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energy crisis in pakistan

Rental power plants in Pakistan: myth vs reality

By Murtaza Mohsin

In Pakistan, you are damned if you do and you are damned if you don’t. Not always, but more often than not. There is massive power load shedding across the country, factories and plants are closing down, manufacturing businesses and exports are down, unemployment and poverty is increasing, there are riots on the streets, trains and public property are being set on fire. Government’s response? Implement the short-term energy generation project initiated in 2007 through rental power plants to eliminate load shedding by December 2009 and work concurrently on other medium and long term thermal and hydel projects. Sensible indeed but not so to our perpetual doubters.Read More »Rental power plants in Pakistan: myth vs reality

Young scientist may solve Pakistan’s energy crisis

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KARACHI: A young scientist from Pakistan has completed the theoretical concept of a unique engine, capable of producing huge amounts of energy, which can run electric generators and machineries without using any fuel. Syed Adnan Subzwari, the young scientist of Karachi, gave details of the invention to the Adviser to Sindh Chief Minister Sharmila Farooqui in a meeting here Friday.Read More »Young scientist may solve Pakistan’s energy crisis

Short, medium and long-term solutions to Pakistan’s energy issues

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The ongoing experience of shortage of electricity and high cost of production has fully demonstrated that without cheap electricity and energy resources, sustaining a population
of 170 million (growing at the rate of around 2/2.5 annually) and trying to achieve high
and sustainable economic growth of 7 per cent to 8 per cent is not possible

Energy issues faced by the country may be divided into three broad categories. First is about meeting existing shortage of around 3000mw (reduced from 4500mw recently) without causing unnecessary delay. The second category of medium-term can be spread over during next three to five years, from now, and its focus should be on meeting an annual increase in demand of around 12.0 per cent. The last category is about meeting energy requirements from medium-term onwards. It calls for producing cheap electricity according to a projected demand based on increase in domestic and commercial consumption in the next 30 years. Read More »Short, medium and long-term solutions to Pakistan’s energy issues

100,000MW solar energy Resource estimated in Pakistan


LAHORE – The solar energy resource has been calculated at 800 million megawatt while its estimation for our country is about 100,000 megawatts, as Pakistan is the 6th luckiest country in the world where sun-availability is up to 16 hours on average.
This was stated by Jawaid Tariq Khan, Chairman Highnoon Group of Companies, while talking to The Nation here on Saturday.
Mr Jawaid asked the govt to pay special attention for launching solar energy projects to overcome the rising energy needs in the country.
He said that the solar energy intensity in the sun belt is approximately 1,800-2,200 KWh per square meter with an annual sunshine duration of 8 to 8.5 hours. Read More »100,000MW solar energy Resource estimated in Pakistan

Pakistan needed an energy policy

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Ali Hammad Raza

While attending the energy delta convention 2008 held in the Netherlands, I listened to the brightest minds from around the world share their vision on energy. European energy analysts were engaged in drafting joint targets for the future. They also reported their failures and successes based on the goals set forth in previous conventions. All of these proceedings reminded me more and more of my beloved country’s lack of policy on energy issues.
Read More »Pakistan needed an energy policy