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May 2016


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Ali display picThey were friends when I was a school boy, I had read a lot in my text books about their sincere friendship; Pakistan and Iran; two brotherly countries. Iran was the first ever country which internationally recognized the sovereign status of Pakistan. And when I grew up I came to know that throughout the Cold War, Iran had been strongly supporting Pakistan in its conflicts with India. In return, Pakistan supported Iran militarily during the Iran–Iraq War in the 1980s. The two countries are economic partners in many projects and both are the founding members of the Economic Cooperation Organization (ECO). Every year thousands of Pakistanis go to Iran for Ziarat of Imam Raza’s shrine at Mashhad and other sacred places. Iran is the only country whose cultural centers, Khana-e-Farhang, are working in almost all major cities of Pakistan. But in spite of these entire facts and figures one cannot negate the presence of an unseen wall of strangeness between the two countries. Somewhere in the last May I was in Iran on a ten days official visit. One day while traveling to my hotel in Tehran I asked my Irani driver about this unseen wall of strangeness; he simply replied, ‘Pakistan supports and favours the Taliban, Iranian people don’t like it—-the Taliban factor has created an air of distrust and disbelief between the two countries.’ Here the question arises; does Pakistan really support the Taliban? And if really the root-cause of growing distances between Pakistan and Iran is the Taliban factor, what about Iran’s strengthening relationship with India; everyone knows that India is providing all kind of support to those groups of Taliban which claim the responsibility of various terrorist activities in Pakistan. If supporting Taliban factor were the only cause of Iran’s displeasure, there must have been a very vivid air of stress and tension between Iran and India. But at present the situation there is altogether different. Even a blind man can feel an overwhelming presence rather interference of India in the Iranian society. Indian professors, Indian diplomats, Indian products, Indian religious scholars, Indian newspapers, Indian channels; in short one finds a lot of India in Iran. Is it the failure of Pakistan on diplomatic front or success of Indian policy makers rather conspirators.Read More »INDIA’S EVIL DESIGNS AGAINST IRAN