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Uzbekistan, Modern Democracy and Elections

Mehmood Ul Hassan Khan


Presidential Elections 2016 will be held on December 4, 2016 in the Republic of Uzbekistan. Political activities are now getting momentum. State organs are busy to honor the free will of the people by providing every possible facility to conduct fair, free and transparent elections 2016.

Uzbekistan’s Central Elections Commission is the real in-charge of elections because of its constitutional status which clearly enforces its complete Independencey and neutrality, taking all important decisions which reaffirm total transparency, fair-play, equal opportunity and free choice for the upcoming elections 2016. Moreover, gradual but consistence reforms of politicization and democratization have further strengthened political stability, democracy and socio-economic sustainability in Uzbekistan. It promotes spirits of decency, rule of the law and accountability in its political system.

In every modern democracy and political system 4Ps i.e. Parliament, People, President and Prime Minister, play very important role and Uzbekistan is blessed with all Ps, good being a democratic country. It plays crucial role in the development of important organs of the state and national capacity building. They are act as binding force which promotes peace, harmony and tolerance in Uzbekistan. High level of political stability and functional parliament controls important decisions through the concept of “Separation of Power & Checks and Balances” in the dynamic “constitution”.

Concept of people’s free choice is one the main pillars of modern democracies around the world. There are two distinctive political systems in the world i.e. Presidential and Parliamentary. Uzbekistan has Presidential form of democracy which is carried out through direct vote which reflects collective wisdom of its common people. It upholds the international standards of fair-play, transparency and impartiality in the entire electoral system.

Holding of Presidential Elections through direct vote is a healthy sign for politicization and democratization drive in Uzbekistan that all existing political parties in the country the Liberal Democratic Party of Uzbekistan, the People’s Democratic Party of Uzbekistan, the Democratic Party of Uzbekistan “Milly Tiklanish” and the Social Democratic Party “Adolat” expressed their willingness to take part in the election of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan. Political parties have already submitted necessary documents to the Central Election Commission of Uzbekistan.

The results of the parliamentary 2014 and Presidential Elections 2015 have confirmed once again that Uzbekistan has a qualitative political system, in which powers of the parliament has been expanded and the role of civil society institutions further strengthened. It is hope that the forthcoming presidential elections in Uzbekistan will be another important step towards building a democratic constitutional state.

Uzbekistan has a stable and dynamically political system, with a bicameral parliament. Necessary changes have been institutionalized which ensure the free and active participation of citizens, political parties and other civil society institutions in the implementation of the most important tasks of social, economic, political and legal development of the state and the last but not the least, Elections (Parliament, Presidential).

The Law ‘On Introduction of Changes and Amendments to some Articles of the Constitution of Uzbekistan (Articles 78, 80, 93, 96 and 98)’ has further depended democratization of the state’s power and management, ensuring a more balanced distribution of powers between three subjects of the state authority: the President (head of state), Legislative and Executive branches. A part of it the President’s authority was transferred to the Senate, while the Prime Minister’s powers were strengthened. Presidential Elections will definitely further strengthen its massive drives of politicization and democratization in the country.

In all modern democracies path of further political stability and deepening of socio-economic sustainability rest on the continuity of the Political System. Being a knowledge based economy it has already further deepened the process of politicization and democratization process in the country due to which Presidential elections in Uzbekistan will be held on the basis of total transparency, fair-play, equal opportunity and the last but not the least people’s free choice.

During the years of independence in Uzbekistan as a result of consistent and onward modernization of political, public and judicial system has established an electoral system, which meets the most modern democratic values and standards. A strong legislative base has been formed in the country which has incorporated the basic principles of a number of international law acts the foundation of the electoral legislation of the republic is its constitution.

It has now a solid legal basis, the basis of which, surely, upcoming Presidential will be held according to the Constitution of the country. In addition, the country has a separate group of legal acts in which the election is held freely and fairly. Its electoral system has an objectivity which has further strengthened by so many legal regulations. All these laws have passed successfully through the test of time and have shown effectiveness in the previous elections of Parliament and Presidency.

Moreover, the electoral system and the legal framework of Uzbekistan have a vector in the direction of liberalization, aimed at simplifying the electoral procedures. For example, in the last mentioned changes in the electoral law the number of signatures from the total number of voters has been decreased from 5 to 1 percent that must be collected by political party to nominate a presidential candidate. All this testifies the fact that Uzbekistan has formed the necessary legislative framework for the elections at the highest level, which will be duly appreciated by the international community.

Uzbekistan Central Elections Commission has already taken all possible measures to conduct the upcoming elections in Uzbekistan by the most transparent and democratic way. It has created all conditions for the forthcoming political events in an atmosphere of openness in which people can make their choice. Upcoming Presidential Elections 2016 will be an important step toward building a democratic state and strengthening the foundations of the republic’s prosperity.

In all the modern democracies, parliaments play very important and role of the parliament of Uzbekistan has been significantly increased. Several laws have been adopted in the country which was initiated by MPs, representatives of the various parties. There is no doubt that the upcoming elections will be transparent, and people will choose a worthy candidate and respected leader.

Concluding Remarks

The Republic of Uzbekistan is a modern democratic country where elections are conducted with complete transparency, fair and free manners of international standards. All branches of democracy i.e. Parliament (both houses), Prime Minister and President jointly work for the uplifting of constitution which guarantees all freedoms and liberties to common people. It is a democratic country where people are free to choose its members of the Parliament and Presidency.

Its society is highly vibrant because of the so many political reforms. It has so many NGOs to protect the best interests of the common people. Its Central Elections Commission has already invited so many international observers to freely monitor the process of upcoming Presidential Elections to be held on December 4, 2016.

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