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April 2016


Muhammad Javed


This 68 years old acute diabetic patient surrounded by different old age worries could not control his abrupt and spontaneous burst of laughter. Reading  a few minutes back when surfing the net he came across a PDF “Handbook for Overseas Pakistanis” on the websites both of the Honourable Federal Ombudsman and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.  The Handbook highlights, proudly, how showing the affection for Overseas Pakistanis the Federal Ombudsman had advised the Foreign Office (in addition to Higher Education) for early attestation of documents submitted by Overseas Pakistanis for the purpose.



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Ali display picThe present sorry plight of Kul Bushan Yadev, the terrorist of the RAW, is simply a blob of shame on the very face of Indian society. His arrest is no doubt a wonderful achievement of the intelligence agencies of Pakistan but it must be kept in mind that history is replete with such marvelous achievements of the intelligence and security agencies of Pakistan particularly with reference to the agents of Raw. These agents have ever been involved in very cruel type of terrorist activities in Pakistan though the intelligence agencies of Pakistan did never let them enjoy a long time working. Same is the case with Kul Bushan Yadev, the Indian terrorist of RAW who was arrested just a few days back. In this very short span of time the intelligence and security agencies of Pakistan succeeded in exploring all that was hidden in the brain and heart of this RAW operative. According to the details this recently arrested RAW terrorist was found deeply involved in different terrorist activities in Pakistan including a plan of sabotaging the CPEC project. The security agencies also traced his involvement in providing financial and technical support to the groups of so-called Baloch separatists. But there is nothing new in all these incidents; Raw had ever been very active in Pakistan and it is not for the first time that a RAW operative has been arrested.Read More »NOT A PILL LIKE BANGLADESH