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Problems of Pakistani Students in UK

Focus on dilemma of Pakistani students in UK

By Murtaza Ali Shah
LONDON: A crucial conference here today (Friday) will highlight the daunting problems Pakistani students face in relation to obtaining entry clearance and new Points Based System (PBS) for studies in the United Kingdom universities.

Thousands of Pakistani students aspiring further education in various disciplines apply every year to the UK educational institutions, considered one of the best in the world, but various factors have combined to frustrate their ambitions. Post 9/11 security measures, Pakistan’s political instability, declining security situation, linkage of Pakistani nationals to terror related outrages worldwide including 7/7 bombings in the capital here, Britain’s stringent immigration system and further tightening up of student visa regulations have caused grave concern to career conscious and qualified Pakistani students and education consultancy firms alike.Read More »Focus on dilemma of Pakistani students in UK