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ALI SUKHANVER ‘Where do the stars disappear when the daylight arrives’, I used to ask my mother when I was a little boy of three or four years. And my mother would always smilingly reply, ‘The stars never disappear; they simply come down on the earth and convert into flowers; […]

UAE’s Human Face

Mehmood Ul Hassan Khan Most recent the United Arab Emirates celebrates its 44rd National Day on December 2, 2015. It proudly celebrated its so many going humanitarian assistance programs in different parts of the world. It upheld its human face. Its human face consists of unconditional generous humanitarian assistance drives, […]

UAE’s Non-Oil Sector

Mehmood Ul Hassan Khan Most recently the United Arab Emirates celebrated its 44rd National Day on December 2, 2015. UAE was full of passions, colors and festivities. Its strategic leadership’s vision is now paying its dividends in terms of increasing ratios of non-oil sector’s contributions in its GDP. It is […]