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Health benefits of sleep

AS lifestyles get busier and more packed these days, the average person is almost always faced with the temptation of giving up on sleep to get more productivity. After all, the availability of more and more part-time, particularly home-based pursuits makes money-making not only possible but also a very attractive task. Or, other people may choose to forgo sleep for social commitments, particularly after a busy week full of stressful work. While their body craves sleep, their being social beings demand longer periods of night socializing, resulting in a body deprived of sleep one way or another.
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Islamabad’s perfect spots for taking a walk

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By Myra Imran

Considering its immense benefits, more and more people in town are taking time out to go for a brisk walk and as their number grows so have the spots that provide a perfect setting for a stroll.

Perhaps the most fancied spot remains the Fatima Jinnah Park. Each morning and evening, scores of people arrive at this park either to walk, jog or exercise or further still just sit and while away the time.

The park, the biggest in Islamabad is thought to be the most appropriate place to walk because of its vastness and pollution-free atmosphere. The walking tracks and exercise areas, though less in number, makes it a perfect place for those seeking to have healthy life.
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Spoonful of honey boosts energy

ANCIENT Greek athletes consumed honey to boost their energy and performance levels during Olympics events as it contains glucose and fructose, known to produce tremendous reserves of glycogen in the liver. Having a spoonful of unprocessed honey before bed can support your brain function. The fructose is stored as energy reserves in the liver, ready to fuel the brain overnight. Indeed, honey boosts the immune system and has an antibacterial effect internally and externally, helping the body to heal.Read More »Spoonful of honey boosts energy

ISLAMABAD: 44% Pakistanis drinking unsafe water as world observes Water Day

By Mahtab Bashir

Access to safe water and sanitation is a daily battle for the people of rapidly growing cities, especially in slums. As many as 72 million Pakistanis out of a population of 180 million are deprived of having access to safe drinking water as the country is observing World Water Day today. Water experts urged the authorities to fill the fissures in the water management plan to cope with the growing number of population and meet the target of Millennium Development Goals (MDG).
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About two weeks ago a friend of mine had been admitted in the hospital for abdominal pain and diagnosed with 1.5mm gallstone. While searching for a suitable treatment for gallstones, I found the following information at ABC HOMOEOPATHY website. My friend has an appointment for endoscopy after 2 weeks. Last week I advised him to try this remedy before he goes for endoscopy.  Yesterday he took the final dose of Epsom salt and Olive oil and today morning three stones of about 7mm diameter were expelled which I have seen myself. I am confident it will work the same way for other gallstone patients too.Read More »REMOVING GALLSTONES NATURALLY