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UAE Tremendous Achievements at EXPO 2012, Korea

Mehmood Ul Hassan Khan

UAE Pavilion at EXPO 2012 Yeosu, Korea won a Silver Medal

The UAE Pavilion at EXPO 2012 Yeosu South Korea has been one of the most visited destinations for the tourists, students, children, and elderly people. Even researchers, marketing personnel and media gurus highly appreciated its magnificent display and associated arrangements. Special people including blinds had also been obliged to personal visits with ease and comfort. Due to its state-of-the art physical fixture and high levels of creativity in different sections, UAE pavilion has been awarded a silver medal.

UAE among the top A-Class Countries

More than 1oo countries including many regional and international organizations rigorously participated in the just concluded EXPO 2012. Depending upon the level of active participation the UAE was rated among the top A-Class countries.

Positive Contribution of the Film “The Turtle”

UAE pavilion showed different documentaries/films strongly supported the main theme i.e. Living Ocean and Coast” which are highly cherished by the audiences and judges during the EXPO 2012. These films were selected on the bases of their paramount qualitative impact on audiences. UAE main film titled “the Turtle” mesmerized the audiences and judges alike and even critics liked it very much. In an award ceremony the jury of the international panel of the B.I.E Award specially mentioned the different electrifying aspects of that film i.e. the story-board, production standard, original characterization, back-ground music and above all natural acting display of the different participants. It was hotly contested but the best one won i.e. UAE film “the Turtle”. In EXPO 2012 the bronze medal for creative display was awarded to Australia

H.H. Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed Al Nahyan’s Statement

H.H. Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed Al Nahyan, UAE s Minister of Foreign Affairs and Chairman of the National Media Council congratulated the government of Korea, hosting a very successful EXPO 2012 on the globally important theme of Living Ocean and Coast”. The National Media Council is responsible for running the UAE Pavilion at B.I.E. s Expo events. “I am also pleased that we have received this recognition of our sustained efforts to make a positive contribution to the EXPO movement, led by B.I.E. We look forward to participating at EXPO 2015 in Milan, at EXPO 2017, and indeed to the hoped for successful outcome of our bid to host EXPO 2020 in Dubai the foreign minister added. He elaborates that awards such as this demonstrate UAE serious commitment towards, and understanding of, the core values of B.I.E. and the main goals of all such events. He is hopeful that all participating countries can put all its weight behind the UAE 2020 bid.

Reem Al Hashimy, UAE Minister of State and Managing Director of the Higher Committee for Hosting the World Expo 2020

Reem Al Hashimy, UAE Minister of State and Managing Director of the Higher Committee for Hosting the World Expo 2020 uphold the H.H. Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Foreign Minister’s comments and congratulated the National Media Council for its immaculate management of the UAE Pavilion in Korea. “We have learnt a great deal about the whole EXPO process through our involvement with this great event”, she added. “I look forward to putting these lessons into practice as we progress towards the decision day at the B.I.E. General Assembly in November 2013 she elaborated. She share that, notwithstanding the worthy bids of other competitors, the UAE is the best and most logical location to host EXPO 2020. It is a big challenge but one that we are very confident that we can fulfil”, she added.

UAE Pavilion Commissioner, Ibrahim Al Abed

On his part, the UAE Pavilion Commissioner, Ibrahim Al Abed, thanked the UAE President, His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the UAE Cabinet, under its Prime Minister His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, and Abu Dhabi Government, under its Crown Prince, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, for their extended strong support/supervision for the UAE’s participation at EXPO 2012, Korea. He also highly paid accolade to the National Media Council staff members who successfully supervised the pavilion in EXPO 2012.

UAE Pavilion Director and Deputy Commissioner

Abdulla Al Aidarous the UAE Pavilion Director and Deputy Commissioner received the Silver Medal on behalf of the UAE Government. He acknowledged the strong support given to the EXPO pavilion project by federal and national governments. He also paid tribute to the Emirati volunteers and artists who attributed such a strong national flavour to the pavilion, helping to project the UAE soft image/power at the international level. He also thanked the pavilion s staff members for their strong support.

EXPO 2012 beneficial to World EXPO 2020

It is estimated that UAE active participation in just ended 2012 EXPO, Korea has further enhanced UAE bid chances for holding of the World EXPO 2020 in Dubai. UAE also gained immense recognition from many regional and international organizations/agencies as a role model for emerging economies by showcasing its phenomenal socio-economic stability and sustainability achieved in less than half a century under the wise, visionary and unparalleled leadership of the country in the region.


Immense Appreciation and Recognition

Through its well-crafted pavilion, it was remained one of the main center of attraction during the three month long international exhibition among the visitors of all ages. It successfully re-branded the soft power or national image of the UAE being an environment friendly country. It also projected its sustainable alternative/renewable energy pursuits for the best interests of the country and environment alike led by carbon free Masdar city in Abu Dhabi. It showed its drive of diversification of economy.

UAE Pavilion in EXPO 2012 a humanoid robot, named ‘Reem’

Deputy Spokesperson of 2012 Yeosu Expo

Kang Hyun-Joo, Deputy Spokesperson of 2012 Yeosu Expo said in an interview with WAM that many Korean visitors to UAE Pavilion were moved and inspired by the main film Turtle” which showcased how the importance of pollution free seas aligning with 2012 Expo theme: Living Ocean and Coastal Activities.

Seong Dae-seock, famous TV journalist

Seong Dae-seock, a well-known TV journalist said that 2012 Yeosu Expo has opened our eyes wide as to the growing women empowerment in UAE in all segments of the society. It has changed and reshaped Korean conventional knowledge about Arab women

UAE Pavilion at EXPO 2012 Yeosu, Korea

Contributory Role of UAE Volunteers

UAE trained, well educated and highly motivated volunteers most of them women played a remarkable role in the overall success of its pavilion in the EXPO 2012. They cared about each and every visitor and won the hearts of the Korean people. Due to its dedication, dutifulness, decency and helpfulness the Rotary International led by Kah Jae-mo delivered on Aug. 3 a letter of appreciation to Emirati volunteers at the UAE Pavilion at 2012 who showcase the role model of volunteers. An Emirati volunteer said that voluntary work in UAE has an important position at the institutional and individual level.

Dr. Charles Mercieca, president of IAEWP, UN-NGO (ECOSOC) lauded National Media Council (NMC) of UAE and staff for their true professionalism reaching thrilling to audiences at 2012 Yeosu Expo with such a wonderful film as Turtle for the 2012 Expo’s main theme of “The Living Ocean and Coast. It televised the most desirable future for the ocean in the days to come around the globe. In his personal message, Mr. Giuseppe Sala, CEO of Milan EXPO 2015 wished good luck to Dubai which is bidding to host 2020 Dubai World Expo.

Concluding Remarks

UAE pavilion in EXPO 2012, Korea became the sweetheart to young couples and center of information for students. It remained hub of knowledge and entertainment for small boys and girls during the three month international event. It has become icon of passion, service, sharing, exploration and above all strong commitment.

UAE pavilion remained full of life, color and energy. It provided larger than life opportunities about diversified natural species. It portrayed true picture of UAE maritime heritage, marine conservation, coastal planning and marine science. The International Expo 2012 was inaugurated on May 12, 2012 in Yeosu and ended August 12.

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