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January 2016



Ali SukhanverThe asylum application filed by Nawab Akbar Bugti’s grandson Brahamdagh Bugti has been rejected by the Swiss immigration authorities. This rejection was on the basis of Pakistan’s decision of declaring him a terrorist. Pakistan had declared Brahamdagh Bugti-led Baloch Republican Party BRP as a terrorist organization. It is something very positive on the part of the Swiss government that it honoured the decision of Pakistan and did not accept Brahamdagh’s application for asylum. The decision of the Swiss government is a proof that the whole world is united against the menace of terrorism. Terrorism is such a horrible scourge that its remedy is next to impossible unless all countries get united against it.  Pakistan has expressed gratitude to the Swiss government for turning down the political asylum plea submitted by this self-exiled Baloch separatist leader. Certainly this situation would be very painful for Brahamdagh Bugti; he is a tribal lord and for tribal lords requesting and appealing is considered against the tribal traditions.




Ali SukhanverThe National Investigation Agency of India has issued summons to a Punjab Superintendent of Police, who was allegedly abducted by terrorists involved in the Pathankot attack. The probe agency has picked up some foot prints in the fields of a border village and the IAF base in Pathankot and sent them to central forensic lab for matching. Official sources did not rule out the possibility of subjecting the alleged Superintendent of Police to lie detector test. Involvement of an official belonging to a security agency is not only very much disappointing but also very much alarming. It is disappointing in a sense that the terrorists have become so strong in India that they succeeded in luring a high official to help them out in a terrorist activity. Certainly the government of India and the intelligence agencies of India will have to be more vigilant and more alert in keeping an eye on all officials working in security agencies of India along with the terrorists.Read More »PATHANKOT DISASTER