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Asslam O Alaikum

Current prevailing situation in our beloved country is a matter of concern for all of us, political unrest, energy crises, declining foreign exchange reserves, out flow of investments and above all, alarming increase in violence are posing a real threat to economic and social stability in Pakistan.

Our problems are deep rooted and require a lot of struggle and hardship to overcome. Here I want to start some discussions about the problems our country is facing and how we can help to overcome these problems. I have noticed that many knowledgeable Pakistani friends do visit this site frequently. I would like to take this opportunity to invite them to take part in these discussions and oblige us. I myself am not highly educated and expert Pakistani but I am sure that a lot of visiting friends do have the ability and expertise to participate and share their views with other friends. I can reserve a separate domain for this purpose but let us start from here first.

First of all let us discuss about the role of overseas Pakistanis in the development of Pakistan, how we can help to bring progress and prosperity in Pakistan.

God bless you all.

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144 thoughts on “Role of overseas Pakistanis in the development of Pakistan

  • Moodi

    I wish to remind you all that we are Muslims and is supposed to think as Muslims, right? We are trying to find a solution of our problems for many years. We are completely unaware of what is happening, we are waisting our time on discussions and opinions.

    Just try to focus what I am trying to say, please, please. The only solution for Muslim is with Hazrat Mehdi, no matter what we do this chaos will not end. We all know or don’t know that the jehad between evil and truth is at its hight, Non-Muslims are preparing forces for Dajjal and Muslim mujahedeens are preparing forces for Hazrat Mehdi. Believe me this is the real truth, go into the signes of Qiyama and you will know what I mean.

    We just have to keep Saber and keep on asking Allah’s pardon and pray for ourselves and our future generations, who are going to see more difficult situations, Allah bless us all more ameen. Jazakallah.

    Was’Salaam and Allah Hafiz
    a message from a louzy muslim, please pray for me.

  • Kashif


    There are many problems in Education Department

    Reports said that most of the funds from international community UN USA UK and many more countries come in Education

    But there is no scope of Great jobs in Education Department Specially in Punjab
    From the last two decades this Education Department is under attack by the Governments
    All the Govt. since 1988 has not do any thing for the progress and development of Education system
    But they tried after each Govt. next Govt. tried to experiment with this Department

    The Teachers of Education Department of Punjab Can’t do anything because they are the victim of these Experiments

    Salaries of the teachers are like the peons and Grade 1 employees

    Even the Labor and private Labor Employee get all the facilities like Medical, Social Security, Death Grant, and other facilities according to rules

    But the Highly qualified teacher / Called now Educators not get even the reasonable salaries

    The system is too bad but if you don’t give anything and facilities to teacher how can it shows results

    There must be a strong action by the Supreme Court of Pakistan or High Court of Pakistan to make sure that teacher’s rights must be given

    I must say that if the teacher Economic Problem doesn’t solve the Country Economic problem will not be better

    A teacher can give you result if he is financially in good condition. He has no burden in his mind and he will devotionally teach the Students

    I think Main Shahabad Shareef who promises in his election Campaign that teachers Salary will be equal to Judges.
    He said in a Public Meeting that he will do the teacher salary = Judges Salary

    He must act upon his promise now And He still say and many even most of the politicians says that Education is the back bone of Pakistan

    • From

    • Kashif As ad

  • parvez

    Oversease pakistanis example is like “look bussy do nothing”. But this not ment by negative.

    if oversease pakistani realy want to do somthing for poor pakistani people so prove this. such as they can guid and help to how to get student or immigration visa with minimum and low cost. because herein pakistan so many agents who are working here but all they are making money and help foriegn embassies to submint visa fees and they refuse easiy every poor people.

  • khalid iqbal

    i am the student of international islamic university my recommendation are we should reduce our raw expenditure and remove political decentralization.salam pakistan

  • Hyder

    Hi all,

    i am not an overseas pakistani, but i am doing research on them. my thesis is under completion. i wanna tell u people that dont underestimate yourselves in the level of services you provide to pakistan. my findings of research reveals that overseas pakistanis do benefit pakistan’s international trade and inflow of foreign direct investment in pakistan.

    so besides remittances your role is benefitting pakistan in other ways that people normally ignore. moreover it is you people who facilitate the unemployment problem in pakistan by facilitating the migration of pakistanis to your host countries.

    there may be more benefits that i myself dont know. so keep it up. btw dont be so pessimistic about future of pakistan. in my view when a nation gets to so low position then eventually it will rise again INSHALLAH.

  • Overseas Post author

    Minhas sahib
    I have forwarded you comments to State Bank of Pakistan for their response, in the mean time please tell us which Bank Branch in Lahore you tried to open an account, because State Bank may ask for more information in this regard.

  • Minhas

    Please some one should tell Mr.Tarin that since Pakistan is begging overseas Pakistanis to bring foreign Exchange into the country, I went to open account in foreign currency in many different foreign Banks in Lahore none of the bank opened my account since I was holding big amount of foreign currency’s draft. Every Bank I went to the staff demanded proof of income from me, I told them that I am a foreign passport holder and I trade stock on-line and do not work for any one it is like self-employment but they kept insisting me that they have to full fill the requirement of State Bank of Pakistan so they can not open my account unless until I don’t provide them a proof of income. I could not open account and came back to my foreign country without opening an account. You believe me I am not jocking.


  • Shahana Unais

    I would request all overseas Pakistanis to make sure that they vote in every election in Pakistan (you have dual nationality, get your origin card and be ready to vote through embassy). Choose right persons for assembly, true representatives
    of public. We have to get rid of these political-con artists.


  • Ibrahim Rasheed

    Hello Hi,
    I m From Peshawar Pakistan.I m a student in peshawar.I want to going to Uk for study But no Sources Avilable Here. I request to all of u.Please Help Me.