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August 2012

Bigwig? Get a plot of choice in Islamabad

 By Syed Danish Husain (

In a strange ‘coincidence’, the big guns of Pakistan’s diaspora comprising the mighty lot of journalists, politicians, parliamentarians, bureaucrats, ruling elites and their near and dear ones have interestingly grabbed lucrative plots located at the prime locations during the ‘fixed’ balloting of a housing project called Park Enclave.
It happened just recently when, to the pleasant surprise of the influential elite, it so transpired that the ‘lucky winners’ and beneficiaries of the CDA’s so-called balloting for Pak Enclave, its much hyped housing society, happened to be all the powerful individuals.
On the other hand, uninfluential common and overseas Pakistanis, who contributed billions of rupees to the national exchequer, thanks to their hard earned money, were allotted plots in ‘slum like’ areas mostly located along a 60-foot wide seasonal nullah runs through the middle of the proposed locality, the Park Enclave.Read More »Bigwig? Get a plot of choice in Islamabad

LAHORE: Sheesha smoking still popular among youth

Students say government ban on sheesha unjustified

Café owners protest against raids, say business destroyed

By Aliya Mirza

Despite the City District Government Lahore (CDGL) imposing a ban on sheesha smoking, a large number of youngsters, both male and female, and even professionals belonging to different fields are still visiting cafes for sheesha as they claim sheesha smoking to be a “healthy recreational activity”.

The CDGL had started a crackdown against sheesha cafes in the city four months ago and almost all sheesha cafes were sealed in the process. The Lahore High Court (LHC) later gave permission for reopening the cafes, however, the raids continued during which the government officials confiscated sheesha hookahs and arrested workers and in some cases the customers as well.

A large number of sheesha cafes can be seen located on different important roads of the city, which not only provide sheesha but also serve as fast food joints for the visitors. Read More »LAHORE: Sheesha smoking still popular among youth

Osama Bin Laden was dead as US Marines arrived


Former al Qaeda chief Osama bin Laden was unarmed and already dead with a bullet to his brain when the US NAVY SEALS entered his bedroom in his Abbottabad compound, narrated a US Navy SEAL in his first-hand account of the raid. The Huffington Post has obtained a copy of the book. In the book “No Easy Day: The Firsthand Account of the Mission that Killed Osama Bin Laden”, a SEAL who used the pseudonym Mark Owen wrote that suppressed gunshots were heard when the team was less than five steps away from getting to the top. When the team members entered the al Qaeda chief’s room, they saw his wife wailing over his body, the book added. Owen also denied numerous reports that Laden had a weapon and resisted when the SEALS entered. He wrote that the al Qaeda leader was unarmed and had been fatally wounded with “blood and brains spilled out of the side of his skull”. The writer also negated several other reports, and said that the SEALS were not fired at outside the compound nor wasRead More »Osama Bin Laden was dead as US Marines arrived

Islamabad: CDA invites application from constructers for Park Enclave

The Capital Development Authority (CDA) has invited applications from competent construction firms for the infrastructure development project of Park Enclave.

Park Enclave project director of CDA said that interested and competent constructors from reputable companies/firms having successfully executed similar projects but not limited to design/construction of area development, road network, storm water drainage with rain water harvesting, waterRead More »Islamabad: CDA invites application from constructers for Park Enclave

Pakistani Executive off the hook, but what about Judiciary?

 By Muhammad Akram

LAHORE: The 22-day-long lifeline to a prime minister who was in a Catch 22 situation only a day earlier on whether to appear before the Supreme Court’s special bench hearing NRO implementation case can safely imply as a show of restraint on both the sides as well as an explicit desire to find a middle way out of the deepening quagmire of more than three-year-long stand-off between the executive and the judiciary.

If on the one hand the top PPP leadership had ignored the most popular demand within the party circles that the PM should not appear before the bench to express displeasure over the disqualification of his predecessor, the special bench headed by Justice Asif Saeed Khosa on the other hand granted 22 days to the government to amicably resolve the lingering dispute over writing a letter to the Swiss authorities for reopening alleged graft cases against President Asif Ali Zardari. Read More »Pakistani Executive off the hook, but what about Judiciary?

Pakistan varsities make miraculous achievement

 Tremendous increase in research publications as QAU remains at top with 717 publications followed by UoA with 524 publications and AKU with 521 publications

 Pakistani higher education institutions have witnessed a tremendous increase in research publications within last few years, the findings of an academic exercise, conducted by the Higher Education Commission Pakistan (HEC), has revealed.

According to HEC’s Assessment and Research Ranking Report, the number of publications by Pakistan’s higher education institutions has increased from about 800 in the year 2002 to more than 6,000 in the year 2011. In 2010, this number was 5,000.

These publications were extracted using three global databases: SCI-E, SSCI, and S&HCI from Thomson-Reuters web of science. The publications also cover all major disciplines including physical sciences, agriculture and veterinary sciences, biological and medical sciences, social sciences, management sciences and engineering.
Read More »Pakistan varsities make miraculous achievement

Who needs a license? Self-driving cars coming our way

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It’s been more than half a century since some of the first concept cars boasting self-driving features were presented to the world and they’re still not on the roads. But many auto executives say the industry is on the cusp of welcoming vehicles that make the idea of keeping both hands on the wheel an anachronism. General Motors showed off “dream cars” in the late 1950s like the Firebird II and Cadillac Cyclone with features automakers are now starting to roll out in new models as the technology, based on sensors, lasers, radar systems, GPS, cameras and microchips-improves and becomes less costly.Read More »Who needs a license? Self-driving cars coming our way

Judiciary has become a dictator, says Gilani

 Ex-PM says no need for elections as judges want to govern the country.

 He would advise Raja to not to go to court.

MULTAN: Terming judiciary similar to dictators, former premier Yousaf Raza Gilani on Wednesday said sarcastically that there was no need of elections as the judges want to govern the country.

Speaking to reporters during an iftar party, he said, “We have fought against all dictators and were always successful, but today the judiciary has become a dictator.”Read More »Judiciary has become a dictator, says Gilani

In 65 years, India excels Pakistan in many fields

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“The News” report by Sabir Shah

LAHORE: Although the Islamic Republic of Pakistan is a day older than its next-door neighbour India, it cannot match the excellence of its nuclear arch rival when it comes to the secular state’s accomplishments in political, educational, economic and communication development fronts during these 65 years.

A few pro-Pakistan critics may, however, try to snatch the credit away from India by attributing the country’s superb successes to its much bigger area and its six times larger population.Read More »In 65 years, India excels Pakistan in many fields