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Boost to Sharjah’s Tourists Economy

Mehmood Ul Hassan Khan

Sharjah is the cultural capital of United Arab Emirates (UAE). Sharjah is also hub of foreign direct investments (FDIs), manufacturing and diversification in the UAE. It has also one of the hottest tourists attraction in the country.

Most recently, the government of Sharjah has started its summer campaign to attract more and more tourists around the globe. It has displayed a huge package of diverse activities and entertainment events that target children and families, along with exclusive promotions offered by government entities, hotels, malls, travel agencies and airlines in Sharjah. It is a complete package of comfort, entertainment, safety, values, cultural activities, knowledge, intercultural activities and the last but not the least, lavish hospitality. It is hoped that new package of tourists attraction would make Sharjah a desirable family tourism destination. It promotes quality tourism. It encourages family traditions. It showcases the good spirits of Emirati rich culture, heritage and homelike hospitality.

The summer campaign has organized by a number of public and private sectors’ institutions under the umbrella of Sharjah Commerce and Tourism Development Authority (SCTDA). It aims to bring a comprehensive tourism experience for residents and visitors alike. With well-considered and thought-of programs, the Emirate provides distinguished quality entertainment for all family members, which makes Sharjah a major summer tourism destination at the international tourism map.

According to SCTDA Chairman Khalid Jasim Al Midfa different government entities and public sector institutions expressed remarkable interest and keenness to take part in the Sharjah Summer campaign. After its announcement the Sharjah Summer succeeded to attract 28 contributors from different public and private sectors’ institutions. More are expected to join during summer, he added.
He also talked about its vision which is to ensure residents and visitors enjoy their stay in the emirate and to attract tourism from the emirate and abroad. Through these diversified but integrated joint efforts of the public and private sectors to live up to international standards of quality tourism services, the SCTDA wants to establish Sharjah as a distinguished and quality tourism destination all over the year, he stressed.

Tourist’s economy plays very important part in the overall GDPs of the country in the world and Sharjah is not any exception. It develops services sector and its associated industries of the host country and the government of Sharjah through SCTDA and other important departments are striving hard to attract more and more tourists in the country. Tourist’s economy triggers soft image of the host country in the world. It promotes spirits of safety, universalism, togetherness, oneness, interfaith, inter-harmony and the last but not the least, tolerance in the country.

Main Actors of Sharjah’s Tourist Campaign 2017


Government entities taking part in this first-ever campaign in the emirate include: the Sharjah Government Media Bureau, Sharjah Investment and Development Authority (Shurooq), Economic Department, Sharjah Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Sharjah Museums Department, Environment and Protected Areas Authority, Air Arabia, Sharjah Art Foundation, Sajaya Young Ladies of Sharjah, SHJ Airport and Sharjah Women Sport Foundation.

Government stakeholders in the Sharjah Summer Campaign seek to enhance and support the private sector’s efforts to enrich the Sharjah experience of residents and visitors, thus establishing the emirate as a distinguished tourism destination.

Main Focus


1. Fostering of Creativity

To foster cultural experiences of the emirate, the Sharjah Summer planned a bunch of educational and creative programs and workshops targeting different age groups, adults and children. People with disabilities are not left out in this attempt, Al Midfa said. Relevant parties in the emirate are organizing summer camps and interactive picnics that include internal and external educational visits.

2. Hotel Concessions

Hotel and tourism sectors are offering huge discounts that range between 10 and 50 percent. Discounts include travel and hotel reservations, health clubs, wedding parties and food. Many tourism programs include free transportation from and to Sharjah airport and hotels, and free entrance to entertainment programs in touristic places. Tourism facilities taking part in the Sharjah Summer are Hilton Sharjah, Radisson Blu, Royal Tulip 72, the Act Hotel, Sheraton Sharjah, Swiss-Belhotel Sharjah, Oceanic Khor Fakkan Resort and Spa, Hotel Holiday International, Marbella Resort, Royal Beach Resort, Al Majaz Hotel, SATA, Cozmo Travel, Orient Tours, Breeze Tours, Sahara Center, and Mega Mall.

3. Instrumental Opportunities

Promotional programs of some participants in Sharjah Summer Campaign provide a free ride to the Eye of Emirates Wheel in Al Qasba, which is one of the major tourist and leisure attractions in Sharjah.

The Wheel consists of air-conditioned cabins that go up to 60 meters in the Sharjah sky. From there, you can enjoy spectacular views of landmark buildings, scenery, and even the Gulf coast stretching all the way to Dubai.

Al Noor Island, a distinguished family leisure destination is also open during the Sharjah Summer Campaign with huge promotional offers for its visitors, in addition to many complementary treats specified in selected tourist packages.

The island fulfills the different needs of all family members as it mixes enjoying nature with adventures, arts and culture. The Butterfly House, which is home to more than 500 butterflies in various species, is just one of the attractions for all family members. The literature pavilion has quiet surroundings for those who love reading. The children’s play area is sure to please the tastes of all children and give them an unforgettable leisure and educational experience.

Promotional offers include activities of the Sharjah Aquarium which displays creatures of deep seas, local species of fish, and tours to the historic coasts and ports of Sharjah. A number of promotional programs consist of tours in open top buses to discover the landmarks and legacy of Sharjah.

4. Complete Satisfaction

Shopping malls taking part in the Sharjah Summer Campaign offer a unique shopping experience with exclusive offers and huge discounts for their customers. Invaluable prizes include luxurious cars and expensive gifts.

Programs in malls also include cooking shows and entertainment programs for adults and children. Sharjah Summer is a landmark campaign with its unique activities targeting family tourism. It is sure to make Sharjah a worthy escape for all people in the Arabian Gulf region all over the year.

Concluding Remarks

Sharjah showcases physical, cultural, and environmental beauty of the United Arab Emirates. It has rich culture to present to regional and international audience. It has rich heritage to present to international tourists. It has great traditions of lavish and homelike hospitality. It is full of color, life, diversification, entertainment and above all hub of family tourism. It is place of comfort, safety and world class hoteliers. It is cheap and affordable as compare to some other region as well as international tourists destinations. It has charming weather and lovely people to feel you at home. Sharjah’s summer campaign is first step in right direction. It is hope that with collaboration of public and private sectors of the Emirate, its national campaign for further diversification of economy and resources will be more successful.

Main Actors of Sharjah’s Tourist Campaign 2017

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