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KARACHI: First windmill commissioned

A wind turbine of 1.2mw, the first such alternate energy source, has been commissioned while four others of same capacity will start supplying power by end December 2008, it was announced.

The Turkish company, Zorlu Enerji Pakistan, is erecting the turbines in Jhimpir, 70km from Karachi, each capable of producing 1.2mw of electricity, its CEO Murat Sungur Bursa told a press a conference held here on sidelines of an international management convention. Read More »KARACHI: First windmill commissioned

Pakistan’s first windturbine project completed

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By Muhammad Yasir

KARACHI: Pakistan’s first wind turbine project has been completed at a pilot investment of $130 million in Jamphir by Turkish firm on Wednesday with an initial capacity to generate 1.2 Mega Watt (MW) electricity. Zorlu Energy Group is scheduled to supply electricity to around 60,000 households by January 2009 on the agreed tariff of 4.2/Kilo per hour (Kph) to HESCO.
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