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CDA’s Legal Action Slowed Down By Legal Hurdles

According to CDA officials, the legal hurdles have slowed down the authority’s action against businesses violating its building bylaws. Most of the restaurants, guest houses, bakeries, boutiques and private schools are being run unlawfully in residential buildings. Recently, strict actions were taken against them by CDA.

According to a CDA official, violators got a stay order from some court after which the CDA had to stop its operation against the owners of abusive property owners. There are over 1200 houses in the federal city that are being used for the commercial activities. However, the official said that the legal department would continue pursuing the violators.

The authority has to move on according to laws and cannot do much against the violators as they have obtained a stay order from the court.

The CDA has sealed eight farmhouses and eighteen houses for ‘non-conforming’ use of farmland and residential buildings but the activity slowed down after one week of action. The civic authority cannot seal a house protected by a stay order.

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