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Pak rupee exchange rates 26 August 2019

Following were Pakistan rupee exchange rates against major currencies; CURRENCY LOW RATE HIGH RATE US$ (Interbank) 157.35 157.85 US$ (Open Market) 156.50 158.00 Saudi Riyal 41.55 41.95 UAE Dirham 42.60 43.00 EURO 174.20 175.95 UK Pound 191.70 193.60 Japanese Yen 1.4735 1.4935 Australian Dollar 107.00 108.10 Canadian Dollar 118.00 119.20 […]

FBR seek buyer-seller records from 42 housing societies of Lahore

Federal board of revenue has asked 42 housing societies of Lahore to provide records of buyers and sellers of 2 kanal plots. The information provided by the societies will be evaluated to identify filers and non-filers and also to check whether the properties have been declared in the returns submitted […]

Gold prices in PKR July 2012-April 2019

Date Price 10 gram PKR 26-Jul-12 49114 22-Nov-12  49114 5-Feb-13  53700  17-April-13  46200  08-JUN-13  46457  20-SEP-13  46971  24-SEP-13  45600  02-OCT-13  44830  09-DEC-13  43714  30-DEC-13  41650  10-Mar-14  44828  20-Jul-14  41,571  05-Aug-14  40894  26-Nov-14  40800  11-June-16  40380  4-July-16  43671  12-July-16  44142  17-Sep-16  44057  22-Nov-16  43542  17-Feb-17  43457 28-Sep-18 50454 9-Oct-18 53155 18-Oct-18 […]

Gold prices from 1995-2004 3

Following were gold prices in Pakistan from January 2019 until September 2004. Click here for gold prices from October 2004 -June 2012 Month Price Troy ounce Price 10 gram Jan-1995 11,705.85 Rs. 3760 Feb-1995 11,663.14 Rs.3750 Mar-1995 11,829.70 Rs. 3800 Apr-1995 12,102.46 Rs. 3890 May-1995 11,934.59 Rs. 3830 Jun-1995 12,034.99 […]

Salient features of KAMYAB JWAN Program

Prime Minister Imran Khan will formally launch the program in September 2019. Program will provide employment and business opportunities to the youth across the country. Successful youth, would not only secure employment opportunities, but also prove progress of small and medium enterprises. Program will provide loans worth Rs-100 billion to […]

FBR sends notices to 100000 non-filers

FBR has launched automated tax registration system and also sent tax notices to one lakh non-filer individuals in the first batch. Another 1 lakh notices will be sent to those who have undertaken trillions of rupee business transactions. FBR is utilizing withholding tax database to identify rich individuals. Power distribution […]

Pak rupee exchange rates 19 August 2019

Following are Pakistan rupee closing exchange rates against major currencies on 19th August 2019. Pakistan rupee remained stable against all currencies. CURRENCY LOW RATE HIGH RATE US$ (Interbank) 158.70 158.80 US$ (Open Market) 158.50 159.00 Saudi Riyal 41.80 42.20 UAE Dirham 42.80 43.20 EURO 174.50 176.50 UK Pound 190.75 192.75 […]

Online vehicle registration in Punjab

After receiving a lot of complaints on Citizen’s Portal, Prime Minister Imran Khan has ordered Interior Ministry Punjab to immediately introduce online vehicle registration and token tax payment system in Excise Department. PM has also asked ministry to submit implementation report within ninety days. All the branches of National Bank […]