this case power gets cancelled automatically, is there any solution to this scenario?

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  • Muhammad Azeem

    I am resident of UAE. I bought a plot in karachi in year 2012 . I followed all the legal ways to protect my property.

    Recently, I tried to sell this property. However, My cousion has launches benami case. This case is taking long time becaue he everytime lanuch new case whenever first case finish. it is almost 1 years.

    Kindly advise what can i do in this situation.



    • Asad Ahmed

      After complement

      We offering you excellent and highly proessional services in DHA, Clifton, Bahriya & around karachi sale , Purchase , Rent


      Asad Ahmed
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  • mrs haroon

    slam im selling my 12 marla plot in lake city on urgent bases good location near to market all instalments r clear
    for price do email me or send me msg on

  • Hussain

    After searching a lot online on this subject, finally found this blog! Thank you for your efforts
    Ahmad your thoughts are pure. I hope you get success by the help of Allah. I am also planning to move back to karachi and contribute in whatever way I can inshallah!

  • Umair Ahmed

    Assalam O Alekum

    Overseas Pakistanis we are deal in property like Sale, Purchase, Rent Residential and Commercial (LAHORE DHA) if anyone want to know about detail please let me know i am available at (edited by moderator- no advertisements please)

  • M. Atif Bangash

    I have 4 kanal to 10 kanal farm houses on turnkey solutions and with Flexible installment plan, at Gulberg Islamabad, First Time in Pakistan Full luxury houses with One year Free Maintenance Interested Families please contact me 0333-5119406

  • Javed

    8 January 2014

    Dear Ahmed, sorry for late acknowleding you.

    Due to my eye sight hardly once or twice I check this website or my email account. I am not a regular user of i.tech.

    In 2-3 days i would give you proper answer.

    Thank you and with regards

    Muhammad Javed

  • Ahmad

    Assalomalaikum Mr. Javed,

    First of all I would like to thank you for this blog and all the hard work you have done to help keep OPs from losing their Rizq-e-Halaal life saving to scams. I myself am an overseas Pakistani wishing to settle permanently within Pakistan (in Lahore) in 4-5 years Inshallah. I uncovered your blog while searching for real-estate advice and have found the information you have provided very useful.

    I would like to ask 2 questions:

    1. I would like to invest my money to generate a moderate but stable income. My plan is to simply buy residential plots and rent them out. However after all the stories I have heard and the information read on this site, I am beginning to doubt the safeness of this option. Will it still be too risky even if I am not overseas anymore? If yes, then what other options do I have? Shall I buy a shop or other commercial plot? Or is there a safer alternative to generate a stable income, even if it is a small income?

    2. After all the years you have spent doing your research, how do you think this situation can be rectified, or at least, controlled to an extent? Islam teaches us try and stop Zulm wherever we find it, so how can we make a difference?

    I understand that both of my questions are very vague and open-ended, particularly the second one, so I will clarify that I am only looking for some general advice at this point. I myself am only 23 years of age, starting out and trying to live a meaningful life, not a so-called “successful” one.

    Regardless of your response, know that your efforts are not at all in vain, but in fact very helpful as you may have helped save a lot of peoples halaal and hard-earned life-savings, and that through your struggle you have inspired at least this one person.

    I wish you the best of health and pray for your sight.

  • Javed

    Rahim Bhai perhaps you had been too busy. When have a few minutes next, please review the above small post and consider deleting it being commercial and potentially misleading.

  • syed


  • Raja Babar Nazir Khan

    Dear Mr.Javed I want to know the tax schadule for ops on property incom in pakistan.plz help me if you have any knowledge about tax system in pakistan.

  • Javed

    Dear Haroon, I am not aware which one is this Chanar Housing Society and where it is situated. From your small text I gather you are an Overseas Pakistani living abroad. My sincere advise is avoid any purchase of plot in any society whether in Islamabad or in Karachi. Forget it is approved by CDA or KDA. The situation at the moment is sitting abroad avoid putting your hard earned in any property for “investment” purpose. Recently GEO and Jang arranged Forums in UK and did you know the biggest issue raised what the properties owned by British Pakistanis are being illegally captured. “Societies” business is almost totally unsafe today whether it is approved or not approved. If you wanted a plot for “investment” purposes why did not you apply last month for OPF Raiwind Scheme Lahore which was a very safe investment. Do not trust, at the time, any agent, any society even any of your relative telling you so and so plot is worth purchasing.

  • Haroon

    Dear Mr. Javed, I recently visited this blog and got a great knowledge about property related issues. I want to puchase a plot at CHANAR BHAG housing society. Can somebody plese tell me about the procedure of transfer of a plot in a housing society approved by the LDA. And how I can secure myself while purchasing the plot because today I read an advertisment by LDA about this society that they have made some illegal changes in the map and some commercial plots . AS all OP know that while living abroad it becomes very difficult to handle any legal issue in Pakistan.

    Thanks to All



    • Javed

      Overseas Pakistanis, do not and never sell or buy any property through any Estate Agent while sitting abroad. Do with independently without involving any agent when you are in Pakistan.

    • Javed

      You want to purchase a house. If this is what you want really to say and this is what I correctly understand then why you are afraid of paying any tax. Actually on your purchasig the taxes will be paid by the seller. What you want to get the house “transferred” why not to “purchase”?


  • sheikh


    I live in UK and I want to buy a flat in Karachi. I have heard that I can register tge flat on my name that is sales deed will me on my name and I don’t need to visit Pakistan. The documents will be send to me and I need to get is signed by registrar in Pakistan embassy. I wnat to know, is it true or not and if its right then how to book appointment or just walk in to embassy as there’s is no embassy in the city in which i live and i have to travel to london for this.

    Please reply soon.

    • Javed

      Be careful. Almost the whole information to you is wrong. You are to purchase Flat not potatos. When you go to Pakistan then purchase it but be careful what you purchase? Be sure you purchase what is “shown” to you and not just dreams. Also be sure the item being shown and sold to you is not already sold to six other persons. I have written with minute details on this web on the subject which can guide you fully. However if you can not understand that just remember a small tip from me worth of gold – when you purchase the flats or shop or house or plot, never tell anytbody that you are an Overseas Pakistani and living abroad. Keep always it in mind

  • latifullah jesoul battagram

    Mr javeed Aslamualiakum. I asked Islamabad Garden B17 scheme which cda given permision for advertisement,The second scheme Banker city near dha and bahria town.Not new islamabad city old scame which ppp government done,nawaz kokkar and sherpo.that is old scame which mushrak government finished and then give them award of interior ministarary and naib district Nazam as award.

    • Javed

      Avoid all these schemes. When you happen to be in Islamabad get an already completed flat available for sale but after checking the true credentials. However a golden tip that dont tell there that you are just for a month or two in Islamabad being an Overseas Pakistani.

  • Javed

    No one ever took any action so how do you wait any results. No one will ever taken any real actions. Two labourers took up the case of “New Islamabad City”. There are two New Islamabad City projects; one is of elite people in which name of ten percent was alleged when that scandal came and many times the matter has come into Parliamentary discussion but with no head one, the other New Islamabad City is on Chukery Road Rawalpindi which belongs to poor lower middle class people. When the said two illiterate labourers took up the case “at proper Forums” under my guidance and it was properly pushed that came an official investigation report signed by the Deptu Commissioner Rawalpindi. This investigation report stated in “exact” words that both the scheme as well as its owners are fraud. The joke is that even after this official declaration that the scheme is fraud the same DC or any other authority had no courage to initiate any action. Two months back a very poor effectee from Azad Kashmir rang me that the owners have rang him up asking him to “listen the sound of machines working on the site for development” and demanded Rs. 2 lacs more for development. Do not make yourself fool expecting actions or any accountability.

  • latifullah jesoul battagram

    what about the banker city,and islamabad gardner ,housing scheme. Nab took action,but not updated.have any informations about the effectees.what they will gets

  • Yasir Kamal

    @ Javed, dear brother like 5 finger are not equal then same goes for people. No one is the same as other in terms of personality, thinking & care. 2ndly web is also a medium of advertising it is like you are interacting with a larger market. 3rdly, like OPs we the cellers also bieng the victim of fraud & lies. So, please do check us and we will also do the same for our purchasers.
    We are a architectural; contruction & Interior Decoration Company located in Phase 4, DHA, Lahore. And we have one house of 1 kanal in G block for sale and other will be ready in 2 months. if any one want to buy a newly already built home or want to buy under-construction house so they can amend it to there needs then please do contact but please I do recommend that first tell your trusted person to contact us or visit Pakistan contact us, Check & confirm our offer with whom-ever you wanted, so we also can be sure that you are legitimate & really want to buy a home. Otherwise please do not waste our time.

    Thanks & regards

    Yasir kamal

    • Javed

      Dear brothers, double check, remain double cautious. Don’t go particularly living aborad on advertisement and the best advice is remain away while as much as possible from “agents” and properties being solved through/with involment of agents. Purchase direct, triple/quadriplicate check the authenticity of the absolute and free from any customershop ownership of property being offered to you may be you have to spend/waste in finding information.

      Don’t go on colourful big beautiful nice wordings

  • Anonymous

    Javed Sb, I have found this Website to be quite informative one particular piece of information shared above is of great value to me —- Public Objections / Public Advertisements for any kind of claims —- I am caught up in a bit of a situation where the cause of unnecessary agitation are the parasites (property dealer(s) who are damaging the genuineness of our property through false rumors. We have a humble background and therefore don’t have many direct contacts to sell our property (Commercial land) your advise would be greatly beneficial if you may please correspond with me through email / phone whichever means you feel are fine with you. On this forum I wish to share only an outline of the situation I am face with.


    PS : An urgent response would be highly appreciated and is anticipated.

    • Javed

      Thank you for your comments. First of all my apologies for late response despite you needing me urgent coming back to you. I have last my one eye and in other hardly had a little reading vision hence I only sit on computer once a month or so. Please execuse me for this reason.

      I am unable to understand your problem. Public objections are either at the time of sale purchase /transfer of property by individuals or when the controlling authorities like KDA/CDA intend to issue completion certificate to a project. So where you stand in such a Public Objection is somewhat mysterious.

      You can address me in detail as adviseme@live.com . Keeping the lips tights both in 45 years service both at home and abroad had been the main character that is why I worked in sensitive places. There is solution to everything but one must be realistic that the sitution in the country more particularly during the last 3 years where there is no law, no discipline, no good hope, no light in the tunnel, but of course it is not the end of life, good times will come hence never lose heart. Keep trying; it should always be the motion. My blindness has not prevented me from anything.

  • Javed

    At No. 57 there is offer to those Pakistanis coming on holidays to Pakistan different plots on easy instalments. Please be careful and I would advise friends to remain away. Plots are are not tomatos.

  • Ali

    i want to sale my property asap. it is genuine property. below are details from my property ad;

    Champian Mobile Phone Plaza Awami Market Hall Road Lahore, holds 11 mobile phone shops on ground floor, already rented out on handsome amount of rent.

    All shops are front, facing main road hall road.

    25 sq ft size each.

    6 shops remaining, with rent obtained : Rs. 75000.

    Price of 6 shops combined is Rs. 16000000.

    Individually you can buy single shops. Contact for more details;


    Ali Ahmad Awan;

  • Ziauddin

    EVER WONDERED WHY WE PAKISTANIS – great in our respective professions ask SO DUMB QUESTION ?

    Here is my analysis:
    Note. I am not claiming to be smart and know it all but sharing my personal observation in the hope we be “nice” to ourselves.

    We Pakistanis as per our culture and upbrining are never developed by our elder TO BE INDEPENDENT THINKER & THERFORE BE RESPONSIBLE FOR OUR INDIVIDUAL ACTIONS.

    Anyone of us if she/he tries to be independent then she/he is ON HER OWN (I am one of them).

    At the end of the day say after 20-25 years……….. when we are faced with our daughters to marry and settle our children down in our home land……….. GUESS what options we have………. we have to ge back to our family and face the difficulties…………. long long story. Also, even when our children refuse to go back to Pakistan………. we go back and face the hardships……….. as a desi angez if you allow me to use the term……………. we are extremly irritating to the “locals” by being straight and not comprehending the basics…?

    Going Back to the point: When we are not taught by our elders (it does not suit the system) then how do you expect to be smart in such matters which “traditionally” our parents/uncles/elders have been handling for the family………………… do not worry you will still be the loser (unless you have kept a secret and separate account somewhere to face such eventualities.

    Questions Like: I want to buy, I want to Sell i have been cheated Real state agents are bad guys you name it ……………. everybody else is to blame except for your own selves………… this is sure DUMB.

    1. If you want to buy a plot why don’t you come here on vacation and get the feeling yourself
    2. Questions like WHY i am buying for what purpose basics basic
    3. Who has stoped you to search one good real state agent, architect, engineer, lawyer………… at least this much sense we all have.
    Expecting that someone will give you FREE advice then you are commiting the basic mistake AGAINST THE LAWS OF NATURE (whichever religion you belong to) …………… nothing works if you against the law of nature……………. you have to work for after life and only then you can hope that you might get Jannat.
    In order to go to Jannat…………. you are suposed to be dead as NO LIVING person will go there.
    By not going your home work properly you will sure be cheated………. what is hell… then

    Have nice day people.
    I would like to get some feed back to clear the concept for all.

  • Ziauddin

    Dear Javed Sb.,
    Great to go through your responses to overseas Pakistanis. I am in Islamabad and working on various consultancy projects for my clients. I have spent many years abroad including the ME. this is just to find out whether we can meet and discuss few mutuallt beneficial options. please contact me on my cell: 0333-5282843. (As I generally do not pick up calls from un-known numbers) I would prefer if you sms me first I will call you back as soon as I could.

    Thanking you.
    Best regards


  • Javed

    The most stupid thing. “I want to GET information about MY ACCOUNT which I opened in Pakistan. If you the hell opened your account in Pakistan or in Israel how the hell me, anyone else viewer of this Forum or Mr. Rahim administrator of this account can tell you. If you want to get information about your mobile which you kept this morning in your home on your table how tell hell can give you information about it.

    • Ziauddin

      Simply go to your bank’s web page look for solution. Also you can get your bank and its branch number from commercial directories available on internet. Hope you have noted you account number with you somewhere.

      Question: What do you want to know? whether it still exists? How much balance you have etc.
      Do not worry about Mr. Javed’s harsh comments…………. we have all been there one way or the other. Once I found a gentleman in City Bank who new all about his accounts had all the required credentials to prove that ………….. GUESS what he had forgotten “which” signature he had put for that account.

      If you atill have difficulty ask Mr. Javed ………….. he will help you find the “branch” contact numbers if not then guess who to contact

      Best regards

  • M. Ummer Malik

    Dear Mr. Javed,
    really i appreciate your efforts, i have an offer of file in DHA Homes islamabad, 8 marla Home, can you update me what is the current status of project and what is approx. value if you have some info.

    many thanks


    Hi Javed,
    i have a plot at DHA Karachi and now i want to sell it. I have no any previous experience in selling properties. I am an overseas pakistani and need some advice. Please advice how i can sell my dha plot. Shall i contact to any agent. Please advice

    • Javed

      Dear Stone, I just now read your query. I do not attend the net every day due to my health. I will respond to your query by tomorrow.



    Hi Jawad,
    i have a plot at DHA Karachi and now i want to sell it. I have no any previous experience in selling properties. I am an overseas pakistani and need some advice. Please advice how i can sell my dha plot. Shall i contact to any agent. Please advice

  • mobari

    question for John..
    Judging from your comments, I take it you are an american with an elitist view of yourself and arrogance that so much like people from that country.

    My question is why do people like Bernie Madoff make an ass of you folks.

  • Syed Ayaz Ali

    Well…its my very first time to visit this site, apparently it seems quite beneficial for my sort of person but I can’t say anything until or unless I get any advantage from it.

    I deal only in the properties of DHA, Clifton and Bath Island i.e. Sale, Purchase & Rent of Properties, also Construction & Renovation with your budget is my speciality.

    Please contact me through any of the following medium:

    Landline : 021-35450666 & 021-35450391
    Cells # : 0300-3600515 & 0342-2249569
    E-mail: Syed.Ali@ZJH-Network.com

    Thanks & regards

  • Faheem

    Well article by Muhammed Javed. I think I change my mind and not to buy any property from any real estate or other sources unless I am not present and do all the pros and cons by my self.

    I am sure this is exactly happening as stated in this article because I seen it myslef in my last vacation in paksitan, many of his type of things happening in various departments.

  • Javed

    What is your problem, I can not understand. What you means by “double send in overseas accounts, they sell plots in papers” etc. – What do you mean. No one can take notice of jibberish type of sentences

  • Mohammad B Abbasi

    what a fraud …..I-15 Apartment scheme.
    Still CDA is selling plots. They sell plots in papers but no Land exists. They take money wil Bank ., lend to borrowers make it double send in overseas accounts and then after 10 years offer your money back.

  • Javed

    Hasan, thank you.

    I do not agree that nothing can be done without “sweet”. In my whole life I only once paid “sweet” when I was too young and only recently come out of studgent age. Since then I have never paid any sweet to anyone and got my all legal rights, only through struggle, struggle and struggle.

    Wish you good luck, if you need any help advice this almost blind senior citizen is always available to you.

    • Hassan

      Thanks very much my friend, deffnitly ill call on your advice, from time to time,
      all the best inshallah take care, and my Allah make it easy for us all,


  • Javed

    The answer to your first question is that is your village at a place which is out of jurisdiction of any Union Council or Tehsildar etc. There are thousands of villages which are at far distances out of formal control of any Zila Council etc. If so you can use part or full agricultural land for building of your residential house. However, in most of such cases there is a local Punchait type elders. It is always better to approach them. The second is today record of all village transactions are recorded by Patwari, when you construct a house it is better you get it recorded in area Patwari record. In netshell you do not have to face those hurdles in such a case which are in city administrations.

    Your second question about how many floors etc on commercial property in a city. You will submit your full Construction Plan to the local authorities like in Lahore to LDA or Canotnment Board who will evaluate it based on are of plot, covered area, existance of amenities like sewerage etc and maximum height mentioned in the Master Plan for that area. You will be given permission accordingly. This is what is in books however how “sweet” you are is a big factor in our soceity.

    • Hassan

      Thanks thats quiet lot of help,
      “sweet”well so far believe it or not, things have worked well with the help of ALLAH, allhumdullilah, i know full well nothing gets done unless you throw a few bones to the waiting few, so far so good, and its not in my plan to throw any, if it means no planning than be it so, inshallah allah knows best.
      thankyou for that,

      Asalam best regards

  • Hassan

    I have a question, if i biuld a house and a shop 2 storey, on agriculture land, like say in one corner of the land, (in a village area not in lahore outside city)

    1,am i breaking the law???
    2,can they say to me in 5 or 10 years to demolish it?

    3, on a seperate issue in lahore on commercial property how many floor shop are you allowed to contruct?

    Thanks & Regards

  • John

    Forgot to mention no law will work if the people are corrupt, and no accountability for anyone,
    How many people in pakistan actually understand islam, including lawerys, judges, police, mayors, captains, generals, patwari, etc,
    It is all well and good togo to the mosque and pray your friday prayers, but what did you go to do there??? because the actions dont seem to be of muslims, or is it ok to pray? and than go around cheating and stealing??? ofcourse not,
    Even the law about haq to buy is ridiculous, I cant beleive you still have european rules and laws in place, and why not simple islamic ones???
    Can you imagine how disgusted the four rightly guided caliphs would be if they saw what was going on today in pakistan, (pretty discusted)
    I think people have forgotten there religion islam they should go back to it and fear ALLAH,
    just to piont out the trial in the grave starts as soon as your in the grave, so are you people not worried???
    Sorry Javed but it just really winds me up why people in pakistan are cheating each other , they have no fear left???

  • John

    Dear Javed
    First time ive been on here, alot of interesting information you have on here, i always say to people why do you have Islamic Republic Of Pakistan on your passports, because you lt are full of corrupt and thieving people, and cases go on for ever,
    Islamicly any disagreements should be settled straight away in 1 day,
    So lets see the reason they dont get settled is because judges are corrupt lawywers are corrupt, even most people are corrupt, and then you pakistanis dare to call yourselves muslims, your actions are not those that are off muslims,
    And my dear Javed that includes your leaders, as they are aware of what is going on, but they sit there and do nothing, they are corrupt they do nothing, people are abused they do nothing,
    They maybe be gangsters but who will save them infront of ALLAH???

    • mobari

      question for John..
      Judging from your comments, I take it you are an american with an elitist view of yourself and arrogance that so much like people from that country.
      My question is why do people like Bernie Madoff make an ass of you folks.

  • tony

    dear Mr. Javed, how can the “the power of attorney” be cancelled, is there a legal procedure to have it cancelled? i was overseas when i gave my relative power of attorney( attested at embassy) to look after some property.. now i am back in pakistan for good, and don’t want him to have the power of attorney any longer. please kindly advise. thanking you in advance

    • Javed


      Yes you must immediate cancel that POA. It is not the matter of distrust, it is a matter of future safety. It does not show no longer your trust your relative but it is just a preventive medicine to keep your and your relative relations in tact.

      First of all immediately release Public Notice in two prominent newspapers of your city/province preferably one English and one Urdu. Giving name/details of issue (eg property) for which the POA was given, date of power of attorney, full name/city of the person in whose favour the POA was issued. The Public Notice should say that with immediate effect is “withdrawn and cancelled”. Keep two copies each of this newspapers for your futureake stsafe custod. The nature of this POA since is not known to me I take it is about a house or a plot. Immediately under a registered cover (not by courier) write to the concerned development body under whose jurisdiction your plot or property is like CDA/LDA that yoe withdrawn and power of attorney. Try that you deposit this letter also by hand in the said development body and get signature/stamp on the photocopy. In this copy you must specifically in bold ask the body to “acknowledge and confirm” you that your instruction has been noted down.

      Tony not for you but for all general readers – my advise is whenever you issue any poweref of attorney be careful to read each and every word before signing it. Your signing on the POA means cutting your own hands. Always include a last sentence in your POA reading “This POA is valid and remains in vouge for 6 months/one year” from the date of issue after which it automatically stands withdrawn and cancelled. (This period should be depending upon your requirement). I do not want to frighten anybody but the fact is when friendship or relations get strained then open worded POA can become a problem. For example if I get my POA given to my relative ABC withdrawn today on 17 December 2009. In case our relations today are not good my relative ABC can just to harm me back date a sale Agreement giving giving it a back date as 11/11/2009 and that would not merely be a valid document but a source of trouble for me.

      Tony, I am sorry due to my eye sight problem I can not instantly tellyou much but in case you may wish to show me any document/draft/text seeking any advice send me scanned copy at adviseme@hotmail.com but remember due to my health I will not be able to attend to that urgently but would definitely revert back.


  • Javed

    It is not clear if the piece of land is agricultural in a village or otherwise. If it is for building a housing or a shop, immediately start building.

  • babar

    can you please tell me that in how month the haq shufa case rejected i mean i purchase a land in pakistan on 2001 can now some body make haq shufa some body tell me that after 1 year nobody cam make haq shufa

  • Javed

    If you will buy direct from DHA in their new schemes then you the payment will be down payment plus 3-4 instaltments otherwise when you will purchase from soeme allottee/owner of course you will pay him hard cash full.



    • Uzma


      Greetings from The Centaurus.

      Let me take the liberty of introducing the upcoming world class icon of progressive Pakistan “The Centaurus” to you.

      The Centaurus is not just a building; but it is also going to be the future Landmark for Pakistan. It is a philosophy it is a concrete step towards what the future of this country will look like.

      The Centaurus Complex consists of first Seven Star Hotel of Pakistan, the Residencial Towers, Corporate Tower and the biggest Shopping Mall in the country.

      Further we are offering two types of payment plans
      – 100% Advance Payment:
      15% discount on the Total Price if payment is made in lump sum by cash
      – Installement Plan:
      Minimum Down payment 20%
      4 Quarterly Installments @ 18.75% 75%
      On Possession 5%

      Completion Date of the Project: December 2010.

      For Floor Plans & Construction updates please visit our website http://www.thecentaurus.com

      Incase of having any further query please do not hesitate to contact us.

      Kindly acknowledge.

      Best Regards,

      Uzma Shujaat
      Sales Executive
      Sales & Marketing
      Phone: +92-51- 111-154-154
      Ext : 305

  • Javed

    Dear Ahmed , I was not born in Europe nor my father is any Englishman. I was born in Pakistan, got studied in free “taat school” [sitting on earth on jute made mats]. I have never claimed that I know English very much. I belong to an ordinary family not from the burger class.

    The issue is this Blog is for Overseas Pakistanis (OPs) hence unless otherwise to the contrary one specifically mentions as a layman every participant on it is an Overseas Pakistani or his dependents. Anyone wishing any help form the Help Line of this Blog thus is supposed to be a OP living outside Pakistan, hence my comments to my above sister was taking her that she was abroad and wished to buy a plot in Islamabad. Hence my advice to her to give preference to OPF Valley and that is the best advice keeping in view if one is residing abroad. Yes, if someone is living in Islamabad, Lahore or say in Quetta for him/her there are of course other choices but a very few and that too on plots in high posh areas. For localities for lower and middle class, it is 90% dangerous negotiating even if you are living in the same city. It is very easy for people like you that one can check say with CDA or LDA if a plot was safe for buying. It is true you can check with CDA or LDA but take it 70% chance are even then you will be cheated. For example if I am selling a Plot No. 10AB to you, you go to LDA, ask the concerned clerk if the plot 10AB is in name of Javed, he would confirm you “yes, it is in the name of one Javed”. Now there would be two things in it (i) this information would be correct as the file rightly shows one Javed is the owner (ii) but there could also be a possibility that Javed has given good “sweet” the concerned dealing plot file and he though confirm that plot is in the name of Javed but due to presence of sweet he might not have told you that ABCD Bank has already filed a case against Javed for non payment of bank loan and has claimed this property for recovery. There is a third phenomena that though Javed has agreed to sell you, on getting the clearance from the clerk you pay the amount to Javed, sign the deal and keep the file for next month for registration. When next month you go for restriction/transfer you come to know Javed has also sold the same plot to Mr. CFV, Mr. NBF, Mrs. XYZ etc. What will you and where goes your contention in market many alternatives are available.

    There is a lot said about corruption, irregularities in OPF, but no Ahmed has till today been able to tell me what damage or loss this irregularity caused to him? Concentrating mind on unrelated issues merely cause pain headache nothing else. If OPF has failed to developed the Valley as promised then can Ahmed or alike him convince me what loss it has given to them? This delay is a Blessing from ALLAH. I am also an allottee in OPF Islamabad Scheme and I am happy over this delay and wish a further 5 years delay in development as it is in our interest. I can waste time for people like Ahmed as to “how” but think briefly I have explained this on this Blog some where else.

    I am 63 years. I have lost one eye during operation. In other eye I have only 25% reading visibility. I type direct on screen playing with key board without revising it. Purpose is not to show the standard of my English but to share the knowledge with others if it can help anyone. Ahmed with my this bad English, you may be surprised single handed I have got many laws and rules of Pakistan changed. Getting a law or rule changed is not so simple but I have got it done. Overseas Pakistanis were being deprived in participating in stock exchange shares. Sometime in 1995-98 I got the procedure simplified and standardized and when that new procedure was issued the name of Javed not knowing good English was also mentioned. The 24-hours banking booths operating on our all international airports were opened through the efforts of this Javed with his bad English drafted struggled.

    My English is no doubt bad, but I wonder despite that bad English you could understand meaning of that bad English what I wanted to convey sister Sara.

    I am sure you know English very perfect and you should be proud of however by the way, Ahmed, despite my bad English I think you are not OPF (Overseas Pakistanis Foundation) as you have claimed yourself but you are only an OP.

    • Javed

      Writing above remarks I emphasised how unsure it was if the deal you are going to finalise is safe enought or not I omitted to quote examples. Here I give only one. Very recently a gentleman advertised for sale of his new car. Parites contacted him and negotiated. One party offered him good price, paid a small amount with a word to pay the balance through a “Pay Order” and take delivery of the car. The party came, handed over the “Pay Order” issued by a local bank and took the car. The “Pay Order” and the copy of National Identity Card of purchase both later proved to be bogus. No need of my further comments. Sister Sara, I still recommend if you are an OP, opt for OPV Valley but be sure first to check the seller.

  • Javed

    Dear sister, I am not an agent. I render advice and if possible some legal work free of cost. My aim is if I can get one protected from any commission I will feel I have earned something.



  • Javed

    Dear sister, There are hundreds of soceities and people selling their plots coated in sweet packets. My advice is refrain. Be careful and very careful from those who are fooling offering plots near new Islamabad airport scheme. These are all very dangerous. For the time being try to get a plot from some Overseas Pakistani selling one form his OPF Velly. But before you depart your money check personally and officially (RPEATED OFFICIALLY) that plot is rightly allotted to one who is selling that through public advertisment get public objections. OPF has only this week finally allotted plots to Overseas Pakistanis. I am sure there must be some which would had been cancelled try to buy the same form OPF direct.

    I can give you one suggestion. In case you are really an Overseas Pakistani then you fight to get the plots cancelled which OPF allegedly allotted to some who were not OPs. Claim your right of priority and I think if you played rightly as the situation is in the country at present there is good chance you may succeed.

    With my regards and best wishes to Eid today,

    Javed, your borhter

  • Javed

    Dear Saadat,
    This is the big mistake the overseas Pakistanis living in villages make. They blindly on recommendation of their family purchase land which soon becomes hot potato for them. In most cases as I said above this is all “pre-arranged” and the OP comes into the trap.

    You have to face the music now. The only and only defence you today, at least as appears knowing the limited facts, is that you prove that the claimant party has not right of preference.
    Wishing you good luck,


  • Saadat Nawaz Khan

    I am also trapped in some village land. and some one filed a Haq-Shufa case agains me.

    Please advise how to solve this issue

    thanks and regards!

    • muhammad sarwar chohan adv

      I may advise you,if you send me copy of suit which has filed against you.however ,i clear you,present law of pre emption,enforced in pakistn today discourge the black mailer. my address is ,THE LAW FIRM -CHOHAN & CHOHAN i5 rabbani road lahore

    • Javed

      Sound investment in any DHA Project in Karachi? What do you mean Khalid by “investment? If you want to purchase a plot “from” DHA Karachi in any scheme for your constructing a house and then living, it is one thing but if you wish to spare this money with an idea to sell the same plot after few years on higher price that is totally another thing. Hence till you are clear no to the point advice can be rendered.

      In both cases however my one standard advice is buy it directly from DHA. If you buy from a seller or through an agent that is no one can say with guarantee it is safe. FHA schemes are mostly safe as the DHL will not run away like private housing schemes. However with DHA like others one thing you must remember and keep in mind that in case DHA shows you in catalogue the plot costs Rs. 10,000 keep in mind at the end of day it will make about Rs. 14000 or Rs. 15000/-, To understand this just go at the link http://thenews.jang.com.pk/daily_detail.asp?id=192555 a letter to editor appearing in daily The News Karachi on 12 August 2009 it will give you some light. Except from these things DHA is a better option.

  • mona

    Hi there can somebody tell me about the plots near new islamabad airport if there is a prob. with them and how long you have to wait in ordert to make money on them is the airport being built or not
    thanks for help

    some one suggested the price can go up to 100000 is that right

    • Javed

      Mona, if the name is real, wants a plot near new Islamabad airport. It is not clear is she living in Pakistan or abroad? But since this site is about Overseas Pakistan hence taking that she and her family is abroad my advice is leave the idea of buying a plot around the new Islamabad airport as all plots being offered there are of private concerns dealing with whom just through phones or correspondence is too risky. About 6 months back I am aware some people in Kuwait, UAE had been selling blank files for some plots allegedly in the name of “State life selling plots”. State Life or such organizations do not sell people these things our overseas Pakistanis do not understand as the money in their pockets do not let them rest. Some civic minded person through the newspaper requested the appropriate authorities to look into this potential scam but I am not aware what happened except that I know two Overseas Pakistanis who purchased these plots – one day they both will weep I know.

      Sister Mona, I advise you that you get a plot in OPF V Valley scheme from some overseas Pakistani who is selling his plot. The scheme is much delayed but this delay is causing no loss to allottees. You are not to construct or live there next month, so leave this delay issue. This is a safe scheme and your money as the situation today is would appear to be safe

    • narinder gill

      i am a australian citizen{born in India} want to buy some farming land and residental property in pakistan.please tell me the laws regarding this.Can i buy on my name and be the sole owner>

      • Zubair

        Dear Narinder Gill

        Yes you can purchase property in Pakistan with your name and you can sell your property any time when you want. there is no restriction in Pakistan either you are indian or pakistani you can purchase the property. A good deals of commercial and residential properties are available. if you are interested you may contact with me.

        Zubair Siddique

  • atif saleem

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    Hanif Centre Block ‘B’ North Nazimabad

  • atif saleem

    Hello every 1 !
    i want to providing a real estate service to our overseas pakistanis and i also success on that from other resources. i know they all are zero for knowledge of property, but they can get share my knowledge, i m a CERTIFIED REAL ESTATE PROFESSIONAL from skill development council(a government depart)I proud of my institute who poolish me in this field, so people also cheat on that profession through estate agent. But i hope our best service will impress to all overseas clients & INSHA-ALLAH i will approach to direct clients…….

    • mona

      Hi there can somebody tell me about the plots near new islamabad airport if there is a prob. with them and how long you have to wait in ordert to make money on them is the airport being built or not
      thanks for help

      some one suggested the price can go up to 100000 is that right

      [my email is ara64b@hotmail.com

    • Javed

      My advice to all Overseas Pakistanis is keep a distance from advice of Atif Saleem. You will only loose some of your pocket but at the end get nothing. One thing remember an estate Agent or a Doctor or any Advocate who is really honest, proficient and capable does not need to use web site or other types of advertisements publicity to show himself capable. The smell of his capability spreads automatically.

  • Muhammad Hussnain Khalid

    will u please tell me the exact rate list of this scheme and full installment chart! so it will be a lot more feasible to us as a purchaser!

    • sheraz

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