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ALI SUKHANVER ‘We are monkeys whose strings are in the hands of the Indian extremists,’ an old factory worker in Dacca said talking to a reporter, ‘We are sold out to India—-we are a slave nation—.” He was asked to comment upon Hasina Wajid’s recent visit to India. Though from […]


ALI SUKHANVER According to various Bangladeshi newspapers, the cabinet of Bangladesh has given a letter to Telecom ministry stating that Facebook is ‘Diminishing the working capabilities of Youth’ and also ‘affecting the students’. Reports say that the government of Bangladesh is planning to put a limited ban on Facebook, the […]

UAE: A Role Model

Mehmood Ul Hassan Khan United Arab Emirates (UAE) is a role model for the regional as well as emerging countries in the world in terms of socio-economic prosperity, happiness, qualitative life, sustainability, law and order and the last but not the least diversification of economy, energy and productive channels. It […]