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Tajikistan: A Peace-Loving Country

Dr. Mehmood Ul Hassan Khan

Tajikistan is a peace loving country which takes all possible measures to tackle the menace of terrorism in its country. It always plays contributory role in the fight against terrorism in the region and beyond. It is a “people’s friendly” country which cares about rights of the common people through “rule of the law”. The extremist organization Islamic Revival Party of Tajikistan (IRPT) does not reflect the true essence of Tajikistan and its innocent people. IRPT is an accomplice of the international terrorist organizations.

The Supreme Court of the Republic of Tajikistan being apex court of the country completely banned activities of all terrorist organizations, including the terrorist and extremist organization IRPT. It has been declared “illegal”, “inhumane” and carrying anti-development acts, anti-human deeds and anti-dialogue posturing.

IRPT has been carrying “heinous crimes” against humanity and people of Tajikistan for so many years. It has been secretly indulged in diversified “sabotage activities” due to which common people do not know its “real characters”, sins against humanity, aims, motives and the last but not the least, fatal duality in “armed persuasion”. In order to conceal their real aims from the society, especially from its active part the IRPT leadership and its organizers had created three ranks of membership since the very beginning of its activity in 70s of the last century that exist up to now.

The IRPT a multi-layered organization wherein the first rank was comprised of members that acted among population and agitated for the party. During former USSR reign these members were engaged in easy and inconspicuous jobs in communal or agricultural sectors (acting as watchman of pumping stations, garages, warehouses and etc.) and they illegally propagated and agitated their extremist ideas among the peasants that constituted major part of society.

After “General Agreement on Peace and National Reconciliation” in Tajikistan, the IRPT was legalized and subsequently so called intellectuals, some public activists, journalists and other common people got associated with IRPT and started propagation and agitation because of wrong notion of freedom of press as projected by the IRPT.

The IRPT second rank was consisted of people that were directly involved in committing heinous crimes like murder, terror of prominent personalities, kidnapping, plunder and assault and they were called warriors of the IRPT. The IRPT leadership did not value humanity and believed in mass massacre and murders. Despite IRPT’s second rank involvement in these notorious activities, it never owned its activities fearing disclosure in the eyes of common people of Tajikistan.

Common people of Tajikistan always shocked whenever; any arrested IRPT criminal verified its physical and psychological alignment/association with IRPT and its leadership but the IRPT leadership and its active members always officially disowned its criminal activities and dis-associated its horrendous activities in the country. Nevertheless, they are criminals by any definition of law and their acts are inhuman and inhumane.

The IRPT has also a third rank, comprising of former and acting members of it. Its third rank/cell has been involved in unforgivable crimes committed against the Tajik nation and state within the three periods of history. The IRPT has been indulged in anti-state activities since 1990, the period of Tajikistan’s state independency. The IRPT did not reconcile even signing the General Agreement on Peace and National Reconciliation with the state of Tajikistan during the era of civil war in the country. Ultimately, Supreme Court of the Republic of Tajikistan banned the IRPT activities in the country because of its perpetual denial to “writ of the state”, indulging in covert crimes, sabotage activities, and scheming of terrorists plans in the country. At last, IRPT has been declared a terrorist organization in the country and beyond.

The IRPT has regional sanctuaries and regional franchises too which has been involved in terrorist activities in so many countries of the world especially Syria. It has been misusing the true spirits of Islam and distorted the concept of jihad to achieve its very own vested interests.

Islam stands for diplomacy, development and dialogue whereas, the IRPT works for destruction, disturbance and destabilization in the country, region and the world. Islam stands for mercy where the IRPT famous for ruthless murders. Islam stands for forgiveness whereas it always speaks about fatalism and fanaticism in the country. It should be reminded, that the Arab terrorist Emir al-Khattab who had been later liquidated in the Caucasus, by the invitation of the IRPT clandestinely visited Tavildara district of Tajikistan and conducted his first military operation there. The collective leadership of the IRPT bears responsibility for the killings of so many innocent Tajiks to participate in the ongoing war of Syria. Indeed, the IRPT has the regional chapter of a corporate jihad in the CIS.

Mr. Tojiboev Saifiddin Mamurovich was born in 1983. He was resident of Spitamen district of Sughd Province and former IRPT branch leader in Spitamen district. He was in charge of all events conducted by the IRPT in the district. He joined terrorist organization “Jabhat an-Nusra” and was designated by the leadership of this organization as Emir of “Uzbek” Group there. Mr. Tojiboev S.M. up to now fights in Syria and by different ways and methods issues appeal to the youth of Tajikistan and Uzbekistan to join the “Jabhat an-Nusra”. He also invited his brother Mr. Ibrohim Inom to Syria who now fights along with him there.

Mr. Sheraliev Faromuz Abduvalievich was born in 1975. He was resident of Pangoz Jamoat of Asht district of Sughd Province. He studied in religious school of Dushanbe from 1992 to 1994. Mr. Sheraliev F. worked in religious school of “Mutavassila” of Shahidon town of Asht district. At present Mr. Sheraliev A. is in Urkaine and he writes articles for the IRPT web-site and agitates for the extremist ideology of “Salafism”. Moreover, in 2014 Mr. Sheraliev F. joined the terrorist organization so called “Islamic State” and was killed in 2016. His wife and children are in Iraq.

Mr. Ghairatov Muhammadjon Qurbonalievich was born in 1986 and resident of Kulob town, known by nicknames “Muhammad-take”, “Kabud” and “Abdusamad”. As a member of the IRPT in 2014 he was sent to Zahedan town of the Islamic Republic of Iran for religious studies by the financial support of his uncle Mr. Ghairatov Abdusamad Ismoilovich, ex-head of IRPT cell in Kulob. Mr.Ghairatov M.Q. afterwards travelled to Pakistan to continue his study, but moved to Syria and joined the ISIS and up to now fights there. He also disseminates videos of extremist content and agitates the Tajik youth for the “Jihad”.

Mr. Tabarov Mirzojuma Ibrohimovich, born in 1988, resident of Nurobod district of Rasht Valley, graduate of secondary school №20. He was taught religious studies by his father Mr.Abdualiev Ibrohim, ex-head of the IRPT branch in Nurobod district. In 2009 Mr. Tabarov M.I. by the initiative of his father entered the religious school of “Badriddin Hasani” of Damask in Syria and studied there till 2012. During his studies Mr.Tabarov M.I. joined the terrorist group “Jeish al-Hurr” and upon returning to Tajikistan began the agitation for this group. In 2017 Mr. Tabarov M.I. was arrested and convicted for the propaganda of the “Jeish al-Hurr” group’s extremist ideology in Tajikistan.

Mr. Rizvonov Abdulvohid Azamovich, born in 1985, resident of Roghun town, ex-member of the IRPT. From 2008 till 2010 he studied in religious school of “Tajdid ul-Quroy” of Zahedan town of the Islamic Republic of Iran. In 2016 Mr. Rizvonov A.A. was arrested and incriminated for the membership and propaganda of extremist ideology of “Salafism”.

Mr. Isoev Umed Habibovich, born in 1985, resident of Roghun town, active member of the IRPT. From 2008 till 2009 he studied in religious school of “Tajdid ul-Quroy” of Zahedan town of the Islamic Republic of Iran. In 2016 he was incriminated for joining the extremist movement of “Salafism”.

It is now evident and obvious that the IRPT and its members always support terrorist activities by using different extremist groups and religious sects. The above mentioned IRPT people have been indulging crimes against humanity, community development, interfaith harmony, societal peace and the last but not the least strategic interests of Tajikistan. The IRPT has very close networking with the “Khomeinism” as well as shows solidarity to the Movement of “Muslim Brotherhood” and also joins the terrorist groups and organizations like “Salafism”, “Jamaat Tabligh”, “ISIS”, “Jabhat an-Nusra”, “Taliban” and “IMU”.

The above mentioned persons were the heads of branches of the IRPT and children and relatives of its permeant members. They are the butchers having criminal mentalities and followers of anti-life, anti-humanity, anti-development activities and the last but not the least, anti-dialogue spirits, the killers of national talent, collective wisdom, socio-economic prosperity, interfaith harmony, peace and political stability in the country.

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