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True reflections of patriotism

Mehmood Ul Hassan Khan

United Arab Emirates celebrated its 41th National Day on December 2, 2012. On this occasion, the leadership outlined diversified but integrated socio-economic programs for the welling of its people. They assured people for brighter future, education, health and qualitative life in the days to come. Many important meetings, seminars, and conferences were arranged to showcase UAE tremendous socio-economic progress.

The massive participation of the general masses showed their rigorous engagement with the state of affairs. It also showed their patriotic spirits towards their beloved country. Camel rides, hooded falcons and traditional dancing were the main attractions at the Heritage Village in the capital, Abu Dhabi.

All the streets, corners and government and private buildings were decorated and laminated with different colors. Cultural dances, firework displays and multimedia shows were hosted/arranged at different places in all the emirates. Students of different schools and universities actively participated in the different activities of national day celebration in the country.

People were enjoyed with car parade and bicycle on National Day. Cars of different sizes, brands and color were fully indulged with spirits of the unity on that day. They showed different tricks and skills due to which people got mesmerized. Majority of the people and small children decorated their faces with national flag. It was an addition to celebratory feel. A huge UAE flag was raised up a 123-metre tall flag pole the seventh tallest in the world in Sharjah.

There were different programs of live music, stage shows, dramas, and other useful activities and people participated in large numbers. Competitions of calligraphy, poetry, and arts were arranged. Exhibitions on different related subjects were also hosted at different centers.

It was spirits of pride, nationhood, and dignity. It was reflection of equality, togetherness and interfaith harmony. It was great show of fun full of life and colors. It was show of positivity, productivity, and the last but not the least gratification. It was also the day of thanking to Allah Almighty. Big portraits of Rulers were displayed on different buildings and important junctions.

A magnificent air show was one of the leading events in the capital. Airplanes played a memorable show and spread colors of national pride, and sovereignty. The jets flew overhead the crowd and unleashed steam in four colours, black, white, red and green the colours of the UAE national flag. It showed the expertise of pilots and people were really liked it.

The whole nation celebrated its 41th National Day with zenith and pride. It was great day of celebrations carried out in all the seven emirates. From top to bottom, from dynasty to dynamics and people from different walk of life including foreigners rigorously participated in the national day celebrations. Ministers were invited in different community celebrations in the capital and other parts of the country. It was indeed a great day to remember for all the years to come.

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