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Asslam O Alaikum

Current prevailing situation in our beloved country is a matter of concern for all of us, political unrest, energy crises, declining foreign exchange reserves, out flow of investments and above all, alarming increase in violence are posing a real threat to economic and social stability in Pakistan.

Our problems are deep rooted and require a lot of struggle and hardship to overcome. Here I want to start some discussions about the problems our country is facing and how we can help to overcome these problems. I have noticed that many knowledgeable Pakistani friends do visit this site frequently. I would like to take this opportunity to invite them to take part in these discussions and oblige us. I myself am not highly educated and expert Pakistani but I am sure that a lot of visiting friends do have the ability and expertise to participate and share their views with other friends. I can reserve a separate domain for this purpose but let us start from here first.

First of all let us discuss about the role of overseas Pakistanis in the development of Pakistan, how we can help to bring progress and prosperity in Pakistan.

God bless you all.

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144 thoughts on “Role of overseas Pakistanis in the development of Pakistan

  • Javed


    The Sindh Government web home page displays an item dated Feb 13, 2009 entitled “Government mulling legislation to allocate seats for Overseas Pakistanis in NA”. It narrates brief of a Dubai held a conference about Overseas Pakistanis (OPs) attended by H.E Pakistani Ambassador at Large, H.E Sindh Governor Dr. Ishrat Ul Ebad, H.E Dr. Farooq Sattar Federal Minister for Overseas Pakistanis, the Honourable Karachi City Nazim Mustafa Kama. Amongst many other usual things the Minister for Overseas Pakistanis stated that the OPs would be given a status of a VIP when they come back.

    After getting pockets of OPs emptied through emotional slogan of “Qaraz Uttaro”, Nawaz Sharif raised a new slogan that Overseas Pakistanis whether holding Pakistani passports or of other nationality were our family members and their home (Pakistan) was open for them all times. For allowing these “family members” to come to their home (Pakistan) he then immediately introduced a Pakistan Origin Card on a huge cost. Thus he showed his inner by imposing a sort of heavy tax without payment of which a Pakistani origin was barred to come to Pakistan. Then in the same series of love for OPs, a new income generating technique was invented namely separate ID Card for Overseas Pakistanis on cost of which the above Conference also showed its concern and desired to reduced its fee. It was perhaps Nawaz Sharif rule, if my memories are not misguiding me, when the Gold and Silver Remittances Cards were introduced during the Budget Speech in the National Assembly. Some incentives were announced for those who remit Rs. 150,000 or above through banking channels. Most of those incentives looked very beautiful in the book as except for a free passport there was nothing practically useful for majority of Pakistanis. The free passport incentive is about Pak Rs. 400 per year (Rs. 2000 passport valid for 5 years). One incentive attached with the Gold Sliver Cards was VIP treatment to such card holders on arrival in Pakistan and would be VIP guests in all gathers in Pakistani Embassies abroad. Has any Pakistani, I mean an ordinary OP like me ever seen or heard of any VIP treatment to anyone on arrival, let alone VIP treatment to himself. That invisible incentive namely VIP was only for those who held Gold or Silver Card which, as appears reading the Governor House website, now the Honourable Dr. Farooq Sattar is going to extend everyone irrespective holding a card or not.

    The then Budget Speech of the Federal finance Minister announced these incentives including Card holders to be the VIP Guests in all functions in Pakistan Embassies abroad. I was then working abroad and held the Gold Card. The fact is I had earlier been invited by the Embassy there on 23 March Pakistan Day Receptions but as far as I remember when I got my first Gold Card since then I was never ever got an invitation. After about 6-8 years of introduction of these Cards, I raised the question with the Overseas Pakistanis Foundation when I received a very shameful response. I was informed that though this incentive VIP Guests in functions was announced in the budget speech but later the concerned Ministry did not agree to it. The point was as to why the incentive was announced at the first hand without first getting the approval. Secondly if it was later not approved then as to why it was not made public and was not this effect announced with same fanfare as its introduction was announced. Sometime in 1995-96 OPF released a press huge advertisement both in Pakistan and in foreign papers with its own, Ministry of Labour monograms etc announcing Beach City Housing Scheme in Karachi. The advertisement advised applicants to send OPF Islamabad Rs. 200 (then it was a big amount) for application form. Many of us sent. The third day on announcement of these two senators in the senate raised voice that the Government will not be allowed to establish a “Ayashee Ka Adda” in Karachi in the name of Overseas Pakistanis. The then OPs Minister who was also Chairman of OPF Board then and there clarified that he was not aware of any such scheme. At this the OPF who had got our bank drafts got en-cashed, came out with a usual hanky phpanky that the private company without first informing it released the advertisement. It be noted the address for sending money was that of OPF with its and government monograms.

    The ordinary Pakistani worker does not meet any VIP treatment etc. His needs are very minor and limited having no financial repercussions. For example instead of arranging VIP treatment, Dr. Ishrat Ul Abbad will do good if he ensures that his own office gives proper response if any OP contacts him, Chief Minister’s office or any other Sindh Government Department with any problem. Not more. His Excellency the Governor, His Excellency Dr. Farooq Sattar, the Honourable Mustafa Kamal can deliver much better if they protect the Overseas Pakistanis housing scheme “Mehran Town” situate in their own city Karachi which is as per press report has started with much speed being encroached upon.

  • Javed


    There are only two columnists in Pakistan whom I respect from deep inside of my heart and sometime I practically include their names in my prayers. They, since I started properly reading newspapers late 60s have written voluminous which as usual felt on deaf ears for whom those were pen down but at least in this “munafiq” society generally we live in both had the courage and a real ALLAH’s fear that they always speak what was right in their conscious. And these respected are Honourable Mr. Irshad Ahmad Haqqani and Mr. Ardeshir Cowasjee. With later one sometime I little differ when he writes in his own style about Islamic values and about our army. Ardeshir Cowasjee has an advantage over the other viz that even in his this old age and despite tremendous dangers he not only keeps writing about land mafia but at his own cost keeps with a little group of his alike the Courts moving.

    In his column on 22 February 2009 while reserving on third of his column space for references of amenity plots and places under mafia occupation through different sweet schemes, he wonders if the “silent majority” will become ashamed of its own apathy and act (of silence).

    He has many a times earlier cried over masses apathy but he never told as to how today’s helpless ordinary man can move. Mr. Ardeshir Cowasjee has resources of all sorts. ALLAH may give him more. What an ordinary man has? He should at least guide the common man whom he shames. In his above titled column he also enlists ” Mehran Town ” under mafia encroachment. This is a housing scheme established by the Karachi Development Authority in 1973 in Korangi exclusively for Overseas Pakistanis (OPs). KDA as it claims developed the land which developed was washed away by 1978 floods in Karachi. Since 1978 lots of floods/heavy rains came in Karachi, many new roads, new bridges, complexes were made, got damaged in these rains, repaired and again got destroyed but Mehran Town’s fate has only one reply from the KDA namely the “1978 flood destroyed it”. This senior citizen can not remember that during the last more than 10 years how many dozens and at what places like each new President, each new PM, each new Minister, Public Account Committee, NAB, Senators, Sindh Ombudsman etc he wrote on huge expense and time. To my all these addresses I pleaded one specific issue that an independent committee be constituted comprising Mr. Ardeshir Cowasjee, Ms. Yasmee Lari etc which may on my expense visit the site, take random soil samples, get these laboratory tested to determine if its digestion system had practically digested all what KDA financial files show having been consumed by this soil from 1975 to date. No body ever even acknowledged me. With the defunct Ehtisab Bureau some other Overseas Pakistani filed a complaint on Mehran Town as I read in the newspapers but later that complain file disappeared.

    The scheme since long under the active patronage of KDA, area police, Revenue Department is being encroached upon. Even duplicate allotments deliberately were issued by the Sindh Revenue. Last year news appeared that KDA were again issuing duplicate allotments. Concerned circles have long raised the voice that since this scheme today was not worth inhabitation for the human being it be declared a cottage industrial area. With induction of new government last year both the Overseas Pakistanis Weekly Bladi of serious Daily Jang and daily The News International a few months back published features with photographs saying today anyone without any fear but with a party flag can sit on any plot in the scheme. Since appearing of this press report even in this old age with my only single eye having 25% reading visibility only I address by name HE the President and many others drawing their attention to these encroachments as reported by the press but never got any response. Only HE the Prime Minister Office responded asking to Chief Minister Sindh to look into and report back but for obvious reason but to no surprise to this senior citizen, the CM Sindh Secretariat sat on the egg. On the web online complaints Sindh Governor and Sindh Chief Minister I raised the issue with no acknowledgement at all. Even last year I addressed the much praised by Mr. Ardeshir The Sheri which also did not respond.

    Recently I addressed a complaint to the Sindh Ombudsman complaining that the concerned Sindh Government Departments had not responded my complaints which is an act of mal administration. Though it has been observed the Sindh Ombudsman for the last 3-4 years did not care generally giving response but fortunately by chance a new Director General took note of and responded me with a line that a three page report on the matter was already mailed to me and that he was mailing me the “proof of dispatch of that”. Since then through my unaccountable emails I have informed this kind new DG that neither the 3 page report nor the proof of its dispatched “having been mailed” has so far reached me requesting him a re-copy of that “proof of dispatch” so that in light of that I may take up the matter with postal authorities but no response is coming.

    In these circumstances will the noble Mr. Ardeshir Cowasjee advise what further course of action is left for this old man and hundreds of other affected OPs who almost all today are senior citizens. Many having died. How important is this issue can be judged from the only fact that about 10 years back the senior intellectual Mr. Irshahad Ahmed Haqqani who takes up serious national issues only under the title “I can not remain silent on in this injustice” wrote two weekly successive columns for the ill fate affecttee OPs. On appearing of his first column same evening the then Federal Secretary Information met Haqqani at his residence assuring him that the government will take note of, also requested Haqqani not to use his pen any more on this ill fated housing scheme. For the information of Mr. Ardeshir Cowasjee since then we had not entered into the list of top honoured nations, had not earned 12 billion reserves and had not inducted in abundance the good governance in our government departments hence the then Secretary did read the article and at least tried to console. Today we are honoured nations and living in peoples democracy hence if my address to today’s even Minister of Information has not brought any acknowledgement is not a surprise at least to this old man.

    • Haroon

      @Javed, I may not agree fully with the contents but would acknowledge one thing that I am your companion in One sense that I also grew up reading articles in dawn by Justice Retd Ardeshir Cowasjee and one of His admirer. I also do not agree with him fully but atleast admire his intellect and boldness. For the Information of the readers Zoroastrian Religion took birth and prospered in the Land now Comprises of uzbekistan. Uzbekistan has allot of sites where still the marks of great Civilization are visible.

  • Javed


    The PPP before coming into power in its election manifest including welfare of Overseas Pakistanis. Accordingly it has after coming into power many a time showed its intent to do welfare of Overseas Pakistanis and introduce new schemes for their benefit. For this welfare the OPF increased its membership fee from Rs. 900/- to Rs. 2000/- benefiting its coffers. Now the new Federal Minister Dr. Farooq Sattar immediately on his taking charge has announced that the speedy steps would be taken for the welfare of Overseas Pakistanis like giving them quota in assemblies etc. As a first step towards this the Overseas Pakistanis Foundation is now sending a circular letters to Overseas Pakistanis abroad. With this circular letter is a three page Application Form for registration of Pakistanis for some “Fund”. In Urdu it reds “Behbood Fund” and in English “Welfare Fund”. The Fee for Registration is Rs. 2000/-. By signing the Form the applicant agrees that he has understood the membership conditions. And these conditions are applicant should be of 18 years, should provide proof of his stay or employment abroad. However this Form is totally silent to tell what this Fund is? The question is “is there any Behbood Fund” existing or now planned in OPF? The Form does not indicate what is the advantage of this Fund to the members. A fund is universally created for some specific purpose and it is clearly stipulated how the fund would be operated and what would be the benefit for the members. Would the registered member after registration needs continuing contributing some fixed amount say monthly or quarterly to the Fund and how would he in return get benefited at some stage. All these things are silent even on the OPF website. Last month the most leading Daily arranged a seminar. The participants mostly the Overseas Employment Promoters unanimously viewed and questioned “quote any one single scheme OPF has ever prepared for the collective benefit of Overseas Pakistanis”.

    Last month Pakistan Embassy Riyadh warned Pakistanis working there to be careful and not to become prey to unscrupulous telephone calls originating from Pakistan congratulating recipient Pakistanis in Saudi Arabia that they had won a Riyal 5 million or 10 million award. Last week another Gulf country through its national press warned Pakistanis working there to be careful from similar telephone calls coming from Pakistan conveying Pakistani having won huge fortunes.

    What is this Behbood Fund/Welfare Fund? So far no one from amongst the friends I spoke knows if OPF had ever any specific particular Welfare Fund? The OPF I am aware gives some financial assistance in case of death or disability (permanent?) of an OP but technically that is a different thing than what impression “Welfare/Behbood Fund” brings to the mind. Will OPF highlight the salient features of the Welfare/Behbood Fund” or it is just normal OPF membership Form and the word “Fund” is just an attraction. On March 5, 2009 a column appeared from well known Fasi Zaka entitled “Hell-fire banking” pointing out the advertisement tricks used by Banks that market Sharia compliant banking in which he says it is like playing with the emotions of the ordinary citizens in general and trying to profit from people’s religious sentiments.

  • Javed


    Overseas Pakistanis Foundation (OPF) now a days is sending Forms for collecting data of Pakistanis working abroad. Keep in mind it is addressing through emails. The purpose as OPF wants us to believe is “to serve“ the OPs community in a better way after collection of data.

    Many of our independent intellectuals do not believe on Government’s data work. At least twice in recent month our hero Dr. Adbul Qadir Khan has repeated he did not believe on government data or figure work which according to him is mostly incorrect and serves no practical purpose. There needs to be no other comment or view when we see the figure work of the government highlighting how daily prices have come down, how life of common man is getting styled compared to what situation we see today in our continuously shrinking kitchens. Is any one including that of OPF really interested in collection of true data? The National Assembly Public Accounts Committee a few years back remarked the Ministry of Overseas Pakistanis, the OPF etc have no interest with the Overseas Pakistanis. The self explanatory answer in itself lies in the very simple thing that OPF is sending this data collection Form through emails. How many OPs are literate and have email facility more particularly in the Middle East that OPF would through this mode have access to them?. I might still have years old two press clippings. One was in the early morning newspaper of 30 June of that year saying the CBR was short of so and so million reaching the targets. I do not remember the figure but as usual it was too big. Next morning 01st July early morning newspapers had that the CBR had crossed the target by so and so millions/billions. Overnight? How much energy or time I take playing with figure work.

    Ministry of Manpower & Overseas Pakistanis, or Overseas Pakistanis Foundation or for that matter the Government never had nor has any real interest in collection of such data. I worked in a foreign country for more than 25 years. In speeches by our Ambassadors or functionaries there sometime they gave one figure about number of Pakistanis working there and next time totally a different figure. In fact they never had any true figure because the Embassy never had any interest in collection of such a data nor ever really interested in knowing this. I despite being just an ordinary worker there knew almost the correct figure time to time but our Embassy did not know as to how simple it was go get this figure. Sometime our authorities post staff on our airports questioning arriving Pakistanis from where they came, when they will go back on work etc purpose of which is only to prepare data and claim how many people “we sent” abroad on employment.

    If there is any honesty in any effort then the no job is ever difficult. For example. When separate National Identity Card for Overseas Pakistanis was introduced claiming that the foreign governments require this the intellectuals protested on it that this was unnecessary and this only appeared to be a money generating new idea. On this NADRA came up with an explanation that in addition to NICOP a requirement of the foreign governments, it will also enable the Government of Pakistan to have updated data about Pakistanis working abroad (OPs). NICOP was introduced I think more than 10 years back. During these 10 years every Pakistani working abroad had at least once changed his passport with new one, infants became teenagers fetching their own independent passports, every Pakistani during these 10 years at least once attended the Embassy for any attestation jobs. For all these services though not required under any written law but the presentation of one’s NICOP is illegally a must hence every one had got his NICOP. During the last 10 years no worker came abroad unless he possessed his NICOP and registered with OPF. So almost 95% data of these OPs is already with the NADRA/OPF so why this need of wasting money on a futile exercise of collection of data? Can through merely email contacts full data be obtained? The other day in a speech it was said that Pakistan Embassies can not work fully without the help of Pakistanis in those countries. Three years back our one Ambassador in a Middle East country used to often say lifting his arm in the air that his level of status was to that height while of those the community leaders in the Pakistani Club was too low. No OPF, no NADRA or no Embassy to this senior citizen having remained abroad for 25 years can collect best authenticated data of Pakistanis abroad without seeking and requesting the active help from Pakistani community associations, clubs abroad but this help seeking request needs to be based recognizing due status of these community clubs/associations and not those foreign government registered bodies as subordinate to Pakistani embassy bureaucracy.

  • Javed


    Mr. Iqbal seeks information about National Savings while the “Overseas” helps Iqbal saying that in foreign countries there are no Branches of National Savings and that Iqbal should trust any relative and friend in Pakistan to buy certificates.

    It is quite right that National Savings (NS) have no sales outlets abroad. There is no need of such extravaganza keeping Branches abroad as it would be waste of money for affording some favourtee staff abroad.

    What Iqbal should do is that first he decides depending upon his requirement and suitability in which scheme he wants to invest. Then he down loads an Application Form from the website. Then he should select the name of the Centre/City where he wish to invest. But he must ensure he has proper official name of the Centre and not merely from the location of the centre.

    He then completes the Form. My advice is he should prefer “Joint B” Option – namely in banking language Either or Survivor to avoid later difficulties. Completed Form together with a Bank Draft for investment amount and copy(s) of National Identity Card he registers to the National Savings concerned.

    There is an option on the Form enquiring if the Certificates be sent to the investor, or his authorities representative or retained. My best advice is he should opt for retaining of the Certificates. Thus the Certificates after issuance would be retained in safe custody of the Centre and a Receipt of the same will be issed to iqbal. Iqbal is abroad, he does not need to encash these certificates so often, as such the best is he keeps the certificates in the custody of the National Savings. This is most safest to the Overseas Pakistanis.

    Another advice is that where ever possible prefer to open an account rather than purchasing and possessing certificates. You are abroad, keeping original certificates there is not advisable. If these get lost in home, during transaction or get fired getting duplicates is cumbersome hence open an account in which there is no such threat.

  • Javed

    A Pakistani has approached the Court praying for allowing him to donate his kidney to a Saudi national. Dr. Farhat Mozam, Centre of Biomedical Ethics and Culture (SUIT) Karachi commenting on it has raised two issues. The first he rightly doubts that this is a “donation” case to which I fully agree with him. This is purely a sale and purchase transaction. His second comment is that Saudi Arabia has “superbly trained physicians” and well established transplant services hence why should the Said Saudi prefer Pakistan.

    Unfortunately we the Pakistanis including Indians are a nation psychologically feeling ourselves inferior and West and wealthy as superior mostly due to their glamour. I have lived Middle East for 26 long years. There is no doubt Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait etc have marvelously large network of Hospitals, area wise large health centers not at far distance from living place. The hospitals are modern, 6 months a year unnecessary renovation keeps going on in the name of upgrading but actually in interest of suppliers and contractors. Hospitals are fully air conditioned. There is no concept of load shedding in hospitals. Waiting rooms are with comfortable chairs. High tech latest ultra modern hospital equipment is there. In 90s in children wards of Bahraini hospitals the kitchen cabinets remained full with different type of baby milk powder free for attending mothers. General treatment till mid 90s was mostly totally free and in few categories subsidized which now is limited only to consultation plus basic medication free. However Saudi Arabia and other middle east countries lacked and still lack “professionalism” and “expertise”. There existed nor exists true professionalism or expertise which is available in Pakistan and India etc. This is the reason well paid Arabs run to UK/USA for treatment while lower middle average people to India. It is only we the Pakistani, Indian, Bangladeshi nationals who are clamored from air conditioned hospitals and never are tired of praising their efficiency and skills because medicines are mostly free.

    Apart from dubious “donation” point as far as question why a Saudi should come to Pakistan for transplant, I may remind the learned Doctor that he needs to see the record of his own facility (SUIT) now internationally acknowledged. He would find that patients from developed countries including USA and UK have come to get transplant in SUIT. Were they mad? We can still find in the streets of Dasgir, Nazimabad, “Lalookhiath”, Burns Road, the doctors with one two rooms rented premises who still check you only with stethoscope and pulse and give you medicine mixing three four colors mixtures and tables wrapped in newspaper piece and you get cured in 2-3 days. Their diagnose is 99% without any tests or Xrays and further tests. In Saudi Arabia, middle east a doctor is afraid of prescribing you any medicine unless he feels himself safe on strength of tests over tests. That skill, expertise professionalism I referred to above is almost no where in Saudi Arabia or other middle eastern places. Any good real professional doctor hardly goes to middle east country. First half of 70s I do remember there was a Heart Specialist Dr. Aslam in Cardiovascular Hospital Karachi. His nephew was working with us. One day he told us that his uncle had got a very fine offer from Saudi Arabia. We were happy that when uncle is settled there, through nephew friend we may also get employment opportunity in Saudi Arabia. Soon nephew disappointed us telling us that uncle has declined the offer saying if only money is to be earned he can earn much more practicing in Pakistan but he does not want to live like a second grade citizen in an Arab country. It is naked fact living or working with Arabs as a Doctor or as an accountant in senior positions one is always second grade citizen having no real respect amongst the working colleagues as far as Asians are concerned. If some Doctor, some Engineer says he has same respect as he gets working such prestigious posts in Pakistan or UK, he is bluffing.

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    • Javed

      Dear Admin/Adminstrator of the site. Please do not allow such types of commercial oriented replies {IN FACT ADVERTISMENTS). Please remove it.

  • punjabi

    i live abroad and i think really what pakistan needs is good none cruppt government and it needs to keep the exchange of the rupee down and make more jobs for the people.also the peroblem are arising becus too much power is in hands of two parties pml and ppp who are both cruppt. pakistan has somuch gold and other resources in its land that if explord pakistan can become like usa but also we need to have a good turist borad that will raise pakistan in excess of 100billion dorrals a year cus the size of he country and alos pakistan needs to install wather treament plants on the coast and use that water to irragate the land and firtalize the land that gets less wather.

    Karachiite Says:
    It seems, for better of for worse, that our people are very emotional and religiously influenced. The mullahs seem to hold strong influence over the masses. Perhaps the moderate mullahs can help by fostering a sense of national unity. But to be honest, I don’t trust them either. It is truly a bleak picutre for Pakistan with not a single capable civilian leader who can be trusted. Maybe Imran Khan — IF he can keep the mullah’s in check. I don’t know

    to keep these people in check we need to buy the land from iran the blouchistan area and from afgniostan the phtan area that will end the conflict all together but the other option is to buy greenland and put them on there and they can fight among them self as green land has a price tag of 70000000 million dollards. to keeps them in check you take out the army from there part and make pakistan into smaller provinces and fewer districts. also the next prsident should not be related to any party and all th epolitical parties should be ban untill they can provide the proof that they are no longer full of cruppt officials.

  • Karachiite

    Many people have already mentioned Pakistan’s list of problems, including lack of education, infrastructure and rule of law. As we all know, the root cause of these problems is the utterly inept and corrupt government, both at the federal and local levels. I don’t know how we solve that problem, but until we get a stable, non-corrupt government, nobody (including myself) is going to invest a single dollar in Pakistan. I don’t care if it’s a civilian democracy or a military dictatorship. The most important thing is stability, non-corruption and rule of law. If India, Malaysia and Turkey can do it, why can’t we?

    Part of the problem with electing bad governments is that we do not have a strong sense of national identity. There is a lot of ethnic division within Pakistan that is all too easily exploited by unscrupulous leaders. Everybody pays lip service to being Pakistani, but when the chips are down, people vote as Punjabi, or Sindhi, or Muhajir or whatever.

    I am originally from Karachi but I am part of a tiny ethnic minority. I am neither Punjabi, Sindhi, Muhajir, Pashtu, Balochi, Bengali, etc., so I can speak frankly about this matter. The fact is that, for the first 20 years, we mistreated the Bengalis so badly that they separated East Pakistan into Bangladesh (with India’s help). Similarly, we have been ignoring Balochistan and Sarhad for the last 60 years. There is little or no economic and infrastructure development in these two provinces. Every federal government ignores them and focusses on Punjab or Sindh. Now Balochistan is openly talking about secession (allegedly with India’s help), and Sarhad is all but lost to the Taliban.

    It seems, for better of for worse, that our people are very emotional and religiously influenced. The mullahs seem to hold strong influence over the masses. Perhaps the moderate mullahs can help by fostering a sense of national unity. But to be honest, I don’t trust them either. It is truly a bleak picutre for Pakistan with not a single capable civilian leader who can be trusted. Maybe Imran Khan — IF he can keep the mullah’s in check. I don’t know…

  • Ammad

    Overseas pakistanis can play there role in the development of pakistan by establishing there businesses here in pakistan. But unfortunatelly most of the overseas pakistanis invest there money to bult villas in there villages they are destroying there capital in realestate. My advise to them is this that investing 30 million in house doesnot contribut to your country but if u invest 1to4 million in regular businesses it will contribute in your national income every year and u can multiply it various time