Monthly Archives: October 2008

Old wine, new skin-By Cyril Almeida

EVERY political season produces its own mascot, a figure for comic relief amidst the darkness. ‘Tis the season of Shaukat ‘Over my dead body’ Tareen. Like Superman, Tareen is everywhere; unlike Superman, he can’t seem to save even himself from spouting rubbish, let alone the country from an economic meltdown. […]

ISLAMABAD: Of Raza’s elusive committees and Sherry’s Sherman on Leghari

By Mohammad Malick I have good news and bad news, so let’s begin with the good. The good news is that leader of the Upper House Raza Rabbani assured his Senate peers that the government was committed to implementing the in-camera security resolution and that the critically important and non-partisan […]

بونے راج کرتے ہیں (مستنصر حسین تارڑ)

بدھ اکتوبر 15, 2008 کسی بھی ویرانے میںاگر ایک کنواں کھودا جائے تو اس ویرانے میں بہار آجاتی ہے آس پاس کی بنجرزمینیںآباد ہوجاتی ہیں طویل راستوں کے مسافر اس کنویںپررک کراپنی پیاس بجھاتے ہیں کنویںکے گرد امڈتے اوربلند ہوتے شیشم اورپیپل کے درختوں کی چھاؤں میںبیٹھ کراپنے سفر کی […]

‘Obamania’ and Pakistan

By Jehangir Khattak   PUBLIC opinion polls, media vibes, and popular sentiment all point to ‘Obamania’ sweeping across America. Barring his becoming the victim of the Bradley effect or dramatic tumult, Barack Hussein Obama is on the verge of history.