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Pakistan varsities make miraculous achievement

 Tremendous increase in research publications as QAU remains at top with 717 publications followed by UoA with 524 publications and AKU with 521 publications

 Pakistani higher education institutions have witnessed a tremendous increase in research publications within last few years, the findings of an academic exercise, conducted by the Higher Education Commission Pakistan (HEC), has revealed.

According to HEC’s Assessment and Research Ranking Report, the number of publications by Pakistan’s higher education institutions has increased from about 800 in the year 2002 to more than 6,000 in the year 2011. In 2010, this number was 5,000.

These publications were extracted using three global databases: SCI-E, SSCI, and S&HCI from Thomson-Reuters web of science. The publications also cover all major disciplines including physical sciences, agriculture and veterinary sciences, biological and medical sciences, social sciences, management sciences and engineering.
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LONDON: UK businessmen want removal of Pak students from immigration stats

Top British businessmen have urged British Prime Minister David Cameron to remove Pakistani students from official immigration figures to avoid choking off a valuable source of wealth and skills.

The businessmen warned that visa restrictions designed to bring net immigration below 100,000 a year would deter wealthy foreigners from outside the European Union.Read More »LONDON: UK businessmen want removal of Pak students from immigration stats

QS Ranking 2012: 5 Pakistani universities among 300 top Asian universities

Investment in higher education in the country continues to reap dividends as according to QS World Universities Rankings 2012, five Pakistani universities have won a place in the list of top 300 universities in Asia.

Quacquarelli Symonds (QS) UK is the world’s most renowned and prestigious ranking agency.

National University of Science and Technology (NUST-108), Karachi University, AKU, Lahore University of Management Sciences and Lahore University are now in top 300 Asian universities.

It speaks volumes of the hard work put in by the management and faculty of these universities and consistent support of the Higher Education Commission (HEC).Read More »QS Ranking 2012: 5 Pakistani universities among 300 top Asian universities

The Case for Education in Balochistan

By Bushra Zulfiqar

Education is not only the path towards economic development and social progress but it essentially is also the push factor towards human excellence and intellectual liberation. It is the art of knowledge creation and the pursuit of unraveling the ultimate truths of universe, which intensely captivates human intellect. Education, if looked at objectively is the only way to achieve the God gifted potential of human mind, the brain power. Through education, and importantly the right kind of education, a process of openness of heart, mind and soul takes root. Moral consciousness, human sensitivity, social justice, tolerance, pluralism and an equality of all beings are some of the seeds it sows, in the fertile and raw brains. Keeping that process directed and goal oriented is a lifelong course, and ironically very few remain focused on the self exploratory path and that too by default and not by design. The system fails to comprehend, excite and facilitate education as a lifelong process of discovery, starting from self and gradually encapsulating all, all under the sun. A right kind of education is the undisputable solution to all human, social and economic problems. It is the not just a solution but it is a means to achieving the highest levels of civilization comprising of intellectual and technological advancement.Read More »The Case for Education in Balochistan

HEC allows UK-based examining body in Pakistan

LAHORE: The Higher Education Commission (HEC) has granted permission to the UK-based professional examining body, the Institute of Commercial Management (ICM), to open approved centres in Pakistan.
The HEC has recognised ICM’s Level 6 Graduate Diploma qualifications as equivalent to Pakistan’s four-year bachelor degree, ICM Regional Director for Pakistan Moazam Shahbaz said while briefing media representatives. Read More »HEC allows UK-based examining body in Pakistan

LAHORE: HEC’s newly announced ranking may stir controversy

By Arsalan Haider, Daily Times

The Higher Education Commission (HEC) on Thursday announced ranking of Pakistani universities, which may stir a controversy due to significant changes in the positions of different universities as compared to those in the last ranking.

According to the ranking, two public-sector universities belonging to Lahore and two private-sector universities were placed in the top 10 list. The University of Punjab was placed on the fifth position. In private sector universities, the COMSATS University was on the ninth and the Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS) on the 10th position.
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Higher Education Commission announces ranking of Pakistani universities

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HEC chairman says ranking based on quality teaching, research

ISLAMABAD: The Higher Education Commission (HEC) on Thursday announced ranking of Pakistani universities.

The HEC Chairman Dr Javaid Laghari said at a press conference held at the commission’s secretariat that universities were ranked on the basis of quality teaching and research. “The primary purpose of the ranking exercise was to share with the general public a comprehensive data on the key issues that determined the state of higher education in a particular institution. Institutions established after December 2008 as well as distance education universities were excluded from the ranking lists,” Laghari said.
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ISLAMABAD: President signs regulation for Wana Cadet College in SWA

President Asif Ali Zardari Tuesday signed the regulation for the establishment of Wana Cadet College in South Waziristan Agency in FATA.

Spokesperson to the President Farhatullah Babar said that the prime minister during his address at the Governor’s House in Peshawar on August 27, 2008, had announced the establishment of six cadet colleges to promote quality education and provide better educational opportunities to the youth of FATA. Read More »ISLAMABAD: President signs regulation for Wana Cadet College in SWA

The Pseudo Courts of Pakistan: Jirga جرگہ A Short Story in Urdu

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JIRGA جرگہ

حکمت اور دانش سے بھرپور تحریریں
پاکستانی معاشرہ کی ”نیم حکیم“ عدالتوں کے طبیبوں اورمریضوں کا ایک احوال ، اور ایک انوکھا پہلو
یوم آزادی پر آپ کے غوروفکر کے لیے ایک تحفہ
 از: محمّد بن قاسم، جستجو
Justuju 008-2011 Jirga Shephard.jpg
ایک سخت گرم دن کی صورت میں جھلسادینے والی تپش برساکر اب سورج مغربی پہاڑوں کے پیچھے چھپنے کی تیّاری کررہا تھا۔ اس کا سُرخ چہرہ اس امر کی غمّازی کررہا تھا کہ وہ اپنا کام نامکمّل چھوڑ کر جانے پر سخت غُصّہ میں ہے، اور وہ دوسرے دن ایک بار پھر تپادینے والا عذاب لے کر آدھمکے گا۔ فی الوقت پہاڑوں اور ان کے دامن میں واقع وادیوں میں بسنے والے انسان، جانور، چرند و پرند، اپنی اپنی پناہ گاہوں کی جانب رواں دواں تھے۔
سمندر خاں نے ایک پہاڑی چٹان کے چھجّے کے نیچے ایک عارضی سایہ گاہ سے اپنی رائفل اٹھا کر اپنے کندھے پر ڈالی، اور پانی کی چھاگل اُٹھا کر اپنے منہ سے لگا کر اس سے چند قطرے پانی پینے کی ایک ناکام کوشش کی! چھاگل خشک ہوچکی تھی، اس خالی چھاگل کو بھی اس نے اپنی کمر سے بندھی ایک بیلٹ سے لٹکالیا، اور ایک موٹے سے ڈنڈے کی مدد سے اپنی بھیڑبکریوں کے گلّے کو جمع کرنا شروع کردیا۔ جلد ہی وہ اس ریوڑ کے کے پیچھے چلتا ہوا اپنے گاؤں کی جانب چل پڑا۔ وہ تاریکی ہوجانے سے پہلے ہی، جلد از جلد، گھر پہنچ جانا چاہتا تھا۔ ایک اور گرم دن میں جانوروں کی دیکھ بھال کرنے کے بعد اس وقت پیاس سے Read More »The Pseudo Courts of Pakistan: Jirga جرگہ A Short Story in Urdu