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UAE Embassy Caravan of Iftari programs goes on

By Mehmood-Ul-Hassan Khan

Anjuman Faiz Ul Islam, Mandera

Islamabad (August 5): Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan Charitable foundation and UAE Red Crescent Authority with the coordination of UAE Embassy in Pakistan are engaged with the series of Iftari programs in the country which will be carried out during the whole blessed month of Ramadan. A well arranged Iftari program was staged in Anjuman Faiz Ul Islam, Mandera in the evening, yesterday. The caravan of Iftari programs will be carried out in different parts of the country and will cover maximum charitable organizations, welfare institutions and centers. More than 400 students as well as workers, staff members and high management of the center attended the Iftari program.

The Director Mr. Javed spoke very highly about the arrangement, good food and holy spirits of this marvelous feast He thanked on the behalf of all workers and students to UAE organizations, UAE Embassy and its visionary leadership for this extended humanitarian assistance. He praised the well taught and connected series of Iftari program in the country for these needy poor people at large. He stressed the need to have closer levels of cooperation and collaboration for the greater welfare of these neglected people and marginalized communities in the country. He emphasized that local people and charitable organizations must take some lesson form the UAE for this philanthropy. He said that this initiative sponsored by the Khalifa Humanitarian Charity Foundation and brotherly people of the UAE definitely brought some pleasure and joy in the lives of orphan students.

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