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ALI SUKHANVER   A few years back, I remember, I penned down an article, ‘Sri Lanka Thanks Pakistan’; the article was published in various national and international papers and magazines. The background of this write-up was Sri Lanka’s achievement in wiping off the LTTE terrorists and throwing them away from […]


ALI SUKHANVER  What happens when we start glorifying the things which don’t deserve even the slightest attention of us? What happens when we start giving importance to the events and incidents which must not be even note worthy? Nothing certainly nothing but this attitude of us simply distorts the face […]

Pakistan-China’s Emerging Military Ties

Mehmood Ul Hassan Khan Military ties between the two strategic partners, Pakistan and China are on the rise. Both countries are extending military cooperation in so many diversified fields of human resource management, training, joint military & air force exercise, infrastructure, joint ventures and the last but not the least […]

PTI’s women 1

Dr. Zarqa Taimur One must wonder at the unprecedented women’s membership of the Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf (PTI). Of course, it goes without saying that they are there because they have faith in Imran Khan’s vision, in his sincerity and commitment towards the cause of a ‘Naya’ Pakistan, and contributions […]

Performance vs promises

By Dr. Muhammad Yaqub The PML-N government proclaimed, in the words of its finance minister in his first budget speech on June 12, 2013, that it “is inheriting a broken economy” requiring a “comprehensive agenda of reforms” for its turn around. In the same speech, he also made a “declaration […]