Monthly Archives: April 2010

Breaking the myths of Pakistan’s tribal areas

Army officials along with journalists take a tour in South Waziristan. – APP (File Photo) KHAR: I had not expected Pakistan’s tribal areas to be so neat and so prosperous. These are meant to be the badlands, mythologised as no-go areas by Kiplingesque images of xenophobic Pashtuns, jezail musket in […]

Why the West loves Musharraf? 1

By Saeed Minhas ISLAMABAD: As discussions on the UN commission report continue to dominate conversations around the capital, it is becoming increasingly apparent that the diplomatic community, especially envoys from the US, UK and even certain European countries, have a soft spot in their hearts for former president Pervez Musharraf […]

LAHORE: UPS, battery prices skyrocket 3

* Dealers’ cartel manipulating prices, causing artificial shortage * Non-genuine batteries flood market, add to consumers’ woes LAHORE: Prices of gadgets that provide electricity during power outages are skyrocketing in the provincial capital, in the face of government assurances to curtail load shedding.