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March 2017



What makes Mr. Narendra Modi a very popular leader is nothing but his extra-ordinary impressive talent of oratory. He never lets his audience see here and there; everyone feels Modi is talking directly to him. Mr. Modi knows well what to say and when to say. Though for Pakistan and the people of Pakistan Mr. Modi is a disastrous symbol of hatred and enmity but for his own people, he is simply a god-father. We always find him a person very caring and very considerate for his people. His political rivals say that all his actions and all his words have some hidden political motives. They blame him of being selfish and   self-centered but it is also a reality that Mr. Modi has a vast following. This all is simply because he knows how to touch the hearts of his people with his words. His recent speech during an election meeting in Jaunpur on 3rd of this March also proved him a   ‘Magician of Words.’ The speech was all about a minister of Uttar Pradesh, Gayatri Prajapati who is allegedly involved in a rape case. Read More »NARENDRA MODI-A MAGICIAN OF WORDS



Indian politician Rita Bahuguna Joshi belongs to the Congress party and is considered a very moderate type of leader. Once someone from the ANI asked her to clarify the difference between Mr. Modi and the RSS, she smiled for a moment and said, ‘No differences, both are carrying forward the same agenda of dividing the nation and seeking power.’  She further said, ‘It is the double speak of the party. Mr. Modi cannot wash his hands off. This is a Fascist ideology, supported by the BJP and Narendra Modi. He is carrying forward the agenda of RSS. The political agenda of the RSS is to divide the nation and to Read More »THE SPIRITUAL PARENT OF BJP