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H.E. Islam Kairmov Becomes Immortal

Mehmood Ul Hassan Khan


H.E. Islam Kairmov Abduganiyevich the “Founding Father” and former President of the Republic of Uzbekistan died on September 2, 2016 after a severe illness. Three day mourning was observed in Uzbekistan staring on September 3, 2016. Cuba also observed one day national mourning in its country. World leaders and international organizations paid splendid tribute to great leader and statesman Islam Kairmov for his endless efforts achieving and maintaining peace and harmony at regional and international levels.

Demise of Islam Karimov is a great loss for the people of Uzbekistan, as well as the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) and the countries-partners of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO). Islam Karimov was a prominent statesman, a true leader of the country, the president of people at large. His was the real architecture of a “modern, dynamic, stable and free Uzbekistan”.
Right from first day of his presidency till last breaths he worked for the glory, socio-politico stability, economic & financial independence and above all democratic sustainability of his country. He institutionalized diversified but integrated reforms to nurture elements of economic liberalization, political activation, and rule of the law, transparency and accountability at every stage of governance.

He coined and implemented Uzbekistan’s own unique model of “economic development” which transformed his macro-economy, banking and financial industry and productive channels. Many emerging economies have been inspired from his economic development model which is indeed a miracle in its own in the world of corporate culture, chase of higher profitability, national protectionism and the last but not the least ugly part of power politics.

He envisioned and implemented “exports oriented policies” which gradually reduced budgetary and current account deficits. He encouraged foreign direct investments (FDIs) and accelerated process of industrialization, Small and Medium (SMEs), Micro-Finance Banks (MFBs) due to which ratios of poverty was substantially reduced. Now, Uzbekistan is one of the few country in the entire world which has “zero” foreign loaning. Uzbekistan successfully mitigated “spillover” socio-economic repercussions of world economic and financial crisis having a strong, stable and sustainable macro-economy and dynamic political system in the country.

When regional and international economies were down and deep the GDPs of Uzbekistan remained above “8 percent” in the “last decade”. When regional and global financial systems remained subdued, its banking and financial industry tremendously outperformed due to visionary macro-economic policies, self-belief, respect of indigenous talent and proper utilization of local resources. Thanks to economic integrated, investment, business and of course people’s friendly policies of Islam Kairmov who had “Doctorate in Economics Sciences”

Islam Kairmov was also a true “political scientist” who promulgated so many decrees and laws for the promotion of human values, empowerment of women, and rights to weaker factions of the society, rights to minorities and above all equality and tranquility in the every sphere of Uzbekistan’s society.


He played a “mentor role” in the formation and implementation of an “Uzbek Constitution” which is now custodian of all civil liberties, human rights, basic necessities of life and peace and security at large in the country. Right from the beginning, “Political Dispensation” has been tamed in shape of “good governance” which is now rated the “basic essence” of all “Western Democracies”.

He introduced, prompted and maintained immense “political reforms” which revolutionized the concept of “rule and to be ruled” in the entire CIS. Many political actors of the Western Democracies in shape of so many regional and national political parties (hub of collective political will & wisdom), constant elections (Bible of modern Democracy), freedom to form unions (accountability &transparency), pressure groups (political balancers), NGOs (watchdogs), mass media groups (critics) and the last but not the least, independent observers (concept of neutrality) have already been witnessed for his unmatched political wisdom throughout his people’s friendly presidency.

He always rated his people the real sons of the soil the “true assets”. He planned and developed a “competitive culture” among the youth which has been channelized for the progress and prosperity of the country. Now Uzbekistan has the best national policy of HRM, job creation, education, health, and above all social development in the region. He had so many inbuilt humanistic values which has had been displayed through “holistic approach”.

He played a key role in achieving regional peace and harmony. Uzbekistan played a remarkable contribution in the formation, strategic expansion, utility, productivity of SCO, conflict resolution of troubled Afghanistan, promotion of the treaty to establish the Central Asian Nuclear Weapon-Free Zone which entered into force in 2009, water sharing, security and the last but not the least, strong national narrative and resolve against militancy and terrorism.
Undoubtedly, he was the “China Wall” against regional militancy and terrorism. His passions for the maintenance of “writ of the state” for a noble cause and greater peace and harmony cannot be bracketed. Karimov was obsessed with stability and security. He said Uzbekistan would follow its own path of reform and would build democracy and a market economy without the turmoil and crises of most other former Soviet nations.

He developed a “pragmatic foreign policy” which secured national sovereignty, territorial integrity and of course national dignity. He masterminded principles of non-violence, zero interference, and mutual respect in the realms of bilateral relations. He promoted a strategic partnership with China, South Korea, Russia, USA and so many other countries. His services to his beloved country’s soft image projection are countless.

He had a charismatic personality. He never compromised on moralities and always secured national cause. He had golden qualities of honesty, truthfulness, determination and of course courage which successfully sailed him from the seas of uncertainties to shores of stability, fame and success. He was “simple” but very “spontaneous”.

Islam Abduganiyevich Karimov was born on Jan. 30, 1938, and studied economics and engineering in what was then a Soviet republic, rising through the Communist Party bureaucracy.


He began his career in 1960, when he started working first as an assistant foreman at the Tashselmash factory in the Uzbek capital Tashkent, and then becoming a leading engineer at the Tashkent-based Chkalov aviation plant. Between 1983 and 1986, he served as Finance Minister of the Uzbek Soviet Socialist Republic. He also held the post of First Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Uzbekistan between 1989 and 1991. Additionally, he was member of the Central Committee and Politburo of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union in the early 1990s.
On March 24, 1990, Karimov was elected first President of the Uzbek Republic during a session of the republic’s Supreme Council. As of November 1, 1990 he also served as head of the republic’s Cabinet of Ministers.

During the presidential elections in Uzbekistan that followed the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, about 86 percent of voters cast their ballots in favor of Islam Karimov. On March 26, 1995, his presidential powers were extended until 2000.

On January 9, 2000, Karimov scored a landslide victory in presidential elections, during which he managed to obtain about 91.9 percent of the vote and was elected for a second term.

A national referendum on February 27, 2002 extended the presidential term from five to seven years, in a development that was followed by presidential elections on December 23, 2007, in which Karimov gained around 90.76 percent of the vote. The next presidential elections were held on March 29, 2015, and once again Karimov won with an overwhelming majority, (about 90.39 percent) of the vote.

Karimov ruled through people’s friendly policies to establish a system tantamount with the protection of human rights, freedom, civil liberty, trenchancy, accountability and unity. It is a great loss for every Uzbek. He made Uzbekistan free and developed.

25 years of tireless state craftsmanship, 300 months of unmatched political will of social development, 1300 weeks of collaborations, 9125 days of unparalleled political commitments and 1300 weeks of coordination all that made H.E. Islam Kairmov Abduganiyevich a “immortal figure”.

A brilliant leader has passed away who dedicated himself to the service of his people and the state. He will be remembered as an outstanding political and public figure whose name is undoubtedly linked with the advancement of independent Uzbekistan.

His passing away means a heavy loss for the entire people of Uzbekistan, for the Commonwealth of Independent States and for the partner nations of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization. His name will be remembered forever in the minds of Uzbek people. Long Live Islam Kairmov Abduganiyevich.

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