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10th Sharq Taronalari International Music Festival

Mehmood Ul Hassan Khan

10th Sharq Taronalari International Music Festival (August25-30) is in full swing in the historic city of Samarkand, situated in the heart of Silk Route. The Republic of Uzbekistan, the land of purity, simplicity, humanity and above all culture organized this international music festival.

True Reflection of Symbols, Semantics and Sentiments


It was indeed reflection of symbols, semantics and true sentiments on the part of the Uzbekistan under the visionary leadership of H.E. Islam Kairmov the President. It mesmerized all the participants. It was started in 1997. 33 countries participated in 1997 which increased to 66.

International Scientific Conference

The international academic conference entitled “Community of Musical Culture of the Peoples of the East” was also arranged in Samarkand within the frameworks of the Sharq Taronalari. The series of scientific conferences have already contributed to the study and promotion of the history, traditions and identity of the musical art of diverse peoples of the world. Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Uzbekistan Adham Ikramov also delivered a speech at the conference.

Music: A Great Equalizer


Music has been great equalizer and one of the effective tools for greater cross-cultural understanding and connectivity of minds and souls. It reduces physical distances and surpasses elements of discrimination and hatred. It spreads spirits of love, peace and harmony. It promotes brotherhood and universalism. It stands for togetherness. Uzbekistan has been hub of classic music which successfully promoted traditions of hopefulness, humanity, courage and search for truthfulness.

Focus of Conference

During said conference the musical culture of the East, its different evolution stages, music of different countries and comparison studies of their similarities are being thoroughly discussed and shared. It consolidates friendship bonds between peoples. The researchers, academicians and participants exchanged expertise and experience about art history, musicology and source studies of the East, along with the musical culture of different peoples. They stressed the need for further development of mutual cooperation among scholars on this topic.

Large Participation


The said conference was witnessed a large number of art historians, culture specialists, scientists, historians, experts, artists and music composers from all over the world especially from Uzbekistan, US China, UK, Republic of Korea, Japan, Germany, the Netherlands, Norway, Turkey, Serbia, Lithuania, Hungary, Israel, Oman, Kuwait, Egypt, Iran, Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, as well as representatives of many international organizations.

Minister of Culture and Sports of Uzbekistan Bahodir Ahmedov, Assistant Director General of UNESCO Eric Falt and other prominent personalities highly appreciated the initiative of President Islam Karimov i.e. International Music Festival Sharq Taronalari which serves for the advancement of cultural relations between the peoples. It has succeeded the revival and popularization of classical songs and melodies.

Eric Falt, Assistant Director General of UNESCO


Eric Falt, Assistant Director General of UNESCO highly appreciated and thanked to President Islam Karimov and said Uzbekistan’s noble endeavors aimed at promoting the music art, studying and propagating the national music and preserving it for future generations are worthy of high evaluation.

Pearls of the Uzbek music art Shashmaqom, Katta ashula

He projected that Pearls of the Uzbek music art Shashmaqom, Katta ashula have been included in UNESCO World Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. The essence and significance of the international music festival Sharq Taronalari are in tune with the objectives of UNESCO. Therefore, our organization supports this forum, he added.

President of the International Association of Music Art “Min-On” (Japan) Hiroyasu Kobayashi

President of the International Association of Music Art “Min-On” (Japan) Hiroyasu Kobayashi admired the role played by Uzbekistan in the spread of musical art in the world. “Once again we have seen this during today’s international forum that brought together musicologists from many countries, he added. The conference facilitated the study of similarities in the arts of different peoples, consolidation of their impact on bolstering the friendship between and among them, he added.


The specialists also acknowledged the special role of Uzbekistan in the development and spread of musical culture in the East. They adored Uzbekistan’s government sincere efforts for the promotion of national musical arts, preservation of classical songs and melodies.

Islam Karimov’s Speech


H.E. Islam Kairmov first of congratulated all the participants of the 10th Sharq Taronalari International Music Festival staged in the ancient and beautiful city of Samarkand. The city has almost three thousand-year history, culture and grand Registan Square which has witnessed so many great events. He conveyed his and entire nation’s warmest greetings to all the participants.

The President Islam expressed his sincere respect to the honorable guests the UNESCO Deputy Director-General Mr. Eric Falt, the Secretary-General of the International Organization of Folk Art Mr. Moon Hyung Suk, the President of the Japanese Min-On Concert Association Mr. Hiroyashi Kabayashi. He also welcomed the representatives of diplomatic corps.

Music: A Great Divine Power

During his remarkable speech he termed music a great divine power which constantly encouraged spirits of goodness and tendered the most beautiful feelings in any person’s heart.

Music as Instrument of Connectivity

He acknowledged music strong ability of “connectivity” which linked the people of various countries and nationalities, languages and beliefs to one another without any translation and which would unite them along the path of reaching the common objectives.

He said this festival vividly demonstrated that during the past short period of time it succeeded to win fame throughout the world and its authority, respect and prestige has ever been growing. Musicians, singers, vocalists, composers and lyricists from Asia, Africa, Europe and Central Asia graced this unique music festival and gathered different voices, talents and experiences. It showcased music at its best, he added.

Humanistic Value of International Festival

The President Islam Kairmov highlighted its humanistic value which spread happiness. It expressed the spirit and philosophy of Samarkand consolidated the ties of friendship among nation, he added. It also developed the cultural dialogue by preserving the traditions of classical music.

Devotion and Selflessness of all the Participants

He highly valued the devotion and selflessness of all the participants i.e. the true masters of art and commended the valuable contribution of international organizations like UNESCO and local people who have been wholeheartedly supporting this forum.

Everlasting Beauty of Samarkand


Islam, the President portrayed the everlasting beauty of Samarkand as a symbol of the great Orient, the melody of centuries spreads from the immortal historical monuments, blue domes, sky-high minarets and grandeur portals which embody the spirit of the times. “It seems as if the voices of the great thinkers, scientists and artists, who lived and created in this sacred land, are sounding here, he elaborated”.

Samarkand Eternal City like Rome

He termed Samarkand Eternal City like Rome. He mentioned that one of the respected editions published in the United States of America has recently enlisted the city of Samarkand as one of the fifty must-see cities in the world. It was vastly published throughout the world’s media. The city connects his great and glorious past with present world which comprehensively flourishes modernity.

Learning of World Cultures

He stressed the need of closely learning the world of culture and art which gives the meaning and essence to life, preserving peace and tranquility in the world, cherishing this beautiful life and mutually enjoying the cultural wealth of peoples.

Beauty of Ancient City

The President Islam advised the participants and people to visit the ancient sites, squares and boulevards of this city and prosperous makhallas and learnt a larger than life experience. He once again advised the participants to talk with the experienced, open-hearted, brave and good-natured people of this land, who carefully preserve their customs, traditions and values.

Hospitality of the people of Samarkand

He highlighted the hospitality of the people of Samarkand which will be charmed forever. The sincere conversations and dialogues with the representatives of our country, who love art from the bottom of their hearts and highly value it, will serve as a source of inspiration for the new creative works, he added.

Envoys of Peace and Friendship


The President Islam Kairmov termed the participants as the envoys of peace and friendship who expressed the soul and spirit of their nations through music and also conveyed their kind dreams, aspirations and greetings, and as our closest and dearest friends.

He said charming music, songs and melodies, which will sound in this sublime stage, will remain in the hearts and minds of each of us for a long time.

He expressed a profound gratitude to all of the participants for giving precious time and granting these wonderful samples of art and joyful moments.

Eric Falt, UNESCO Assistant Director General

He termed music a tool capable of uniting peoples in the name of a common goal. He stressed the need to cementing the friendship among the peoples of the world and further enriching the intercultural dialogue through the platform of the festival Sharq Taronalari. He projected the rich historical and architectural monuments of Samarkand.

He outlined his organization responsibilities which have been actively involved in the preservation and promotion of intangible cultural heritage. He mentioned the inclusion of Askiya in the Representative List of UNESCO as an intangible cultural heritage of humanity is yet another recognition of the rich culture and art of the Uzbek people.”

SHARQ TARONALARI (Melodies of the East)


It is an international platform for music and culture. It showcases diversity and purity attached to music and traditions of Uzbekistan. It started in 1997. This year its 10th edition is being arranged which is in its full swing. It is full of color, life and culture activities. It is full of hope, divinity and love. It stands for better cross-culture understanding. It upholds the spirits of internationalism and togetherness. It connects people by tendering minds and souls. It has been promising to grant new impressions and introduction to beautiful melodies and songs of the peoples of the world.

Value of Music

Right from the beginning, music has been playing an important role in the daily lives of the people. It has been acting like a cherished feeling and an indispensable part of their lives. The Sharq Taronalari (Melodies of the East) International Music Festival was built to promote Uzbek classic music in order to preserve the richest national and music traditions. Here, for over centuries, people used to conduct ritual clean-over before listening to music, paying tribute to its purity and primal nature of its origin. This music is simple but wise, and its philosophy is deep and profound.

Now, the Sharq Taronalari Festival is one of the most prestigious international forums and is acknowledged by UNESCO as the biggest music festival in the East. It has many permeant features including different live performances and conference during which the academics from many nations exchange views in the field of music art.

Main Organizers

Its main organizers are the the Ministry of Culture and Sports of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the National Television and Radio Company, the Union of Composers of Uzbekistan and the Hokimiyat (provincial administration) of the Samarkand Region. The festival is held under the auspices of UNESCO. Leaders of UNESCO take part in it. In particular, the UNESCO Secretary General Irina Bokova attended the event in 2013.

Concluding Remarks


10th Sharq Taronalari International Music Festival (August25-30) is in its full swing. It highlights the true spirits of Uzbek hospitality, humanity and harmony. It showcases the eternal power of music which mesmerizes people and participants at large. It projects uniqueness attached to the historic city of Samarkand. It reflects different shades of hope, love, courage and purity. It streamlines traditions of divinity and goodness.

Samarkand, city of wisdom and culture is splendidly decorated and renovated for this ongoing international music festival Sharq Taronalari. A grand and interesting program of the show was to present all the great diversity of vocal and dancing art of the people and ethnic groups of Uzbekistan.

The first festival was attended by representatives of 31 countries, whereas art figures from 53 nations took part in the ninth festival. Representatives of 66 states are taking part in the ongoing international music festival.

This year, art connoisseurs from Portugal, Mauritius, Bhutan, Costa Rica, Mali, Peru and Ecuador are going to perform on the Registan stage. Leading music scholars, art directors, chiefs of international festivals, representatives of foreign media and more than a hundred performers take part in the 10th international music festival.

Samarkand, city of life and color is full of sound, passion and compassion. There is dance and delicious food. There is music and momentum throughout the city. There is lyrics and love. There is composer and compassion. There is vocalist and velocity. There is art and admiration among the local people and participants alike. There is creativity and connectivity. There is hospitality and new horizon of tolerance and internationalism. There is performance and purity of ideas. There is charm and chance of meeting legendry musician, vocalists, dancers and performers.

There is beautification and greening works. There are series of exhibitions of photographs, national music instruments, costumes, works of visual art and national trades.

Music is the connecting bridge among the different groups, nations and countries. It is everlasting and art is larger than life. It promotes closeness, coolness and of course coordination. The Sharq Taronalari Festival fulfills an important mission that facilitates the preservation and further promotion of the traditional music of the East. It demonstrates arts and cultures.

The Sharq Taronalari is a magnificent festival going on in the ancient Samarkand, which is famous as a Splendor of the Earth suffices it to say, is turning into the splendor of the world music art, its peculiar and unique hub.

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