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November 2010



There is a clear difference between traveling and wandering. Traveling is meaningful and wandering is meaningless. The US president Barrak Obama is traveling to India somewhere in the mid of this month. According to the Indian media reports, this visit is chiefly aimed at improving economic and defence related relations between the two countries but the neighbouring countries like China, Iran and Pakistan are looking at this visit from a different point of view. They are taking this visit as a warning from USA that these countries must not underestimate the Read More »OBAMA-A MESSENGER OF PEACE?

Politics of energy

ayyab Siddiqui  Pakistan’s energy crisis is assuming alarming proportions, with no immediate solution in sight. Pakistan entered into negotiations with Iran and India on the IPI gas pipeline project in the mid-1990s. After inordinate delays, the agreement was finally signed on March 16 in Istanbul. India had earlier walked out of the talks. Under the agreement, Pakistan will receive 750 million CMFD (computational multiphase fluid dynamics) of gas per day by the middle of 2015 for the next 25 years. The total cost of the project is estimated at $7.4 billion.
The agreement had hardly been signed when US special envoy Richard Holbrooke reiterated US opposition to any deal with Iran in view of Washington’s standoff with Tehran on the nuclear issue. As an alternative, the US offered to assist Pakistan in obtaining liquefied natural gas (LNG) and electricity from Tajikistan via Afghanistan, within four years.Read More »Politics of energy

Lahoris use over one million flowers daily

* Rose farmers say their earnings are low, profits earned by retailers

By Shabbir Sarwar

LAHORE: With the increasing trend of using flowers in the elite and upper middle class of the city, Lahoris use over one million roses and other flowers as well as 25,000 kilogrammes of rose petals every day for various purposes including, decoration at weddings, parties as well as to perform rituals on funerals, Daily Times learnt on Monday.
Read More »Lahoris use over one million flowers daily

Pakistan & global competitiveness

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Ehsan Mehmood Khan

Global Competitiveness (GC) Report 2010-11 published by the World Economic Forum and Pakistan’s GC Index therein is a true mirror image of our standing in today’s globalized economy. Global Competitiveness is based on 12 pillars falling under three main factors. Pakistan’s ranking in all these factors is appallingly low. Pakistan’s overall ranking in Global Competitiveness Index is 123 amongst 139 countries. To add to ones’ despair, Pakistan was 101 out of 133 countries last year and has dropped by virtually 20 points this year. Other than Nepal and East Timor, those behind Pakistan are all sub-Saharan countries to include Madagascar, Malawi, Swaziland, Nigeria, Lesotho, Côte d’Ivoire, Mozambique, Mali, Burkina Faso, Mauritania, Zimbabwe, Burundi, Angola and Chad.Read More »Pakistan & global competitiveness