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September 2011

American generals misleading their president

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By Farrukh Saleem

ISLAMABAD: President Barack Hussein Obama II is bent upon extracting political mileage out of America’s military misadventure in the ‘graveyard of empires’. A double-dip recession hanging over Obama’s re-election ambitions and the one hundred twelfth United States Congress having the largest number of Republican members since 1947 (Republican 242 v. Democrat 193) can the generals deliver some good news out of Afghanistan?
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Kashmir: A Legacy of British Colonialism

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By Zafar Iqbal

Since decolonization of sub-continent, Kashmir has always been a central part of the string of most dangerous disputes of the world. Much has been reported by the media and academia about the human rights situation in Kashmir, but recent Amnesty International call for urgent action to probe existence of unmarked graves of disappeared persons in this region echoed Kashmir discourse to the corridors of power in the Westminster.Read More »Kashmir: A Legacy of British Colonialism


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It was 18th of last July when some terrorists attacked a police station of Xinjiang Province of China which borders Pakistan. The attack claimed lives of more than 18 innocent people. Soon after the attack the western and Indian media started spreading the disinformation that the suspects involved in this attack had been trained in Pakistan. The purpose behind this disinformation was nothing but to malign friendly relationship between China andPakistan. Pak-China friendly relations need no introduction.Pakistan is fortunate enough to have a friend like China in the neighbourhood. If there were noChina in the region, the situation could have been much more painful for the people of Pakistan. Pak-China friendship is time tested and progressing by leaps and bounds every moment. Unluckily this friendship is proving itself much agonizing for those countries which dream of ruling this region on the basis of economic and political exploitation. This close cordial relationship between Pakistan andChina has always been a pain in the neck for such countries. They always try to create hitches and hurdles between the friendly relations ofPakistan andChina by cropping-up well-calculated conspiracies. The Xingjian attacks are also one of such conspiracies.Read More »PAK-CHINA RELATIONS AT STAKE?